52 Best Wedding Centrepiece Ideas

Centrepieces at a wedding may seem straightforward, but they set the tone for your wedding breakfast and deserve just as much thought as the rest of your decor. In fact, your guests will be looking at this table decoration for the duration of their meal, so it’s important you pick a centrepiece that properly represents the style and feel of your special day.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the options, we’re here to break it down for you. Whether you’re looking for something simple and classic, showstopping, or anything in between— we’re here to help. Check out this list of 52 carefully curated wedding centrepieces to inspire your tablescapes.

What are wedding centrepieces?

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Wedding centrepieces are table decorations placed in the middle of each table during the wedding breakfast. They help fill the empty space in the centre of the table (hence, centrepiece) and contribute to the overall theme of your wedding.

Wedding centrepieces can be any decorative items that match the theme of your wedding, including flowers, fruit, statues, vintage homeware, or even themed DIY centrepieces. So long as they reflect the theme of your wedding and the personality of the couple, you’re all set!

Classic centrepiece ideas

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Classic centrepieces are timeless and traditional centrepieces that add elegance and charm to your wedding. Check out these 13 ideas for classic table wedding decor. 

1) Minimalist dried flower arrangements

Try arranging a few stems of dried baby’s breath, blossoms, or dahlias for a beautiful and minimal dried flower arrangement. Present the flowers in a glass bud vase, a small ceramic vase, or even a small glass bottle for a simple and sophisticated finish. 

The benefit of using dried flower centrepieces over fresh flower centrepieces is that they can be prepared in advance of the wedding day and will last much longer than fresh flowers. 

2) Pampas grass in glass vases

Arranging long stems of pampas grass in glass vases is another long-lasting and elegant choice for wedding centrepieces. The great thing about pampas grass is that its neutral colour suits many wedding venues and other wedding accents. Plus, it will add a soft and romantic feel to your wedding day and is one of the cheapest centrepiece options!

3) Floating candles in a glass bowl

Half-fill a large glass bowl with water and gently place scented or unscented candles on top. Light just before guests sit down for their wedding breakfast for a romantic and elegant wedding centrepiece. 

Add water lilies, rose petals, or other floating flowers for extra whimsy and charm. Try to match the flowers to your overall wedding theme for a cohesive look. 

4) A selection of glazed ceramics

Glazed ceramics are a great addition to wedding tables and much more sustainable than traditional floral centrepieces. Try mixing a range of colours, patterns, and sizes on each table for an eclectic look. 

This is a great option for destination weddings in countries known for their ceramics. For example, Greece, Spain, or Italy. Try visiting some local shops before the wedding to pick up unique and authentic local pottery.  

5) Paper flower arrangements

Similarly to dried flowers, paper flowers are beautiful, long-lasting, and eco-friendly options for wedding table decorations. Fully recyclable and usually handmade, paper flower arrangements are a great alternative to fresh flowers. 

Match the colours of the paper flowers to your wedding theme for a unified feel. If you’re feeling extra crafty, try folding the paper flowers yourself!

6) Glass sweet jars

If you have a sweet tooth or love the look of bright, colourful sweet wrappers, this one’s for you! Buy some glass sweet jars in different sizes, shapes, and patterns and fill them with a mix of your favourite sweets. Whether it’s pick-and-mix, hard-boiled sweets, or individually wrapped chocolates, this edible centrepiece is sure to be a winner on your big day. Plus, guests can graze on the sweets after the meal to fuel their dancing.

Pro tip: we don’t recommend this centrepiece for an outdoor, summer, or destination wedding. There would be nothing worse than watching your beautiful, colourful centrepiece melt in front of your eyes!

7) Fairy light-filled birdcages

If you’re planning a whimsical, enchanted, or fairytale theme for your wedding, fairy light-filled bird cages could be the perfect fit. You can find decorative bird cages online or in home decor or charity shops. Buy a few different sizes and styles to add interest.

You’ll then need some battery-operated fairy light packs. You can find these online, in craft shops, and sometimes in supermarkets, so keep an eye out. Gather the fairy lights into a ball and place them inside the birdcage. Switch the packs on right before the guests sit down and keep them on throughout the night for a beautiful addition to the evening.  

8) Foliage table runner

If you prefer greenery and foliage to flowers or blooms, a foliage table runner is the perfect addition to your wedding table decor. 

