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Wedding Prices: Photography

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Picking the right photographer for you is absolutely crucial to having your memories immortalised for the rest of your life. With the best wishes in the world, your great aunt with a family camera from 2009 isn’t going to come up with quite the same shots as a photographer with reams of experience and professional kit. However, no two photographers will come up with quite the same shots as each other either, as every photographer has their own preferred way of working, use of light, style, etc. But how much should you be budgeting for wedding photographers?  This varies according to the size of your wedding, the level of expertise you want and the finer details of what you want from your photographer, but we’ve pulled together a general overview of costings to act as a guide. Don’t forget to put your final numbers and booking into your Bridebook budget!


Bridebook’s Ballpark Figure:



Different Budgets:

Pricing structures obviously vary between photographers, mainly based on their expertise. We’ve got a huge directory of photographers that includes every level of photographer, so there’s something for everyone.

£3000+ budget £1500-£3000 budget £1000-£1500 budget £1000 and below budget
Can get you a luxury or master photographer, who is greatly admired in the industry. Can get you a very experienced photographer with a unique style. Can get you a photographer with a lovely style, perhaps with slightly less experience. Can get you an upcoming photographer, who might not have as much experience, but who can produce great images.



Most wedding photographers helpfully offer a variety of packages catering to different budgets, meaning that even the premium photographers can be available to a smaller budget. Of course, the overall price will depend on the quality and expertise of the photographer, but here is our rough guide:

£3000+ budget £1500-£3000 budget £1000-1500 budget       £1000 and below budget
Can offer you two experienced wedding photographers to follow you for the duration of your wedding and a premium, leather-bound album with wedding photographs carefully chosen by you. Can offer 2 photographers for 8 hours and a CD with all the high res images, or one photographer, an album and an engagement shoot. Can offer you one photographer for 6 hours and an engagement shoot, with all photographs on a USB. Can offer you up to 4 hours of coverage and all photographs on a USB.


Factors affecting price:


If you are spending a lot of money for a photographer’s services, they will have extensive experience in shooting weddings, as well as insider knowledge of the wedding industry. As well as the stellar reputation, they will make you feel calm and relaxed on the day and the final images will be complete works of art. Just because a photographer has a lower price doesn’t necessarily mean they’re bad quality, but it does usually mean that they haven’t had as much experience. 

Number of photographers

If you want to get the full glory of your wedding ceremony and reception to shine through in your photographs, we would recommend you have two photographers shooting the day. Normally, they will get full coverage of you two getting ready and then they will film the rest of the day from the viewpoint of both the guests and the couple. However, having more than one photographer is likely to affect the overall price, as both of them will need to be paid from the overall sum.


Your wedding location and in turn, the location of your wedding photographer can be another factor to affect price. London-based photographers and London vendors in general will charge more than those in rural locations. Similarly, photographers may charge you for their transport and if necessary, the overnight stay. If you want to fly a UK-based photographer to a location wedding, you will definitely need to factor in their travel expenses, although, many photographers will love the opportunity to add an abroad wedding to their portfolio, giving you some negotiation space.


This means the length of time that the photographer spends with you on your wedding day. This really varies from photographer to photographer, as some of them will have a set amount of hours, whereas others are willing to be more flexible, setting an hourly rate. Normally, a photographer will be with you from the getting ready stage through to the first dance. However, some couples prefer to hire a top-end photographer for just a few hours, that way saving on the overall price and receiving epic photos from one part of their wedding as a result. Other couples like to pay a little extra, to make sure the reception is photographed in full, so discuss the timings with your photographer prior to booking!


Most photographers will have more than one camera and a selection of different lenses to capture the full glory of your day. All of this stellar equipment will need to be maintained, updated and insured, which can cost your photographer thousands of pounds, thus affecting your overall price.


Contrary to popular belief, photographers don’t just work one day a week! After they shoot a wedding, they will need to spend anything from a few days to a few weeks on post-production. This means deleting the bad images, editing the good ones to look absolutely perfect and creating a gallery for you to view them on.


The majority of photographers will offer high-quality wedding albums filled with your favourite images. Not only do the leather-bound albums cost a premium price (and look incredible!), but many wedding photographers also dedicate an entire day to sit down with you to pick the best images. Whilst this dedication and hard-work can increase the overall price of photography, you know the memories of your special day will receive the best care possible.


The cost of the post-production images can also fluctuate, depending on your personal preferences. If you want your digital photographs to be in the highest resolution, ready for you to print in any size, this will cost you a little bit more. Similarly, if you want to own the copyright to your photographs (meaning that only you can use them) you will need to pay extra, as you will be taking the photographs away from the photographer’s portfolio.

Happy Planning!