6 Tips For Starting Your Guest List

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Ah the dreaded wedding guestlist…between long lost cousins three times removed and those rowdy friends you haven’t actually spoken to for a few months, navigating the ins and outs of who to invite can be daunting.

Luckily for you, Bridebook has one of the easiest and most advanced guestlist planning tools in the UK – for free! So once you’ve taken all our tips into account you can get stuck in and stressful guestlist planning will be a thing of the past. Enjoy!



You may want the whole world and their dog to be invited to the wedding of the year, but you gotta think about your wedding budget. More guests means more food, more space, more favours and more people to entertain. Keep to your budget and if you know you can only afford to invite 100 people, stick to it.


Wedding Location

Give thought to the place you’re getting married when inviting guests. If your venue is located somewhere close to home, then it is likely that more people will attend. However, if you’re thinking the other side of the country (or another country altogether!) then you’ll need to rethink. Will your guests be able to afford to travel, and will elderly family members be able to make it? Consider this before you invite the masses and then get let down.


Wedding Venue

The size of your wedding venue is a biggie in deciding how many people to invite. Use the filter on our search directory to find venues that can house the capacity you want. Once you’ve visited the venue and had a look at the space, double check what they say the capacity is, then reduce it. If the venue say that you can fit up to 200 people in one area, then contemplate what else you’ll require (eg. space for a band, or where you’ll put tables) and take that into account when inviting guests. You want to find the balance between a ram-packed crowd and a venue too big for the sparse amount of guests.


Kids or No Kids?

We all have family or friends with children, so think carefully about whether you want to invite them or not. It’s okay if you don’t, but remember to politely mention it to the parents well in advance. If you decide to have a child-friendly wedding, make sure you work out where they’ll sit (will there be a kid’s table?) and whether there will be a kids menu. Keep them entertained throughout the day and all will be well.


Plus Ones

Find boundaries for plus ones and stick to it – for example, if a couple have been dating for over a year, the plus one is invited. It’s quite obvious that if you have a close family member that is part of the wedding party and they have a significant other, then you welcome them to your wedding – but what about that friend who has a new partner you haven’t met? If there’s lots of couples invited, then yes, but if there’ll be plenty of single friends attending, save that space for someone else.


Assume Everyone Will Attend

There’s nothing worse than having too many people on your guest list and needing to uninvite someone. By assuming everyone invited will attend, you leave it open for them to decide – they may actually be able to make it even if you think they couldn’t. This way, you’re not over-inviting, and you can always have a backup guest list if you’re numbers unexpectedly drop.


Happy Planning!