You’ll need a range of plant greenery to make this work, so collect a variety of leaves and stems to arrange into a runner. Consider using a mix of eucalyptus, ferns, ivy, palm leaves, and olive branches for an interesting arrangement. You could also add moss, sticks, or succulents for extra visual interest. 

9) Small potted trees

Small potted trees are a charming and versatile addition to your wedding decor, especially if you’re aiming for a natural or rustic theme. These miniature trees add height and dimension to your tablescape while infusing it with a touch of greenery and organic beauty.

To create this centrepiece, start by selecting small potted trees such as olive trees, lemon trees, or miniature evergreens. You can find these at local garden centres, supermarkets, or even online retailers specialising in wedding decor. Pop each tree in a decorative pot and place in the centre of your table. If your trees are extra small, consider arranging a few trees together to fill the space. 

10) Flowering branches in a tall vase

Flowering branches in tall vases are another beautiful but minimalist way to fill the centre space of a wedding table. You can either purchase decorative branches from a home decor shop or even collect long sticks from a woodland walk. Arrange these sticks in a pretty vase and let the natural beauty of the branches bring a touch of sophistication to your big day. 

11) Paper lanterns

Paper lanterns add colour, whimsy, and a charming ambiance to your wedding reception. These versatile decorations come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colours, allowing you to customise them to match your wedding theme or colour palette perfectly.

Find lanterns in a range of sizes, shapes, and colours for an eclectic look. Use battery-operated tea lights or bulbs instead of actual tea lights to minimise the risk of fires on your special day. 

Consider hanging the paper lanterns from the ceiling if possible. This will give the illusion of more space on the table and add extra interest to your centrepiece. 

12) Ornate lamps

If you’re a fan of vintage decorations or want to create a romantic, old-world atmosphere, consider using a selection of ornate lamps to decorate your wedding tables.

You can find ornate lamps at antique shops, second-hand shops, or charity shops. Try to pick a selection of tall, short, painted, ceramic, and metal lamps, all with different patterns and finishes. This will add interest to your display and ensure a unique setup on each table. 

If you run out of plug socket space, consider replacing the bulbs with battery-operated light discs. This will prevent fuses from bursting and reduce the electricity bill. 

13) Glass jars filled with sand and shells

If you’re a beach bum, live near the coast, or are planning a destination wedding, consider filling a section of mason or jam jars with local sand and shells for a unique and coastal touch to your wedding decor. 

Collecting sand and shells from the local beach adds a special touch and can serve as a memento of your wedding location. You can also customise the jars further by tying them with twine or ribbon in your wedding colours, or adding small tags with guests’ names to double as place settings. 

Showstopping centrepiece ideas

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If you’re planning a larger-than-life wedding day, consider using these showstopping wedding centrepiece ideas to set the tone of the wedding breakfast. 

14) Ice sculptures

Having a professional carve your centrepieces out of ice is sure to impress your guests and create a stunning focal point for each table. Ice sculptures can be customised to fit your wedding theme or personal interests, including intricate floral designs, geometric shapes, or even sculpted representations of you and your partner.

Consider illuminating the ice sculptures with LED lights for the cherry on top of the cake. 

15) Faux cherry blossom trees

No matter your wedding theme, faux cherry blossom trees will add a romantic and enchanting touch to your wedding decor.

Owing to the size of these centrepieces, you might need to find a venue that offers tables with a hole in the middle. This way, the cherry blossom trees can stand on the floor and extend above your guest’s heads for a touch of drama and elegance. 

You can decorate the branches of the trees however you’d prefer, including fairy lights, hanging crystals, or delicate ribbons. 

16) Candelabras

Candelabras come in lots of different shapes and sizes and are a great option for showstopping wedding centrepieces. Check out antique shops, second-hand shops, or charity shops to find a selection of candelabras that fit your wedding aesthetic. Alternatively, you could buy a few of the same style from a home interior or home decoration shop. 

Candelabras look beautiful on their own. However, if you’re looking to spice them up, consider decorating them with springs of beads, fairy lights, or even adding coloured candles to the stems for a classic finish. 

17) Tall floral arrangements

Tall floral arrangements are a beautiful and classic way to add some drama to your tablescape. The flowers should match your wedding colour theme and you can add pampas grass, palm leaves, or feathers for extra interest.

18) Tropic leaf arrangement in a tall vase

Similarly to tall floral arrangements, collect some tall palm, fern, or bird of paradise leaves and arrange them in a tall vase. This is the perfect choice for those who prefer greenery to blooms, or want to add a modern twist to a classic style. 

