29 Ideas for Wedding Favours

Wedding favours provide some added beauty or fun to your tables, while also letting your guests know that you’re grateful to have them with you on your special day.

While for centuries, favours were limited to almonds, there are many more options nowadays. Depending on your wedding theme, you can have anything from cake pops and chocolate moustaches to succulents and wooden hearts.

Whatever your theme and budget, we’ve got plenty of ideas that your guests will love.

What are wedding favours?

Wedding favours are small gifts from you and your partner for your wedding guests to thank them for coming. The favours tend to be placed next to each guest’s placemat at the wedding reception. Traditionally – and for many years – wedding favours were almonds. Nowadays, these lovely little gifts can take on a variety of forms.

How much do wedding favours cost?

Favours for weddings can vary widely in price. Generally speaking, you’d expect to spend £2 to £5 on each favour, but this can vary widely depending on what you have in mind. When deciding on an appropriate amount to spend, consider the size of your guest list and your overall wedding budget.

Does everyone have wedding favours?

You don’t have to give favours – they are not compulsory, and most guests will be thrilled to be invited to your wedding without receiving gifts. However, favours are traditional and widely used, particularly for larger weddings. They’re a lovely touch for your guests, and they can also double up as table decorations!

30 great ideas for wedding favours

1.      Pressed flower tealight holder

Glass tealight holders will look beautiful on your reception tables while also acting as wonderful keepsakes for your wedding guests. As you can buy tealight holders with so many different flower options, you’re sure to find something to fit your theme.

Price: £10

2.      Fortune cookie

If you want wedding treats that are affordable but fun, fortune cookies could be the perfect choice. Your guests will love reading their fortunes out to one another.

Price: £0.80

Flat-lay of a pink champagne bottle and glasses

3.      Personalised champagne bottle

If you have a slightly higher budget, a personalised mini champagne bottle for each guest can be a fun way to start off the wedding toasts.

Price: £20.00


4.      Wildflower seeds for charity

Wildflowers are in – they’re natural, pretty, and beneficial for the bees. You can purchase wildflower seed packets from charities, so not only are the favours thoughtful, they’re also doing plenty of good.

Price: £1.20

5.      Personalised apothecary candle

Scented candles are popular with most people and will add some extra pizazz to your table décor.

Price: £16

6.      Festival wristband

If you’re planning a wedding with a festival theme, why not gift your guests with keepsake ‘wedfest’ wristbands from the big day?

Price: £1.10

7.      Personalised glass bottles

Attractive personalised glass bottles make great favours. You can even fill them with a signature cocktail and start the party with a bang.

Price: £2

8.      Flip-flops

If your wedding is likely to involve dancing into the early hours, your guests will love a pair of comfy flip-flops to change into when they get their groove on. Flip-flops are also perfect for a beach or tropical themed day.

Price: £1.50

9.      Chocolate moustache

If you’re planning a photo booth for your evening do, chocolate moustache favours will keep your guests guessing.

Price: £1.30

A range of loose pick 'n' mix sweets

10.  Sweetie bag

For a fun and sugary favour, place a pink-striped paper bag in each guest’s place. Then let them choose their favourite treats from a pick ‘n’ mix buffet.

Price: £2 (including sweets)

11.  Charity donations

Perhaps you’d like your favours to benefit a charity that means something to you. For each guest, you could donate to a charity – some organisations offer printed place cards with details of the donation (or you can of course make your own). Your guests will love knowing that their presence at your wedding has helped others.

Price: variable

12.  Truffles

You can either make the truffles yourself or – if you’re short on time or willing – buy them in bulk. Chocolate truffles are a classic, indulgent gift that your guests will love.

Price: £1.20

Chocolate cake pops on a glass platter

13.  Cake pops

Custom cake pops are on trend, and they come in so many flavours and colours that you’re sure to find some that work with your wedding theme.

Price: £2

14.  A recipe

If you’re fond of cooking or come from a family of foodies, why not pass on some secret recipes to your guests? You could have them printed in a handwritten font for your guests to discover when they sit down to eat.

Price: £0.50

15.  A beanstalk

If you’d like a fairytale feel (or maybe even a whole theme!), you can treat your guests to some ‘magic beans’ with their names on.


16.  Gourmet Coffee

A small hessian bag of gourmet Brazilian coffee will give your guests a much-needed pick-me-up for the day after the wedding celebrations, ensuring your guests are wide awake the following day.

17.  Temporary tattoos

Temporary tattoos will provide plenty of hilarity around your wedding tables. You can buy sheets of tattoos with your names and wedding date, or even your faces!

Price: £19 (per A4 sheet of tattoos)

Three succulents in white pots in a row

18.  Succulents

Succulents are in style, cheap and easy to care for. They’ll look so stylish on your tables and the guests will love having their own little plant to take home at the end of the night.

Price: £1.50

Mixed yellow, orange, green and purple love heart sweets

19.  Love Hearts

Love hearts are a well-known wedding favour, and quite rightly so. They’re fun, romantic, and inexpensive. You can even personalise the labels!

Price: £0.30

20.  Watering cans

Miniature watering cans make wonderful favours. You can use them to house your guests’ napkins and cutlery, or fill them with flowers to match your wedding theme.

Price: £2.20

21.  Bubbles

Give each guest a stylish bottle of bubbles and a wand. Ask everyone to get their lungs working for some great photo opportunities.

Price: £1.50

Three golf balls set up on the grass

22.  Golf balls

If your wedding is at a large hotel or country club, personalised golf balls make for fun, unusual favours. They’re especially good if you’ve built in some time for guests to play golf and try them out over the weekend.

Price: £3.50

23.  Fortune teller fish

Do you remember those little red plastic fish that you used to put on your hand to read your fortune? They’re still around! They’re also still cheap and fun, and are sure to get your guests talking and laughing together.

Price: £0.15

24.  Glass charms

Personalised wine charms are a lovely touch to your guests’ wine glasses at the table. At the end of the night they can take them home and be forever reminded of your special day.

Price: £4

Close-up of the spines of canvas-bound second-hand books

25.  Second-hand book

In the lead up to your wedding, collect secondhand books from car boot sales and charity shops. Then gift each guest with a book on your big day. To make sure that they haven’t already read them, maybe give them books that are different to their usual choices.

Price: £0.50

26.  Wedding soundtrack

Your guests will be constantly transported back to your wedding day with a USB containing all the music from the day. These come in cute little personalised boxes.

Price: £6.00

27.  Soap

A smart, personalised pack of artisan soap will let your guests know you’re grateful for them. You can choose out of many scents and ingredients, including vegan and organic options.

Price: £1.10

A hand holding two lit sparklers at night

28.  Sparklers

Sparklers are fun for people of all ages. Gather everyone outside and light their sparklers on a count of three – get the cameras ready!

29.  Hearts

On your wedding day, why not give each of your guests a heart? Made from wood or slate, they will add to your wedding style. They can even be personalised with your guests’ names and used as place cards.

Price: £1.00

There are so many options for wedding favours, and we’ve only listed a few! Most importantly, select gifts that you feel fit your budget and the tone that you want to convey to your guests. Have a great wedding!

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