How to choose your perfect wedding photographer:

Choosing your photographer is one of the most important decisions you’ll make in the run-up to your big day. These photos are ones that you’ll have forever, so it’s key to get a photographer that will capture your day perfectly. We know it can feel overwhelming to choose the right photographer, so we’ve called in the experts to give you some tips on choosing your perfect match!

(Cover image from Paul Swift Photography)

What things should a couple take into account when booking a wedding photographer?

Laura Rachel Photography:

“Look at a full day of wedding shots by your potential photographer. It’s easy to be impressed by one or two ‘wow shots’ but if the rest of the day isn’t consistent you may be disappointed. Always ask to see galleries of the full day and ideally view a wedding similar to yours; a winter wedding or a barn wedding. Another major point to consider is their experience. Particularly if it’s a winter wedding or a rainy day, finding a photographer with experience and knowledge of darker locations is very beneficial. You shouldn’t have to miss out on anything because of the weather.”

John Price Photography:

“Try not to penny-pinch when it comes to your photography budget. There truly is something for everyone and you will always get what you pay for. The average price of an experienced wedding photographer is £1500. If you can not afford the photographer you like, ask what this includes, ask if you can have fewer hours or just to have digital images only, this will likely bring the price down and you still get to have a professional experienced photographer.”

Damien Burcher Photography:

“One thing that I think is really important in this Instagram age is to be very mindful of photographers who overly process or use filters to change the aesthetic of their images. What is now a fashionable trend could be seen as an “old fashioned” phase in a few years time. It’s a little like when digital cameras first came out and they had the option to do spot colour – where the whole photo is black and white but the groom’s buttonhole flower is in colour for instance. It looked great and cool when it first came out but now it looks so dated!”

Damien Burcher Photography

How should a couple and photographer work together to make sure they get every shot the couple wants?

Paul Swift Photography: 

“A pre wedding meeting is a must – approx 6 to 8 weeks before the date. Here you can mention anything specific but a good wedding photographer knows what the important moments are. There’s no way to specify every single image you’d like throughout the day, but most photographers love getting a list of family photos you want to have (including specific pairings of people!).”

Laura Rachel Photography:

“Preparation! Don’t wait until the wedding day or worse, afterwards to realise there was a key shot missed. Do your research and work with your photographer to create a group photo list and any must-have shots. I don’t mean to write a literal list of every single photo the photographer will take – they will need creative freedom. But if there’s a special ring tied to the bouquet, tell your photographer. If you have seen a photo in a magazine that you would love, tell your photographer… When you are writing your group photo list, you don’t need every combination possible. Ask your photographer if there’s enough time for all of your requests. You don’t want to be rushing on your wedding day.”

Andi Watson Photography:

“There are two things that we do with our couples that we’ve found are helpful in ensuring that the couple and photographer are on the same page with regards to what shots are important. The first is the Engagement Shoot: this is a great opportunity to get to know your photographer (which makes getting your photo taken far easier if you’re at all camera-shy!) and is also a great time to walk around the venue together and discuss ideas. The second thing we do is encourage our clients to create a Pinterest board of wedding photos they love. This way we can see what style of images resonates with our couple and what’s important to them.”

Andi Watson Photography

Where should couples look for their wedding photographer?

Damien Burcher:

“A quick Google search for ‘wedding photographers’ will bring up hundreds of photographers to chose from. Remember that being near the top of Google search doesn’t necessarily mean the photographer is any good. It just means they’re good at getting their name to the top of Google. So take a look a bit further down the listings and look at photographers on pages a bit further back. Also, photographers who appear near the top tend to be more expensive as they will generally have more enquiries than a photographer a bit further back! Bridebook is also a great place to research photographers.”

Queen Bea Photography: 

“Sites like Bridebook, where you can find loads under one roof, are really helpful. But also try Google or Pinterest; search for terms your dream photographer might be using, such as ‘light and airy wedding photographer in London’ and see who pops up. Also, if you prefer to meet people in person, suss out their vibe and check out physical copies of their work, go to a big wedding fair. They’re also a lot of fun!”

John Price Photography:

“There are so many places you can find a wedding photographer. Search google for “wedding photographers” and you will be shown 90+ MILLION results, so that is not much use.  Post on Facebook for “anyone recommend a wedding photographer?” and it will probably be the most popular post you have ever posted. Again this is not much use with hundreds of photographers to choose from. Instead, when looking for wedding photographers, use the wedding industry itself such as wedding shows, Venue recommendations, and online wedding industry leaders such as Bridebook.”

John Price Photography

Any other top tips for couples when thinking about their wedding photography?

Paul Swift Photography: 

“Consider two photographers. Having a second shooter is getting more and more common in wedding photography. It’s a considerable amount of effort to photograph an entire wedding solo, so when you’re in the market for a photographer you may want to ask your favoured photographer if they can offer a second photographer. The price for an additional photographer at your wedding has a great return on investment as it allows your main photographer to really focus on quality whilst the second shooters concentrate on grabbing candid shots. My other tip is to have a pre-wedding shoot. Apart from receiving a set of great images, a pre-wedding shoot is a great way to build trust and friendship between the couple and the photographer. The couple gets to experience what it’s like to be photographed together and become comfortable being photographed. In turn, the photographer also is able to see the couple’s personality and how they react to the camera. I really can’t recommend this pre-wedding shoot enough. It will be a fun hour or so and an opportunity for you both to spend some quality time together.”

Queen Bea Photography: ”Book the style of photography YOU want, not what is trendy, or what the photographer or all your friends used, or what your dad or auntie think you should be having. If you want something less traditional, with more colour and fun, go for it! It’s YOUR WEDDING at the end of the day, and a day you don’t get to repeat. Don’t have any regrets.“

Queen Bea Photography