19) An antler and wildflower arrangement

If you enjoy country living or are having a country-themed wedding, using real or faux antlers and wildflowers can create a rustic and charming centrepiece that reflects your love for the outdoors. Arrange antlers in the centre of the table and weave in a variety of wildflowers, such as daisies, sunflowers, and lavender, for a natural and organic look.

To enhance the rustic vibe, consider incorporating elements like burlap, twine, or lace as accents around the base of the arrangement. You can also add candles, tealights, or small lanterns to create a cosy and intimate atmosphere.

20) Monogrammed floral initials of the couple’s names

If you’re looking for something really special, this is the centrepiece for you. You can have florists create monogrammed centrepieces of yours and your new spouse’s names in flowers that complement your wedding colours. 

The best part of this centrepiece is that the decor is fully customisable. If you use the same florist, you can even have matching bouquets and buttonholes. Whether you prefer classic roses, romantic peonies, or vibrant wildflowers, the possibilities are endless.

21) Crystal centrepieces

If you love the magical whimsy of crystals and their unique look, consider collecting a few different types and arranging them together into a miniature rockery. You’ll need a range of colours and sizes to make this look effective, as well as a variety of finishes. For example, polished crystals, uncut, geodes, and beads. 

Collect your favourite crystals and arrange them together in the centre of the table. This crystal centrepiece will not only add a touch of glamour and elegance to your wedding decor but also infuse it with positive energy and symbolism. Pick crystals that will bring a special meaning and healing energy to your big day. 

22) Ice buckets filled with champagne bottles

Beautiful and practical, consider placing large ice buckets in the centre of your table and filling with bottles of champagne that guests can help themselves to.  You could even place some fruit slices or flowers in the buckets for an extra pop of colour. 

23) A cascade of candles

This arrangement is simple and beautiful and works best with long table styles. All you’ll need is a range of pillar candles in different sizes. Arrange them along the length of the table, alternating heights and sizes for visual interest. Light them right before your guests sit down, and you’ve got a low-cost but high-impact wedding centrepiece. 

24) Fruit and flowers

Think of the classic Carmen Miranda headdress. Arrange a variety of fruits and flowers in a cornucopia style in the middle of your table. Select an assortment of fresh fruits in a range of colours and textures, such as grapes, berries, citrus slices, and tropical fruits like pineapple and kiwi. Flowers can match your wedding bouquet and can be arranged delicately around the fruit. You can also add greenery like eucalyptus and ferns to fill gaps and for extra glamour. 

25) Ceiling projection centrepiece

How about turning your reception into an enchanting wonderland with a ceiling projection centrepiece? You can customise the projections to fit your wedding theme or personal style. Try hearts for romance, flowers for whimsy, or stars and constellations for a magical feel. 

Dim the surrounding lights to enhance the impact of the projections and create a cosy, intimate ambiance that’s perfect for celebrating.

26) Disco ball centrepiece 

Ready to dance the night away? Hang a disco ball from the ceiling above each of your tables for a touch of retro glamour at your wedding reception. As they spin and catch the light, they’ll fill the room with disco-worthy reflections for a festive and lively atmosphere. 

Surround each disco ball with twinkling fairy lights or string lights to enhance its sparkle and add to the magical ambiance. You can also incorporate colourful LED lights to cast vibrant patterns across the dance floor, creating an immersive and dynamic experience for your guests.

DIY centrepiece ideas

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Whether you’re on a tight budget or simply love crafting, these DIY wedding centrepiece ideas are for you. 

27) DIY mason jars with wildflowers

Mason or jam jars filled with locally picked wildflowers are a great DIY wedding centrepiece idea. You’ll first need a collection of mason or jam jars that have been thoroughly cleaned and have labels removed. You can decorate them with paint, ribbon, or twine, or simply leave them plain for a minimalist look. 

Fill the jars half full with water and arrange a collection of wildflowers in them. Make sure you have permission to pick the wildflowers, or simply grow your own if you have the space. Use a selection of British wildflowers, such as daisies, foxgloves, bluebells, or whatever is available seasonally.  

28) Driftwood with seashells and sea glass

Collect driftwood, seashells, and sea glass from your local beach for the perfect DIY coastal tablescape. Arrange the driftwood pieces as the base of your centrepiece, creating a natural and rustic table decoration for your wedding.

