Wedding Stationery Solved by Papeterie Eugénie

All of your wedding stationery questions are answered by the wonderful Papeterie Eugénie in this wonderful piece. Read on to cover all the ins and outs you need to know before picking your stationery and be inspired by Papeterie Eugénie’s beautiful designs!énie-maroon-wedding-invitation-metallic-foil-design
Go Bold: Metallic foils look great on darker card especially with an intricate design. By Papeterie Eugénie

Your wedding stationery is a fantastic opportunity to showcase your choice of style. It normally provides the first impression of your special day and a taster of what’s to come. It’s the perfect way to link different ideas and communicate with your guests.énie-wedding-stationery-number-9-3D
3D Stationery: Why not! By Papeterie Eugénie

With so many options available, it may feel hard to know where to start. Firstly, take a little time to think about what you might like and what you might need. Secondly, read my essential advice below, written especially for the launch of Bridebook.énie-wedding-stationery-lace-design
Glamorous Vintage: The antique gold lace and black sash imitated the brides’ designer wedding dress. By Papeterie Eugénie

Gathered from years of experience as a bespoke wedding stationery consultant and designer – my top 10 pointers will guide you through your paper trail…

1. Your stationery starting point

I normally advise couples to confirm their venue, dress and floristry before making wedding stationery decisions. These features provide the backdrop to your day and often steer your choice of stationery styling.énie-wedding-stationery-save-the-date
Personalised Bunting: A pretty but unfussy design often pleases the groom! By Papeterie Eugénie

2. Defining your wedding style

Grand or informal, elegantly understated, contemporary or vintage? The list is endless, so agree on something you love and showcase this style, even loosely throughout. Carefully chosen stationery will successfully link all elements of your special day.énie-wedding-stationery-menu-picture-of-a-proposal
Tell a Visual Story: ‘He proposed under a tree’. By Papeterie Eugénie

3. Choosing your colour palette

Less is more and a limited palette creates an elegant finish. Select white or cream as your cornerstone, then choose one or two colours to reflect the tones of your day. If going bold, then gold or silver looks stunning on darker card.énie-wedding-stationery-seasonal-theme
Naturally Autumnal: A seasonal theme can work harmoniously with your flowers. By Papeterie Eugénie

4. Creating an impression

Do you want to communicate an elegant event, inject a little fun, or get people talking? Wording can be used to reflect your personalities too. Never underestimate the impact of stationery to set the tone, finish tables and say a personal thank you at the end.énie-wedding-stationery-3D-design
Narrative Invitation: A quirky and individual way to connect with your guests. By Papeterie Eugénie

5. The guest list

Would older guests cope with an app or prefer a traditional style RSVP method? Do visitors from abroad need earlier notice or advice on accommodation? This may influence your invitation design and timing, so it is worth considering.énie-wedding-stationery-modern-name-cards
Modern yet Elegant: A design built on words offers a contemporary twist. By Papeterie Eugénie

6. Making the most of your budget

Recent trends show desire for heritage techniques such as letterpress or engraved invitations. While these are expensive, some modern variations enable similar effects for less. Make special finishes like embossing, foiling or laser-cutting more cost-effective by using the same motif throughout. Printed invitations are most reasonable, so make these stand out with a unique illustration or personal design. A little hand-finishing can add a special touch.énie-wedding-stationery-contemporaary-design
Modern yet Elegant: A design built on words offers a contemporary twist. By Papeterie Eugénie

7. Pruning back

It may be possible to trim certain corners, such as skipping save the dates or providing smaller evening invitations. However, never scrimp on envelopes, matching information or a stylish seating plan – scrappy alternatives will undermine all your efforts.énie-wedding-inviation-wrapped-up-with-brown-string
Rustic Bundle: Co-ordinate your items and wrap your Invitation, Information and RSVP Card in a cute hand-crafted bundle. By Papeterie Eugénie

8. Finishing touches count

Keep fonts, colours, motifs and styling consistent. If going for an eclectic mix, make sure every item is quirky, but respect your colour palette throughout. Good attention to detail gives a polished result.énie-wedding-stationery-vintage-design
By Papeterie Eugenie

9. When to send

Traditional etiquette dictates that invitations should arrive six-eight weeks prior to your wedding, with evening invitations at the same time. Modern lifestyles make this risky without a save the date, so often couples send day invites six months before, with evening invitations nearer the time.énie-wedding-stationery-understated-embellishment
Paper and Cord: Not a fan of elaborate decoration? Understated embellishment can still add that special touch. By Papeterie Eugénie

10. From start to finish

Always meet your potential wedding stationer and/or request samples. Quality varies enormously and your stationer will be with you throughout. A good relationship means that they will coordinate the finer details with your other suppliers-and help you with that last-minute Seating Plan change!énie-wedding-stationery-framed
Commission an Illustration: Include it throughout your stationery then ask guests to sign the framed original in place of a guest book. By Papeterie Eugénie

In Summary:

Couples often tell me that wedding stationery becomes their favourite part of their planning. Of course! It is something you can enjoy together, a marrying of your personalities, a feature that can be truly unique to you both.énie-wedding-stationery-beautiful-illustration
By Papeterie Eugénie

As well as making the first impression, wedding stationery forms keepsakes for you and your guests. My seating plans are often framed as lifelong mementos, a picturesque reminder of your special day; whilst signed illustrations or guest books provide emotional reportage from everyone who was there.énie-wedding-stationery-with-a-pocketfold
Pocket-fold Presentation: Present your wedding arrangements in a handy pocketfold. Perfect if you have lots to communicate! By Papeterie Eugénie

So, whilst every wedding is individual, your stationery always counts- please don’t forget to make it special!

Happy Planning!

Inspired by Papeterie Eugénie’s beautiful designs and helpful tips? Be sure to check out their Bridebook profile profile and website!

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