17 Green Wedding Ideas To Make Your Wedding Eco-Friendly

As much as we live for the energy of a huge celebration, we must concede that weddings can be a pretty expensive concern. Regardless of whether you need your day to be green from beginning to end, or you’re searching for only a few eco-elements to give the wedding a moral,  ethical curve, these eco-friendly and green wedding ideas don’t need a lot of exertion. However, they provide a significant reward. 

Need to design a wedding that leaves you feeling virtuous about the environment? Here are some simple ways to have a stunning eco-friendly wedding!

1. Re-sell the wedding dress

Bride walking in field wearing re-use wedding dress

Sparing your dress to hand down to the people to come or selling it on are significantly a more moral way to be in the spirit of the eco wedding dress impression.

It would be light on your pocket, and it would bring happiness to your fellow eco wedding dress enthusiasts.

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2. Send online invitations

Wedding stationery material would eventually end up in parts and heaps of paper. Try not to think that you need to go lame and boring with paperless e-invites.

Consider messaging your visitors the link to a video, setting up a cool wedding site that features your subject theme, or planning a lovely e-card with an image of both of you.

3. Choose a venue close to you

Orsett Hall Hotel and Restaurant wedding venue

A wedding doesn’t need to be in a homestead farm or field to be an eco-friendly wedding. Your wedding’s most significant carbon footprint is from travel, so on the off chance that you can discover a spot you love close to most of your visitors and especially to you, it would prove to be a tremendous success.

4. Take a wedding coach

Urge your beloved visitors to take public vehicles to approach the setting at an assigned time and arrange them a beautiful coach to take them to the entryway from that point– consider getting a lovely double-decker where everyone comes together at one time!

5. Set up Carpooling

Request that your visitors let you know beforehand whether they have a free spot in their vehicle when RSVP’ing, and you can find out who needs a lift and coordinate them with somebody nearby.

It sets aside your visitors’ money on transport so they’ll love this idea as much as you do!

6. Wear vintage or pre-loved wedding suits and dresses

Groomsmen wearing wedding suits

Consider the number of outfits you’re purchasing for your wedding, from your dress and suits to bridesmaid dresses and flower girl garments.

You can firstly hire out the suits, as is a regular practice, and reusing clothing by going vintage or pre-loved is a fantastic eco alternative and lessens the expense by a great deal and would genuinely create the eco wedding dress impression.

7. Edible place cards

Eco- friendly wedding courtesies, place cards, and table numbers for your big day sound like a great idea! Plan a green wedding utilizing reusable materials for your day.

An edible place card can be as necessary as a wrapped candy with a name card on top. You can also try to utilize bio-degradable packaging material for extra eco-friendliness.

8. Be ring-conscious

Beautiful diamond wedding ring

Precious stone and diamond mining, along with the utilization of valuable metals, implies that wedding adornments have a long negative history for our planet and workers.

So choosing moral and eco- friendly wedding jewellery ought to be an important green choice you make for your big day.

9. Celebrate by candle-light 

You’ll spare and save electricity when you give your reception a romantic atmosphere by lighting your wedding venue with candles.

Normally you’ll have to check if your venue approves first, but it’s a great plan to use candles in any event in the centre point of tables and turn off unnecessary lights.

10. Use sustainable makeup

Make up artist putting sustainable make up on bride to be on wedding day

Take a stab at including some cruelty-free, zero- waste or locally-produced items to your pre-wedding skincare schedule; a truly green wedding idea.

You should go and look for the best sustainable makeup done by a local makeup artist or even your girl-friends who are big makeup lovers would love to get you bride-ready for your big day. 

11. Stay in season

Flowers are to be used in a wedding from the start to end and to match the pretty vibe of your big day, so they aren’t something you’ll need to skip through, and yet you may scoff at the expendable idea of wedding blossoms.

Go local and decorate your sustainable wedding while keeping up with the environment.

12.Go veggie!

Vegetable and cheese tower served on table

You have the option to discover food catering with reasonable ethics, who source natural, local, and morally produced ingredients wherever possible.

A veggie or vegan menu, or even a half vegan menu would likewise decrease the wedding dinner’s ecological effect.

13. Ditch Floral Foam

Ask your supplier whether they utilize flower foam froth in their design plans. Generally, this foam is equal to single-use plastic and won’t separate in landfills.

Commonly referred to like Oasis, the chemicals and synthetics in it can drain into water and air, and the residue structure it creates as it separates can be hurtful to the skin and your lungs from prolonged contact. It would be a nice thought to drop the idea.

14. Buy Biodegradable Decor

As much as we love them, balloons and skylights lanterns can be very destructive to the climate and nearby natural life, contingent upon how you discard them.

A smart thought would be to source non-harmful candles, biodegradable confetti, and biodegradable sparkle glitter for the big day for a more eco-friendly wedding.

15. Hire Wedding Decorations

Amazing wedding decoration hired out in barn wedding venue

While weddings have been blamed for being unnecessarily expensive from many points of view, they don’t need to be. One way to have a beautiful eco-friendly wedding and reduce your wedding costs is by hiring wedding decorations.

16. Give wedding favour gifts that keep on giving 

There are lots of ecological foundations that could use your help so on behalf of your guests, why not give generously to environmental charities.

You could also purchase wedding favours that offer back to the climate like bundles of plant seeds, to encourage your guests to plant some flowers, trees and even some fruits and vegetables.

17. Use biodegradable confetti 

People celebrating at wedding party with biodegradable confetti in the air

Little sacks of confetti are a flawless fun addition to the table, and you can make it biodegradable and more eco-friendly by drying out flower petals, which you can gather from neighbours and friends’ gardens for a stunning green wedding.

There you have it – some amazing green wedding ideas for a gorgeous and environmentally conscious wedding!

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