Victoria & Chris’ Mythology and Lore Storytelling Themed Wedding

If you and your partner have fairly niche interests, why not join the host of other couples who have planned their own unique themed wedding? There’s no better way to show off your personalities and get creative! Victoria and Chris did exactly that with their non-traditional themed wedding inspired by their love for each other and their shared love of mythology and lore. Check out the details of their wedding planning, and their gorgeous photos, below and get ready to be inspired.

The Inspiration & Wedding Planning

We aren’t very traditional people, met at Boomtown music festival, as wild west performers, and it was definitely love at first shot! For the wedding planning, there was a lot of research!

Photo © Martin Holtom

We started with deciding on which mythologies and lore we wanted to represent, and ended up with different realms that represented parts of our life together and our families: Land of the Fae, Valhalla, Arkham, Olympia, Atlantis, Sherwood, Gallifrey, Loch Ness, El Dorado, and Camelot.

Photo © Martin Holtom

The Venue

Our wedding venue was Forever Green, a beautiful venue in the heart of natural forest land, making it the perfect venue for a hideaway wedding, especially one with a mythology and lore theme!

Photo © Martin Holtom

Forever Green is a unique and magical wedding venue, as its views into the surrounding forest of Ransomwood give you the feeling that the venue and the forest are merged as one.

Photo © Martin Holtom

The Activities

We brought different items together to remind people of stories of each place, so naturally had a wedding reception escape room where all our guests worked together to unlock the wedding cake!

Photo © Martin Holtom

We were also very lucky to have suppliers who were just as excited by our theme as we were! So much personal attention was given to the pre-planning and running of the day.

Photo © Martin Holtom

Victoria and Chris’ Suppliers

If you’re feeling inspired to have your own magical storytelling themed wedding, why not start planning all the little personal touches, and reaching out to suppliers who share your vision? Victoria and Chris have shown that with plenty of research and creativity, you can have the wedding of your dreams, that’s as unique as you are, not to mention fun for all those involved!

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Happy Planning!