Next, scatter the seashells and sea glass along the driftwood, nestling them into crevices and nooks for a whimsical and organic look. You can also include any coral, sea sponge, or glass bottles you find on the beach as part of your decor. This will include each table having a beautiful and unique theme. 

29) Wooden crates filled with lavender

You can find wooden crates of all shapes and sizes at charity shops or DIY shops. You can use plain, pre-decorated, or mismatched crates to create interest. Then simply fill the crates with hand-picked lavender flowers for a simple and fragrant wedding centrepiece. 

30) Vintage teacup and saucer arrangements

You can find vintage teacups in antique shops, second-hand shops, or charity shops. Arrange the teacup and saucer sets along the tables, mixing and matching patterns for a whimsical and eclectic look. You can also add additional vintage touches, such as lace doilies or handwritten place cards, to enhance the nostalgic ambiance.

This one may take some forward planning, as you’ll need to spend time curating a collection of vintage teacups and saucers. You may get lucky and find a collection in a second-hand store, but otherwise, you may need to begin collecting these decorations shortly after you get engaged. You may also need to actively seek them out if you have a large number of tables or are planning the wedding in a short amount of time.  

31) Book towers with arranged flowers

You’ll need a collection of your favourite hard-backed books or some old or vintage book from a charity shop in order to create this centrepiece. Stack the books from largest to smallest, and secure them together with twine or ribbon for stability. Next, choose a selection of fresh flowers or greenery that complements your wedding theme and colour palette.

Carefully arrange the flowers between the stacked books, weaving the stems through the layers to create a beautiful and cohesive display. You can opt for a single type of flower for a uniform look or mix and match different varieties for added texture and visual interest.

You can also add additional decorative elements such as ribbon, lace, or small trinkets like beads for the finishing touch. 

32) Vintage suitcases with floral arrangements

Similarly to the book towers, you’ll need a collection of vintage suitcases of different shapes and sizes. Prop them open in the middle of the table and fill with flowers, greenery, and other fauna in a cascading or clustered fashion, depending on your preference. You can mix and match different types of blooms for a dynamic look, or stick to a single variety for a more cohesive design.

33) Balloon centrepieces

Balloon centrepieces are a trendy, low-cost way to add whimsy and colour to your wedding decor. Choose balloons in your wedding colours, or opt for metallics or pastels for a more sophisticated look.

To create balloon centrepieces, start by inflating balloons to varying sizes using helium or air. You can use a mix of balloon sizes and shapes to create interest, as well as mixing and matching colours for a striking and dynamic effect. 

Next, tie the balloons together in clusters using ribbon or string. You can create single balloon clusters or combine multiple clusters to form larger arrangements. Anchor them with decorative vases or buckets to complete the look. 

34) Pinecone and cinnamon stick arrangements

Perfect for a cosy winter wedding, pinecones and cinnamon stick wedding table decorations will create a warm and inviting atmosphere for your special day. Start by gathering pinecones and cinnamon sticks, which you can easily find at craft shops or even in your garden or local park if the season is right and you’re feeling adventurous. 

Arrange the pinecones and cinnamon sticks in clusters on your tables, interspersing them with greenery or winter foliage for a festive touch. You can also add small accents like berries, pine sprigs, or dried oranges for a festive flair.

35) Alcohol bottle candelabras

Consider reusing empty wine, beer, and alcohol bottles as part of your wedding breakfast for a unique and eco-friendly touch. Start by collecting empty bottles of various shapes and sizes from your favourite drinks, then plug the bottle with long, tall candles. Burn the candles for a short amount of time so the wax melts and adheres the candles to the bottle and your DIY wedding centrepieces are complete! 

36) Carved pumpkins

If you love all things spooky or are throwing a Halloween-themed wedding, carved pumpkins could be the centrepiece for you. Take some time with your soon-to-be spouse or wedding party to carve a range of pumpkins in different shapes and sizes. If you’re prepared to carve out the intricate names or initials of your guests, you could even use the pumpkins as table numbers or place settings!

37) Pinecones in hurricane jars

Buy hurricane jars online or in a local DIY shop and fill them with pinecones of different sizes. If the season allows, you can use real pine cones, or you can buy synthetic pine cones in bags online. 

