How Much Does a Wedding Cost? The 2023 UK Average

Want to know how much the average wedding costs this year? Introducing our UK Wedding Report 2023: our annual wedding industry study revealing year-on-year changes. This year, we surveyed almost 4,000 married and engaged couples, representing a mix of regions and demographics, to find out what couples like you are spending on. Time to start planning your own wedding budget

Average Cost of a Wedding in the UK

2022 was the year of the Corona Comeback. The lifting of pandemic restrictions saw the highest wedding spend ever! Average wedding spend grew by 15% to an all-time high, rising by £2,500 year-on-year to £19,184 (£24,069 including the ring and honeymoon). It goes to show that couples are prioritising their marriage, and not letting the economic climate impact their wedding spending.

Average Wedding Costs by Supplier Category

Average wedding spend increased in almost every category between 2021 and 2022. The most significant increase was in venue cost (£7,944 average, an increase of 20% vs 2021). We’ve put together a wedding cost breakdown below! These are the average supplier costs for UK weddings:

  • Average cost of a wedding venue – £7,944
  • Average cost of catering – £5,103 (with an average of 88 guests)
  • Average cost of a photographer – £1,357
  • Average cost of a videographer – £1,354
  • Average cost of hair and makeup – £657
  • Average cost of a florist – £1,114
  • Average cost of a wedding cake – £376
  • Average cost of a wedding dress – £1,424

If you’re looking to save money on your suppliers, savvy wedding planning is a must! Our top tip is to enquire to several suppliers to do more price comparisons.

Total Wedding Costs by Region

Couples spent nearly £10K (or 50%) more to marry in London (£29,085) compared to the national average (£19,184). That’s even more than marrying outside the UK, where the average cost is £25,525. Yorkshire and the Humber is the region with the lowest cost (£16,103), making it the most budget-friendly option. So, if you’re looking to save money, the location of your wedding matters!

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Total Wedding Costs by Day of the Week

Weekend weddings are the most expensive, with Saturday weddings costing £20,141 on average. Tuesday is the least costly option (costing £16,804 on average). So, if you’re on a budget and looking for a cheaper alternative, consider a midweek wedding. This can make a huge difference!

  • Monday – £17,327
  • Tuesday – £16,804
  • Wednesday – £17,505
  • Thursday – £17,898
  • Friday – £18,401
  • Saturday – £20,141
  • Sunday – £19,715
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Total Wedding Costs by Month of the Year

Wedding costs tend to be higher in the from June through September, with June weddings costing the most (£21,287). Costs are lowest in the winter, with February being the cheapest month to get married (£15,826), which is ideal if you’re trying to save on your wedding spending.

  • January – £16,179
  • February – £15,826
  • March – £19,200
  • April – £18,733
  • May – £18,174
  • June – £21,287
  • July – £20,369
  • August – £19,403
  • September – £20,620
  • October – £18,913
  • November – £17,270
  • December – £17,659
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Total Wedding Costs by Guest Count

It probably comes as no surprise that wedding spending is heavily influenced by the number of guests attending. The more guests you invite, the more your wedding will cost. Catering accounts for just over 1/5 of this. So, if you’re looking to cut costs, consider having fewer guests to feed!

  • 50 or fewer guests – £12,757
  • 51-100 guests – £18,757
  • 101-150 guests – £23,308
  • 151 or more guests – £29,709
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Top Wedding Spending Splurges

We found that couples are most likely to splurge on their honeymoon, followed by the wedding dress, venue and photographer. With beach honeymoons remaining the most popular honeymoon style (47% of couples married in 2022 chose a beach honeymoon), this is hardly surprising. The honeymoon splurge is heavily linked to the post-pandemic wedding boom and the fact that travel is back on the map. 2/3 of couples married in 2022 planned a honeymoon abroad, which represents a significant jump from 2021, when only 1/4 planned to go abroad.

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So, if you’re hoping to have a wedding in 2023, you’re looking at an average spend of £19,184, up £2,500 year-on-year. The average cost may be more or less depending on the region, day of the week, month of the year, and any optional splurges (for example, on a honeymoon overseas). For a more thorough category-by-category breakdown of the cost of UK wedding suppliers, check out our article on the ultimate wedding budget breakdown. And for a budget breakdown that’s tailored for you, look no further than Bridebook’s one-of-a-kind personalised wedding budget planner.

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