How Much Does Wedding Stationery Cost? The 2024 Average Revealed

Your wedding stationery plays a vital role in your big day – after all, without it, you wouldn’t have any guests! Before your guests have even stepped foot inside the venue, your stationery tells them everything they need to know: not just the date, time and location of your wedding, but other information such as the theme and (importantly) the food. It also continues to play a part once your guests have arrived and even after they’ve left, from letting them know where to sit, to a thank you card a week or two later.

In this post, we’re going to take a look at everything to do with the cost of wedding stationery, including the average cost, the cost of individual items, and what factors can affect the price you’ll pay.

What is wedding stationery?

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Wedding stationery is the name given to any materials, either printed or written, that are used to provide your guests with information. Examples of wedding stationery include:

  • Save-the-date cards
  • Invitations
  • RSVP cards
  • Welcome signs
  • Order of service
  • Menus
  • Seating plans
  • Signage
  • Table numbers
  • Name cards
  • Thank you cards
  • Maps and directions
  • Accommodation information

Wedding stationery even includes any stag and hen party invites or rehearsal invitations if you’re taking the formal route.

The beautiful thing about wedding stationery is that the only limitations are your imagination. Even on a smaller budget, you can use your creativity to come up with unique designs, formats and styles to suit your taste and the theme of your wedding. If your wedding has a cinematic theme, your invites could be designed to resemble an invite to a movie premiere. If you’re going for a countryside theme, your name cards could be printed on little cardboard trees – the possibilities are only as endless as your creativity.

For more information, we have expert advice on wedding stationery from Papeterie Eugénie.

What’s the average cost of wedding stationery?

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In the UK, the average amount spent by couples on professionally designed and printed wedding stationery is £384. This cost includes everything from save-the-date cards sent around a year before the wedding to the thank-you cards sent once you’re settling into married life.

Of course, this figure is an average (as explored in our ultimate wedding budget breakdown), so you can spend as much – or as little – on wedding stationery as your budget allows. You could take the DIY route and cut your spending right back, or have bespoke stationery handmade by a skilled professional.

For a little inspiration, check out our introduction to wedding stationery, or for a few cost-saving suggestions, our wedding stationery money-saving tips guide.

How much do wedding invitations cost?

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The cost for professionally designed and printed wedding invitations starts from around £1.50 each. However, that cost can rise sharply depending on the skill and experience of the designer, as well as the level of detail and complexity you’re looking for.

For many couples, the single most important piece of wedding stationery is the invitations. So, even if you plan on saving money elsewhere, chances are you’ll be keen to send out perfect invites. That means, spending a little extra on the invitations can be worth it.

What factors can affect the cost of wedding stationery?

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Because there are so many possibilities when it comes to wedding stationery, the cost can vary wildly. Some of the factors that can affect the cost include:

  • Quantity – This may be obvious, but the more guests you invite, the more stationery you’ll have to produce, and therefore the higher the cost will be. However, the more you order the cheaper they’ll often be per piece. For example, 40 invitations could come out at £3.35 each, whereas 50 or more could cost £2.15 each, so if you’re thinking about framing a few invitations, go for it, as it can bring your overall price down.
  • Vendor – A small company with limited staff and resources may charge more than a large company. Similarly, designers with more experience will have higher rates than those new to the industry.
  • Type of paper – there’s a big difference between premium card or paper and the paper you might pinch from the printer in the office. For example, smooth matte will cost around £1.33, whereas luxury pearl will cost closer to £1.60.
  • Printing method – More complex printing methods, such as stamping, engraving, and digital printing can be pricey and will affect the cost.
  • Handmade aspects – Bespoke, handmade pieces take a lot of time and care, so will cost a lot more than printing.
  • Complexity – A simple design will be more affordable than a complex design or a design with more illustrations.
  • Add-ons and decorations – Unique touches such as belly bands, twine wraps, ribbon or wax seals can enhance your stationery, but will also increase the price.
  • Time – Last-minute orders will often cost more than orders placed without a strict delivery date.

Stationery Suites

The price of your wedding stationery can also depend on how extensive you want your suite to be. The more items you have, the higher the overall price. A rough guide to this would be:





25 wedding invitations and RSVP cards

25 wedding invitations, RSVP cards, thank you cards and save-the-dates.

25 wedding invitations, enclosure cards, RSVP cards, thank you cards, orders of service, menus, favour tags and table numbers.

What do individual wedding stationery items cost?

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We’ve already gone into detail about the overall cost couples pay for wedding stationery, but if you’re only looking for specific items of wedding stationery, below is a rough idea as to what you might pay for a professional service:

Save the dates

  • Cards – from £1.10 each
  • Magnets – from £1.50 each


  • Single-sided – from £1.50 each
  • Double-sided – from £2 each
  • Wallets – from £2.50 each
  • RSVPs – from £1 each
  • Information cards – from £1.50 each
  • Map design – from £15

Ceremony stationery

  • Order of service – from £2.50 each
  • Welcome sign – from £10
  • Signs – from £5

Reception stationery

  • Seating plan – from £10
  • Name cards – from £0.50 each
  • Table numbers – from £2 each
  • Menus – from £1.50 each

After the wedding

  • Generic thank you cards – from £1 each
  • Personalised/photo thank you cards – from £2 each

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