The Ultimate Wedding Budget Breakdown the ultimate wedding budget breakdown

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Find out how you should allocate your wedding funds!

Want to get started with ballpark figures? Below you’ll find a complete wedding budget breakdown for the average total cost of UK wedding suppliers. The average budget spent by UK couples on their wedding actually comes down to £24,000. If you want to find out how to stay on budget,take a look at our top wedding saving tips!

Now, let’s break it down…

The Average Total Cost of a Wedding in 2021= £24,000

Wedding Venue: 

£4,000 – £5,000

Your wedding venue is easily the most important part of your planning and the big day, so it’s not surprise that it’s also most expensive part of a wedding! However, don’t worry, we’ve got you – we don’t mean to brag, but we do have the largest wedding venue directory in the UK.

If you are in the UK, use our wedding venue search tool to find the venue that suits you! Using filters such as “barn” or “city”, “budget” or “luxury” you will be able to find the ideal place for you and your partner to tie the knot! Not sure how it works? Here are the search results for wedding venues in London on a budget! Click each one to go to your wedding budget and tweak the price to your needs!


£5,000 (but varies on the number of guests)

The total of your catering will be 100% dependant on the number of guests you decide to invite, and this number will also help determine what you will spend on your wedding.

Since caterers usually charge by the head, if you’re looking to save a few hundred pounds on the wedding, cutting some co-workers and their plus-one’s from your guest list might be your first move!

For more wedding catering saving tips, read how to slash those wedding breakfast prices. Food trucks, sharing plates or buffets are another great idea if you’re planning a budget wedding and want to create a more relaxed atmosphere. 

Wedding Photography: 


Choosing the right wedding photographer is one of the most important decisions you’ll make when planning your wedding (no pressure), and rightly so! The price will depend on the photographer and the service you want. If you want to cut costs, ordering a digital album instead of a hard copy can save you some serious cash.

There are thousands of wedding photographers out there, each with their own style and unique approach. And after all, you’ll be looking at these photographs for years to come! Make sure you ask your wedding photographer these questions before booking them for your big day. 



You’re probably asking yourself: “Why do I need a wedding videographer when I already have a photographer?” Well, you’re going to want to remember every second of your wedding day and having a wedding videographer will allow you to do just that.

Naturally, some videographers cost more than others, so if you want a jaw-dropping video as a priority, consider cutting back on some of your other suppliers. If you don’t know how to find wedding videographer’s in your area, try using our wedding supplier search and selecting “Videographer” from the drop-down menu!



Whether you’re looking for a low key arrival or planning on flying down the aisle (seriously, someone has done it before!), make sure you don’t overlook your wedding transport. From old-fashioned cars, to trucks and tandem bikes, you can find your wedding transport at Bridebook and filter your search to your needs.

Your transport will obviously depend on how far your ceremony is from the party, so maybe don’t get a tandem bike if you’re getting married 5 miles away from the wedding breakfast. And if you’re looking to cut this cost, why not ask a family member or friend to borrow their super cool car? They will be flattered, and you will save some ££!

Wedding Flowers:  


How much do wedding flowers cost? Well, that depends on the type of flowers you want at your wedding. Your best bet (for both aesthetics and savings) is to go with seasonal flowers. But never, ever underestimate how much your flowers can transform your wedding!

Maybe you have grand ideas about how your wedding flowers are going to look but are worried about breaking the bank? Read our top wedding flowers penny-saving tips and you’ll be impressed by how much you can save on wedding flowers without sacrificing that ‘wow’ factor.

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Decoration & Hire:


It’s not just about the flowers! Don’t forget that many venues require you to hire all your furniture needs at an additional cost (either from the venue itself, your caterer, or a third party).

If you hired an outdoor venue for your winter wedding (and let’s be honest, summer as well) you will need a marquee, which will add a few more hundred ££ to your budget. Our tip? Go with an all-inclusive wedding venue which offers a decoration and hire package, so you don’t have to worry about that extra cost later on!