38) Paper aeroplanes suspended from the ceiling

If you’re a fan or travelling or simply love the whimsy of paper aeroplanes, consider folding a range of your own in different shapes, sizes, and colours. Suspend them from the ceiling above the centre of your table using a fishing line for a playful and eye-catching centrepiece. You can use patterned paper, origami paper, or even recycled materials for an eco-friendly touch.

Once you’ve folded your paper aeroplanes, attach a fishing line to each one and hang them from the ceiling above the centre of your table. You can adjust the length of the fishing line to create a dynamic display with planes at different heights.

39) A herb garden

Herb gardens are a great choice for those who appreciate fresh and aromatic scents in their wedding decor. Start by gathering a variety of pre-grown herbs or herb seeds. These can include rosemary, lavender, thyme, and mint.

Next, plant the herbs in small pots or containers, making sure to include a mix of colours and textures. You can decorate the pots with ribbons, twine, or labels to add a personalised touch. Your guests will love the fragrant aroma of the herbs as they dine and celebrate.

Floral-focus centrepiece ideas

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Wedding floral centrepieces are a classic choice for wedding table decor and perfect for those who want to keep it classy. Check out some of these ideas for floral-inspired table decorations. 

40) Vintage birdcages filled with flowers

Vintage birdcages add a sense of whimsy and adventure to a traditional floral tablescape. Start by sourcing vintage birdcages from charity shops, vintage shops, or home decoration shops. Once you have your birdcages, fill them with an array of fresh flowers in hues that complement your wedding colour palette. You can choose a single type of flower for a cohesive look or mix and match different blooms for added texture and visual interest.

Consider incorporating trailing greenery or delicate foliage to add depth and dimension to the arrangements. You can also adorn the birdcages with ribbons, lace, or decorative accents to enhance their vintage charm. 

41) Terrariums with succulents and air plants 

If you love the energy floral arrangements bring but aren’t a big fan of blooms, consider creating your own terrariums filled with cacti, air plants, or other succulents. You’ll first need some glass terrariums in various shapes and sizes, which you can find at garden centres or online shops.

You’ll then need a selection of small succulents like cacti, aloe plants, some types of hoya, and air plants. Choose plants in different shapes, sizes, and textures to create visual interest and depth within the terrariums.

You can then fill around the succulents with coloured sand, pebbles, or small figures to add interest. 

42) Miniature fairy gardens 

Fairy gardens are a great floral centrepiece choice for forest or outdoor weddings, or for whimsical weddings. To create your own miniature fairy garden centrepiece, start by selecting a shallow container or tray that will serve as the base for your enchanting landscape. You can find suitable containers at garden centres, craft stores, or online retailers.

Next, gather a variety of miniature plants such as mosses, ferns, and small flowering plants to populate your fairy garden. You can also incorporate miniature trees, tiny fairy figurines, and whimsical accessories like fairy houses or miniature animals to bring your magical garden to life.

Arrange the plants and decorations within the container, creating miniature scenes and pathways that evoke the charm of a fairytale woodland. You could also add small fairy lights or LED lights so guests can continue enjoying the decor into the evening. 

43) Miniature bonsai trees

Bring a touch of tranquillity to your big day with miniature bonsai trees. Start by selecting miniature bonsai trees from your local nursery or specialty bonsai shop. Look for trees with interesting shapes and graceful branches that will create a captivating focal point for your tables.

Carefully place them in decorative pots or containers, making sure to provide proper drainage for the plants. To enhance the natural beauty of the bonsai trees, you can also add decorative accents like moss, rocks, or miniature figurines. Arrange the bonsai trees on your tables, either as individual centrepieces or grouped together for a more interesting look. 

44) Wine bottle vases with baby’s breath

Similarly to the alcohol bottle candelabras, simply collect a range of clean and disused glass bottles and fill them with baby’s breath or gypsophila for a pretty and minimalistic wedding centrepiece idea. 

45) A selection of peonies

Peonies are a romantic and fragrant choice for wedding centrepieces. Their lush blooms and delicate petals add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any table setting.

Start by selecting a variety of peonies in different colours and sizes from your local florist or flower market. Choose shades that complement your wedding colour palette and overall theme and arrange them in a glass vase or another beautiful pot. Make sure you fill them with water and flower food to keep the blooms fresh. 

46) A handful of hydrangeas

A handful of hydrangeas can bring a burst of colour and charm to your wedding centrepieces. These beautiful blooms are known for their large, fluffy petals and come in a variety of stunning shades, including blue, pink, purple, and white. In fact, hydrangeas will either grow blue or pink depending on the acidity of the soil. Growing hydrangeas in acidic soil will give blue blooms, while more basic soil will give pink flowers. 

