Tips: 11 Things To Include On Your Information Sheet

things to include on your wedding information sheet


The guest list is sorted and you’re ready to start inviting – boom! In addition to the wonderful wedding stationery, which traditionally holds the invitation itself and the RSVP card, it’s a good idea to include an information card for your guests.

What is this information card for? Well, if you’re having a location wedding or most of your guests don’t know the area where your nuptials are taking place, then it’s pretty handy to have one, and it avoids last-minute queries on the day itself (no bride or groom wants their phone ringing off the hook by lost relatives!)

There is no set etiquette for what details you should write on the information sheet, so here are some useful pointers you might think about including (these can be placed in your invitation envelope or mentioned on your wedding website). And if you’re only now wondering if there’s anything else you’ve missed on your wedding planning journey, have a look at your wedding checklist tool! guests pouring shots
By Guy Hearn


1. Directions

Include directions to your ceremony and/or reception venue, as well as maps of the local area, for all those who are not familiar with the location. If you’re still looking for a place to tie the knot, check out some of our favourite wedding venues in the UK! Add filters to personalise your search find the perfect match for you!

2. Nearby transport

It is considerate to include the nearest transport links, like a nearby railway station or the closest airport. Tip: if you give your guests pointers on how to get the cheapest flights, it will always be appreciated! Also, if your guests are treating your wedding as a little getaway, provide them with tourist information and a list of local attractions – tour guides and wedding organisers! order of service written on a blackboard
By Guy Hearn

3. Taxi companies

Another good idea is to provide your guests with contact numbers for the local taxi firms, or with nearby car park details. This way, they will be able to enjoy your reception without worrying about how to get home or designating a driver.

4. Accommodation

This is the perfect place to jot down all the sleeping options. Try reserving some rooms in local hotels, bed and breakfasts or friends houses, so they don’t get booked out by strangers, and get your guests to mention your name. It’s a good idea to provide a variety of options here across all prices ranges.

Tip: You can also ask your wedding venue where your guests can find accommodation near the wedding! This is one of the questions you should ask your wedding venue.

5. Dress code

An information sheet will also often feature the required dress code, especially if it is in an unfamiliar climate (sun hats against the heat and mittens for the cold!) or if you need “lawn-friendly” shoes! guests sitting on hay bells
By Weddings Vintage

6. Children

Are you excluding children from your wedding? Or do you have special arrangements made for them already? Put this on the information sheet. Try to be as polite as possible when excluding children from the festivities. Here are some tips on how to invite or excule kids from your wedding!

7. Presents!

Most couples have qualms about where to mention their gift list, as traditionalists still say that it is rude for the engaged couple to mention presents. We think it’s completely acceptable to put gift list details on the information sheet (otherwise all the guests will just ask!) If this is still too obvious for you, a number of stores provide helpful cards with your gift list details on them, that you can slip into your invitation envelope. Here’s The Wedding Shop’s ultimate guide to wedding gifts!

cards and gifts table with a suitcase
By Guy Hearn

8. Cash and cards

An information sheet is also a good place to let your guests know whether you’re having a cash bar or which cards the bar will accept. Then they will know what to expect and be prepared. Having a paid bar is a great way to save some money on your wedding.

 9. The day after

If you are planning any activities for the day after, like a catch-up brunch, or golfing, the information sheet is the perfect place to put all the details. croissants and strawberries laid out for wedding snack
By Allister Freeman

10. Carriages?

If you have a set a “Carriages” time (the time everyone needs to leave the venue) you should let your guests know on the information card so that they can make arrangements for getting home in advance.

11. All about the environment?

If you are an environmentally friendly couple, why not send out a simple business card with the URL of your wedding website, on which all of the above information can be found! Supplement this with your phone number and that of the Best Man or the Maid of Honour, so that your guests can ask any additional questions!


Final Tip: You don’t have to splurge out on expensive quality paper for the information sheet, just print one at home on nice paper and save some pennies!

Happy Planning!


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