Wedding Cake:


The wedding cake is one of the best bits of your wedding (or so we think)! So, before you decide on your wedding cake make sure to ask these 11 questions to ask your cake maker so you don’t have to worry about a thing during the cutting of the cake.

The two main things that will affect the cost of your wedding cake are: The number of tiers and whether you’re using fresh fruit. Fresh fruit cakes (with berries, for example) will have to be baked on the day of the wedding, on the night before, which makes them more expensive!

If you have a baker in the family, why not ask them to bake your wedding cake? This could be their wedding gift to you, and you can use the money you saved on a couple more guest invites, or your honeymoon!

Entertainment and Music:


Choosing the right wedding entertainment for your wedding is key. You want to think clearly about what will go nicely with the style of your wedding and what your guests will enjoy. Do you see yourself swaying to a romantic live band? Or is techno not something you’re giving up on your day? DJ or Band, later is definitely more expensive.

So, before you agree to have your third cousin twice removed play his banjo, take a look through all of Bridebook’s entertainment and music suppliers!

Wedding Dress:  

£1,000 – £2,000

There is a beautiful wedding dress out there for everyone and it doesn’t necessarily have to cost you an arm and a leg. Our list of wedding dress saving tips will help you find that dress you have been dreaming of forever, even if you’re trying to avoid (the rather shockingly large) average dress cost.

Not included in this price are your Bridesmaid Dresses! Whether you’re paying for them or your main girls are, you can find our favourite places to buy your bridesmaid dresses here. From budget to luxury, your girls will look fabulous no matter the choice!



Don’t overlook the shoes! You want to look fabulous AND comfortable, and that comes at a price. Some brides will go with simple ballerinas, so they can take the dance floor by storm, others are comfortable in needle heels for all 8 hours of their wedding day.

If you want to save up on shoes, go with your favourite ones, but if this is something you’ve been dreaming of since your engagement, why not step into Jimmy Choo’s wonderful world of weddings shoes here on

Wedding Stationery:


You may feel a bit overwhelmed when it comes to choosing your wedding stationery. Luckily for us, Papeterie Eugenie (who did George Clooney’s wedding stationery!) provides us with her in-depth knowledge to help make the process a piece of (wedding) cake! 

Do also keep in mind that this figure can vary widely. While DIY or online invitations (such as those from Paperless Post) can cost as little as £200, bespoke and handcrafted stationery can cost closer to £800 and upwards.

Grooms and Ushers Attire:  


When it comes to figuring out how much you should spend on each part of your wedding, most couples overlook the Groom’s attire. But grooms are going to want to look handsome on their W-Day as well as the bride, so why not let help you decide on the perfect grooms and ushers attire for your wedding day?

Our top tip? Communication. Make sure your ushers and your bride are comfortable with what you chose to wear. You don’t have to be all “matchy-matchy”, but when your wedding comes together as a whole, the groom will be one of its central pieces, so keep that in mind.



The way a bride envisions her wedding is simple: She looks drop dead gorgeous next to her prince or princess. And who makes all of this possible? Trick question! All you need is a beautiful happy smile to look stunning, but yeah, a little hair & makeup will help!

Let us help you find your wedding make-up artist on a budget and your dreams hair stylist from our list of thousands of suppliers all over the U.K. 

Wedding Rings:


Your wedding ring could simply be the most important detail of your wedding, as it will be with you for the rest of your life and symbolises your love and marriage. It’s also an added cost to your overall wedding budget, but one you shouldn’t cut!

Having trouble deciding on which metal and design to go for? We’re here to run you through the different types of wedding bands available and what their prices are.

Registrar Fees: 


While not as exciting as flowers or cakes, the registrar fees are an often overlooked expense that can come as a bit of surprise if you’re not ready for them! Even the royals need to pay for their registrar fees, and this is the one thing your can’t run away from when marrying the love of your life!

Favours & Gifts:

£600 – £700

Who doesn’t like wedding favours! Give your guests something to remember the day with some thought through wedding favours and gifts to take home. A lot of couples wonder whether or not wedding favours are a necessary cost, and to that we say: It depends! It depends on how much you have left on your budget and what kind of favours you want to give out.

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