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Written by Hamish Shephard

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We know that as soon as a couple starts to plan their wedding, the cost, along with the excitement levels, suddenly start to rise. Things you never thought you wanted suddenly become indispensable.

The lavish weddings of Oscar A-listers slowly make their way onto your inspiration boards (Angelina Jolie, how did you get on there!?) and the next thing you know, you are over budget.

The good news is twofold: one, we’ve developed an über-powerful wedding budgeting tool that helps get you really clear on your saving early on; and two, there are so many useful budget hacks that will let you create the wedding day of your dreams. have got your back, so here are our pre-wedding saving tips:

1. As a couple on a tight budget, your number one priority, should we even say it, is bargain hunting! The harder you look, the more suitable options you will find. Does your vendor allow you to hire some stunning interior design pieces that will compliment your beautifully thought out theme? Can you rent some of the accessories for your bridal party? Have you seen some stunning plants that you can hire to decorate the corners of your marquee? Go for it! It will save you lots of money and make your wedding stand out in everyone’s mind!

2. Work out if DIY is cheaper.  Search through our huge wedding venue directory for ‘blank space’ venues, which don’t have any overarching decor style to conflict with your ideals: you can do exactly what you want with them. Though this may sound like it would result in bare-looking DIY weddings, the opposite is true. They’re the perfect canvases to bring DIY styling and themes together and make it just ‘work’, rather than looking a bit mish-mashed.

3. Depending on when you are planning to have your wedding, frequent as many sales as you can, the ones after Christmas and at the end of summer are our personal favourites. Elbows at the ready!

4.  Read through all your contracts carefully and watch out for hidden costs before you sign anything. This will prevent your budget from stretching beyond your imagination!

5. When you start looking for vendors, have a look at the ones who are just starting out. You can make some pretty great deals, as they will be looking for favourable publicity and having photos and reviews from you will help them get recognised.

6. Consider hiring a wedding planner. This may seem counter-intuitive when trying to save money, but they have invaluable industry connections and they are incredible when it comes to haggling down prices. (We especially advise you do this for a location wedding!)

7. If you intend on using a credit card for your wedding purchases, get one that allows you to collect air miles and steadily make your way to the honeymoon flight! Wahoooo.

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Happy Planning!