15 Wedding Decoration Ideas

Most of you might be engaged and eagerly awaiting your magical wedding day. To make your day the most memorable event for yourself and your relatives, you might be stuck with lots of different wedding venue decorations and ideas to choose from.

As there are many unique ideas, make sure to select the one that creates an experience that showcases your unique taste and style.

Take a look at these 15 fabulous and inspirational wedding decoration ideas that will, for sure, make your wedding venue a show-stopping venue for all. From Fairy Lights to Ceiling Drapes, all these decoration ideas will wow your guests on your big day!

1. Fairy Lights

Wedding fairy lights decoration in beautiful barn wedding venue

For a unique and inspirational wedding, lights will play a fantastic role in embracing the wedding venue’s beauty. You can hire LED cherry trees with fairy lights to decorate around the wedding venue. 

You can also use a chandelier with flickering and tiny fairy lights as a beautiful wedding reception decoration. The glowing lightings will make your wedding unforgettable.

2. Flower Arches

Flower Arches are another great option that you can add to your wedding venue decoration ideas. The bold and beautiful floral arches will give a feeling of a pretty real wedding.

From rustic floral arches to elaborate structures overflowing with fresh blossoms, the beautiful floral arches are a fantastic way to add magic to your wedding reception or dining space. From the lush asymmetrical arch with greenery and white roses to a large-sized festive wreath, all these flower arches will embrace your wedding venue’s beauty.

3. Chair Decorations

Pink flowers wedding chair decorations on white chairs for stunning beach wedding outdoors

When it comes to your wedding day, you and your partner are the show’s stars, so why not take the opportunity to stand out? And this will include the chairs on which you both will sit! On your wedding day, make sure that you and your partner’s seats are as unique as your bind. 

You can also decorate your guests’ chairs to wow and surprise them. From Bride and Groom signs to floral garlands, from ribbons of your wedding colour to woven fabrics, decorate the wedding chairs to astonish your guests..

4. Family Photo Wall

A wall with your family photos will make your wedding the most memorable event for your guests and relatives. Collect the pictures of you and your partner’s family, and then arrange all these photos on a wall with some lighting all around. 

This will add an amazing photo gallery corner at your wedding, to be cherished by everyone.

5. Candles

Candles wedding decorations as centrepiece of wedding table

The candle wedding centerpieces are timeless and classic but can be easily revamped to fit any big day decoration style. From votives and tea lights to pillars and tapers, the correct candle wedding centerpiece will surely help you to enhance the table’s overall aesthetic. 

If you choose the fragranced candles, then beyond the decoration purpose, candles can also lend a signature scent to your wedding venue.

6. Mirror Signs

Mirror signs are one of the most popular wedding decoration trends used for quite a long time. The Ornate framed mirrors with pretty calligraphy have been popping up at wedding ceremonies and embracing the wedding day’s beauty. 

A fancy mirror with beautifully written calligraphy signs is the perfect vehicle for your wedding signage.

7. Chalk Boards

Wedding chalkboard sign next to wedding aisle at outdoor wedding

The chalkboards are an amazing way to get your wedding venue decorated with. Chalkboards are genuinely an easy DIY idea that you can use as signs to welcome the guests at your wedding, display the food menu, or indicate your wedding’s seating patterns.

8. Giant Letters

The giant and the oversized letters are amazingly versatile and will add beauty to any wedding, may it be a rustic wedding or a modern-day wedding. 

You can choose worn metal with exposed bulbs for an industrial style or wooden finishes for a country look. The giant letters will be great for defining the area and decorating the dance floors as well.

9. Table Lamps

The modern lighted table lamps are a must have in your wedding decoration ideas. The sophisticated glow of the table lamps will enhance the entire wedding venue.

With the low profile bases and the light-diffusing shades, the wedding lamps will embrace the overall wedding décor and will be perfect for making your special day stand out.

10. Table Plans

The table plans will make your seating chart look unique and unusual. While some of the decoration efforts may go unnoticed but the table plan is one thing that all your relatives will stop at and see; a little bit of uniqueness and creativity will amaze them with the feeling of wow. 

From lots of table plan ideas, you can choose the most unique and crafty DIY table plan for your wedding day.

11. Ceiling Drapes

Ceiling drapes wedding decoration hung from wooden beams at stunning barn wedding venue

A little cloth of fabric can transform your venue. Ceiling drapes are another excellent option that will add beauty to your wedding venue. From the formal white fabric to the bright yellow one, you can use any color of ceiling drapes as per your wedding day’s colour theme. 

If you want to be pretty formal, keep it elegant with white fabric, and if you are after a fun vice, you can opt for bright colored fabrics.

12. Flower Walls

The flower decorations at the wedding bring a sense of joy, enthusiasm, and freshness. But why not go one step ahead with exquisite flower walls décor? 

Flower walls with fantastic colour combinations will become a photography spot at your wedding. The visually appealing flower walls will surely wow your guests and be a wedding reception decoration to remember.

13. Wedding Signs

Wooden wedding sign outdoors showing wedding guests where wedding is

You can personalize your wedding decoration with amazing wedding signs that will truly embrace the entire wedding décor. From funny expressions to sweet sayings to practical directions, you can use plenty of wedding signs as a part of your wedding decoration. 

You can use the wedding signs for every element of your wedding timeline that will, for sure, add an extra touch to your wedding décor.

14. Neon Signs

The recent trend of customized neon signs are taking the wedding industry by storm! With the neon signs at your wedding, you and your partner will be glowing in your photoshoot. 

Neon wedding signs will be popping up all over the place in your wedding décor. From a statement piece at the reception to a rad ceremony backdrop, there are so many ways to incorporate neon signs into your wedding decoration.

15. Coloured Glassware

When deciding the décor for your wedding reception, don’t forget to look at the new coloured glassware trend. The colored glassware is a standout tablescape touch that will add a glamorous vintage-inspired effect to your wedding day. 

The glassware in the mismatched jewel tones will brighten the table and work amazingly with flower centrepieces.

There you have  the amazing wedding reception decorations that will truly transform your wedding venue. So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to add these decorations in your list to make your big day filled with the most memorable experiences of your life with these inspirational wedding decoration ideas.

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