86 Unique Wedding Entertainment Ideas

We’ve put together a list of wedding entertainment ideas to get your brainstorming started. We start with the common suggestions & gradually get more crazy

Last updated: 27th Feb 2024
Unique Wedding Entertainment Ideas

Hiring wedding entertainment is an optional extra in your wedding day as, in many ways, there is already a lot of entertainment provided. The ceremony, drinks reception, speeches, meal, music, dancing, chatting with other guests. There are a lot of events packed into your wedding day that should keep your guests entertained for most of the day, but just in case you want to entertain them some more, you may want to hire a wedding entertainer or some form of equipment. These can make your wedding day even more special, keeping things flowing and giving your guests that “wow” moment.

There are many many many many forms of wedding entertainment for almost anything you can imagine. Basically, if you can dream it up….it probably exists.

That’s all well and good. But what should YOU choose for YOUR wedding? When there is so much to choose from?

We’ve put together a list of wedding entertainment ideas to get your brainstorming started. As always, we start with the common suggestions and gradually get more adventurous.

Wedding Entertainment Ideas
  1. Jugglers
  2. Photobooth
  3. Paparazzi
  4. Disposable cameras(yes, they’re still fun)
  5. Flash mobs
  6. Dance off
  7. Scavenger hunt
  8. Surprise first dance
  9. Caricaturist
  10. “How well do you know the bride and groom” quiz sheets
  11. Song request forms on every table
  12. Celebrity impersonator
  13. Singing waiters
  14. Fast food van
  15. Digital Graffiti wall
  16. Giant iPad
  17. Karaoke booth
  18. Undercover singers
  19. Undercover dancers
  20. Face-painter(for the kids)
  21. Balloon modellers(for the kids)
  22. Music festival-style marquee
  23. Acting troupe
  24. Fireworks
  25. Bagpipes
  26. Trumpeters for your grand entrance
  27. Giant Jenga
  28. Fairground stall games
  29. Retro sweet stall
  30. Jazz band
  31. Star watching area outside with blankets and cushions
  32. String quartet
  33. Limbo bar
  34. Drink-mixing bartenders
  35. Chocolate Fountain
  36. Jazz or classical Pianist
  37. Giant snow globes with dancers inside
  38. Ice sculptures
  39. Living tables(if you don’t know what this is, click here. It’s too hard to explain)
  40. Acrobats
  41. Beatboxer
  42. LED dancers
  43. Poetry readers
  44. Stilt walkers
  45. Giant Connect 4 game
  46. Croquet
  47. Giant Scalextric
  48. Ice cream station
  49. Changing into a 2nd dress(yes, that counts! Guaranteed to get a cheer)
  50. Alternative food – shock your guests by bringing out Pizzas in pizza boxes!
  51. Hot air balloon rides
  52. Cocktails
  53. Wine tasting station
  54. Unusual guest book
  55. Unexpected music performance from guest or band
  56. Marching band
  57. Social media integration
  58. Candy floss machine
  59. Interactive food station
  60. Popcorn maker with cinema-style tubs
  61. Outdoor log fire(always attracts a crowd at night)
  62. Mini board games
  63. Garden bowling
  64. Afternoon tea
  65. Puzzles on tables
  66. Specialist coffee bar with Baristas
  67. Quiz question cards on every table
  68. Charade cards on every table
  69. Classic glass Coca Cola bottles handed out to all guests
  70. Custom made iphone cases
  71. Bouncy Castle
  72. Bubbles(for the kids)
  73. Sparklers
  74. Wedding speech bingo
  75. Pick n’ Mix station
  76. Space hopper races
  77. Sack races
  78. Bowling alley
  79. Giant slide(for adults and kids)
  80. Cupcake customisation station
  81. Icebreaker question cards on tables
  82. Giant noughts and crosses
  83. Packs of cards on every table
  84. Apple bobbing
  85. Samba band
  86. Ring toss
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