8 Things To Do Now That You're Engaged

Bridebook.co.uk engagement ring on finger


Congratulations are in order – You’re engaged. Woo hoo!

Jump on the engagement rollercoaster – messages, love and constant celebrations. But what happens next? Well, we say enjoy the ride. With Bridebook’s leading wedding planning tools, also available on the free app, the entire process can feel this good from start to finish. That’s  why we have put all our experience into one simple step-by-step guide; we will stay on top of the game so you don’t have to. Now, isn’t it time for you to go and have another drink to celebrate?


1. The ring

Have you ever held anything so special? Don’t freak out. Just make sure you get it insured! You don’t want anything to happen to such a thoughtful, sentimental, valuable item… stop thinking about it. Just walk around and show it off – ‘Have I shown you my ring? Oh sorry, I didn’t realise I already had’. You’re only engaged once.


2. Make your friends feel special

The first ones to receive your overjoyed call will most likely play a huge part in your wedding. Make sure they know how important they are to you by letting them have an impromptu celebration with you as soon as possible after the proposal happens!


3. Spread the word

Make your parents (and grandparents!) happy by following family tradition and having your wedding announced in the local paper. Historically, engagement announcements included grandparents’ details, educational qualifications and such, but only include what you want to include. Having said that, it does get around all the “So when’s the wedding?!” questions! 


4. The Social Media

If you are going to do an announcement on any form of social media, savour the moment, and in particular the flood of emotions, wishes and ‘likes’ that will flow your way. Make a thing of it and pop the champagne open… again!


5. Drink up

It’s party time. Set a date in the diary to celebrate your amazing news with everyone.  If you think you might be restricted on numbers for the wedding, then this is the time to go for it with your friends and their plus ones.  According to ‘tradition’ those that are invited to the engagement drinks expect to receive a wedding invitation too. But in our modern world this is not the case. Unless you decide to host the drinks, you should invite everyone who wants to celebrate with you. The engagement is your time to party with your friends (and avoid those endless cousins that will be on the wedding guest list).


6. When and Where

Before you ‘really’ start thinking about setting the date, get a feel of what would work for your family and close friends (ie if there are any other weddings occurring in your group of friends or your family). If you know exactly where you would like to get married, then have a think about the time of year at which your chosen venue will look its best. If you haven’t decided yet, check out our wedding venue directory – it’s the UK’s biggest.  The world is your oyster, and you its gleaming pearl!


7. The Team

Those first two people you call to screech ‘I’m engaged’ down the phone to will probably be your maid of honour and best man. Let them know over a drink and start getting excited about everything. Have a think about other friends that you want involved. Enjoy it – you’re putting together all your favourite people in the world. Don’t choose anyone because you feel that you have to. This wedding is about you two!


8. Get papped

This is such a special moment so why not document it? Firstly, it will allow both of you to get used to the camera for the big day and be yourselves in front of the photographer. Think of this as a test run before the wedding – get your smiles ready. (Note – make sure you ask which colours work best in photos so your wardrobes are fully prepared.)


Happy Planning!