15 Wedding Decoration Ideas

Whether you’re newly engaged or only a few weeks from your big day, we’re sure you’re imagining what your big day will look like. And that means thinking about decorations! Now, there are thousands of wedding decoration ideas to choose from that transform your venue into a real show-stopper. Here’s fifteen of our favourites to get you started.

Wedding fairy lights decoration in beautiful barn wedding venue

1. Fairylights

Everyone loves fairylights – and for good reason! They’re an easy way to add a little atmosphere to your big day. Your venue will look even more enchanting, lit up with twinkling fairylights in jam jars or along the walls. You could even string them through trees to create an enchanted forest feel.

2. Floral Arches

Whether you go for a more rustic arch that’s full of greenery and wildflowers or an elaborate floral sculpture which is overflowing with fresh blossoms, flower arches make for a fantastic focal point at your wedding ceremony or reception. In our opinion, more is more when it comes to flowers!

Pink flowers wedding chair decorations on white chairs for stunning beach wedding outdoors

3. Chair Decorations

It’s easy to overlook but we promise, giving a little thought to how you’ll decorate your chairs makes a big difference to the overall look and feel of your ceremony. As they say, the devil’s in the details! Whether you’re stuck with ugly plastic seating or you’ve brought in some gorgeous antique chairs, adding ribbons, fabric or flowers is a great way to take your wedding decorations to the next level.

4. Photo Walls

While you and your partner are at the centre of your wedding, it’s also about your two families coming together. Pay tribute to your loved ones with a gallery wall displaying photographs of your nearest and dearest. You could even give your guests polaroid cameras and add to the wall during your reception!

Candles wedding decorations as centrepiece of wedding table

5. Candles

Candles are a classic way to add a little atmosphere to any wedding ceremony or reception, no matter what your chosen style or theme. The options are endless, from tealights and votives to pillar and taper candles. Whether you use them as table centerpieces or dot them around your venue, your guests will be enchanted. And if you choose fragranced candles, they’ll even add a signature scent to your wedding!

6. Mirror Decals

Why not put a twist on traditional wedding signs by opting for mirror decals instead? They’re fast becoming one of the most popular wedding decoration trends, with gorgeous calligraphy popping up on ornate framed mirrors across the country. And everyone loves a mirror selfie – so they make for great photo ops too!

Wedding chalkboard sign next to wedding aisle at outdoor wedding

7. Chalkboards

Take a leaf out of your favourite coffee shop’s book and add a chalkboard to your wedding venue. Chalkboards are a super easy, DIY wedding decoration idea – and they’re functional too! You can use them to welcome your guests, direct them to their seats or display your menu.

8. Giant Letters

These have been popping up at weddings more and more over the last few years – and they’re definitely here to stay! Whether you keep things simple with you and your partner’s initials or spell out a special message, giant letters are a fab way to personalise your big day. If you’re going for a more modern wedding, tarnished metal and exposed bulbs will give your decorations an industrial feel, while those of you having rustic barn weddings might want to consider distressed wood instead. You can even position the letters so that they define different areas – for example, separating the dance floor from a quieter area.

9. Table Lamps

An easy way to add atmosphere to any room? Turn off the overhead lights. Opting for the soft, diffused light of table lamps instead will instantly take your wedding venue to the next level. We especially love table lamps for intimate weddings – their warm glow creates a gorgeously cosy feel.

10. Bespoke Table Plans

Yes, they’re a necessity – but that doesn’t mean your table plan has to be strictly functional! After all, all your guests will stop and look at it – so get creative and make it part of your wedding decorations. If you’ve opted for bespoke wedding stationery, why not see if your designer will make you a table plan that ties in with it? Or roll your sleeves up and get DIYing!

Ceiling drapes wedding decoration hung from wooden beams at stunning barn wedding venue

11. Ceiling Drapes

Instantly transform any venue with ceiling drapes. Whatever your wedding colours, you’ll be able to find a fabric to match. For a formal wedding, you might want to go for an elegant brilliant white, while soft linens are perfect for a more relaxed, rustic vibe. Or opt for brightly coloured fabrics to create a joyful atmosphere and lift your guests’ spirits!

12. Flower Walls

Flowers are a must at any wedding – so why not take things one step further with a whole flower wall? Focus on flowers that tie in with your wedding colours to keep things cohesive and create a fab focal point for your venue. Your guests will be completely wowed by the extravagant display – and it’s a fantastic spot for photographs too!

Wooden wedding sign outdoors showing wedding guests where wedding is

13. Signage

We’re sure you’ll need at least one sign at your wedding (even if it’s just for the loos!) so why not spend a little time making them decorations that tie in with your wedding theme? You’ll need a few practical signs to let people know where to go – try mixing in some extra signs printed with cute sayings and funny expressions to keep things fun! 

14. Neon Signs

A quick scroll through Instagram is proof enough that neon signs are here to stay! Whether you dot lots of smaller ones around your venue or place one statement piece in a key location, there are countless ways to incorporate neon signs into your wedding decorations.

15. Coloured Glassware

To take your tablescapes to the next level, consider coloured glassware. You can find coloured glassware to suit all wedding styles and themes, from glamourous vintage pieces to sleek modern designs.You could even choose glassware in your wedding colours to tie everything together.

There you go – fifteen fabulous wedding decoration ideas to transform your wedding venue. So what are you waiting for? Hit the shops or get DIYing and make your wedding venue a showstopper!

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