Arrange the hydrangeas in a glass vase or decorative container, making sure to trim the stems at an angle and remove any leaves that will be below the water line. Fill the vase with water and plant food to keep the flowers looking their best. 

47) Re-use your bouquets 

If you don’t feel like spending extra money on your centrepieces, consider repurposing your wedding bouquets and buttonholes into wedding table decor. This is also generally a great way to save money on your wedding flowers. Start by carefully disassembling your bouquets and buttonholes, removing any wilted or damaged flowers, and trimming the stems to the desired length. This will freshen up your arrangements and help them last longer. 

Then, gather a collection of vases, jars, or other decorative containers that match your wedding theme and style. Arrange the flowers in the containers, mixing and matching different blooms and colours to create unique and eye-catching centrepieces.

48) A selection of wildflowers

So long as you have permission, you can pick wildflowers from wherever you’d like. Consider asking a farmer with a wildflower field, or growing your own English wildflowers in your back garden. You can grow daisies, Queen Anne’s lace, lavender, foxgloves, and so much more.

Arrange the wildflowers in loose, organic bunches, allowing them to spill over the edges of the containers for a relaxed and natural look. Don’t be afraid to mix in other natural elements like ferns, berries, or feathers to add depth and dimension to your arrangements.

49) Beautiful sunflowers

Although sunflowers are technically wildflowers, we thought these beautiful, happy flowers deserved their own section!

Sunflowers are sure to brighten up your wedding tables with their cheerful and vibrant presence. These iconic blooms are known for their large, golden petals and striking appearance, making them a popular choice for weddings with a rustic or summery theme. 

Arrange the sunflowers in rustic containers such as mason jars, wooden crates, or metal buckets, adding a touch of charm and character to your table decor. You can also mix in other blooms like daisies, asters, or wildflowers to create a dynamic and eye-catching display. Tie some twine or ribbon around the container as a finishing touch. 

50) A selection of tulips

Tulips will add a pop of colour and fun to your special day. Start by picking fresh tulips from your local florist or supermarket, ensuring that the stems are firm and the petals are just beginning to open. Tulips continue to grow after they are cut, so choosing ones that are not fully open will ensure they look their best throughout your big day.

Arrange the tulips in tall vases or containers filled with water, trimming the stems at an angle to encourage water absorption and prevent wilting. You can create a simple and elegant display by arranging single-colour tulips in each vase, or mix and match different colours for a more dynamic look.

51) Calla lily elegance

Calla lilies exude elegance, making them the perfect choice for a wedding centrepiece. They are tall, colourful, and striking flowers that look beautiful in tall glass vases. You can find calla lilies at specialist florists, garden centres, or even grow them in your own garden if you have a green thumb.

Arrange the calla lilies in tall glass vases filled with water, allowing their graceful stems to stand upright and their elegant blooms to take centre stage. You can add pebbles, crystals, or floating candles to the vases if you’re looking for something more unique.  

52) Romantic roses

A classic option for wedding centrepieces, roses are fragrant, beautiful, and romantic. Available in a wide range of colours, from traditional reds and pinks to soft pastels and bold hues, roses offer versatility to suit any wedding theme or colour scheme.

Start by selecting fresh roses from your local florist or flower market, choosing blooms with tight buds and vibrant colours for the best visual impact. Trim the stems at an angle and remove any thorns or leaves that will be below the water line to ensure a clean and polished presentation.

Arrange the roses in decorative vases or containers filled with water, allowing their delicate petals to unfurl and showcase their natural beauty.

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Wedding centrepieces are more than simple table decor. They’re conversation starters, a focal point for the wedding breakfast, and a reflection of the overall theme of your big day. It’s natural to feel overwhelmed by choice, but don’t worry— we’re here every step of the way.

We’ve broken down 52 of the most popular wedding centrepiece ideas. No matter your preference, theme, or personal style, there’s something for you on this list. 

If this list has left you feeling inspired and you’re ready to revamp your whole wedding theme, check out this list of the top 70 DIY wedding decor ideas! Packed with creative and thrifty ideas for transforming your venue, these budget-friendly ideas will help you craft a stunning look that won’t break the bank.

Or, for that unrivalled professional touch, be sure to also browse our fabulous range of wedding decor providers and florists

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