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Navigating through all of incredible wedding photographers across the UK might feel like a monumental task, but fear not! With Bridebook by your side, you're in expert hands every step of the way.

On the quest for a Devon wedding photographer? Easy peasy! Dive into our user-friendly platform and effortlessly filter photographers based on location. Uncertain about wedding photographer prices? Don't sweat it! We've got your back with a treasure trove of invaluable wedding photography tips to guide you through.

So, armed with all of this information and a world of talented photographers at your fingertips, venture forth and discover a UK wedding photographer who perfectly aligns with your vision. Your ideal match is just a click away—happy hunting! 

Review portfolios

Review the photographer's portfolio to ensure their style fits with your vision. Look for consistency in capturing emotions, composition, and editing techniques.


  • What is their experience and specialism?

Consider the photographer's experience in shooting weddings. An experienced wedding photographer is better equipped to handle different lighting conditions, timings, and unexpected situations.


  • Have they got good reviews?

Read reviews from previous clients or seek recommendations from friends and family. Positive feedback and personal experiences can provide valuable insights into the photographer's professionalism and reliability.


  • What is their availability and how flexible can they be?

​​​​​​​Confirm the photographer's availability on your wedding date and discuss their flexibility with timelines. Ensure they can adapt to the schedule and any last-minute changes that may arise.


  • Check budget and packages

​​​​​​​Understand the photographer's pricing structure and packages. Be clear about what is included, such as hours of coverage, the number of edited photos, and additional services. Ensure it fits within your budget.


  • Do your personalities match?

​​​​​​​Establish a connection with your photographer as they will be capturing intimate moments. A friendly and approachable personality can help create a comfortable atmosphere, resulting in more natural and candid shots.


  • What equiptment do they use?

​​​​​​​Enquire about the photographer's equipment and whether they have backup gear. Discuss contingency plans for unforeseen circumstances, such as equipment failure or unexpected weather conditions.


Check that small print!Carefully review the contract terms, including payment schedules, cancellation policies, and what rights you have to the photos. Clarify any questions regarding the usage of the images and the timeline for receiving the final edited photos.

No matter the style or theme of your wedding day, finding the right photographer is crucial to capturing those precious moments. With countless options available, you can navigate through the process efficiently using Bridebook's handy tools. Utilise the filters and location search features to narrow down your choices and ensure the photographer aligns with the vision for your special day.

Much like selecting a wedding venue, identifying the ideal photographer involves research and planning. If you have a particular style in mind, explore photographers on our platform who specialise in capturing that aesthetic. Whether it's candid and documentary or posed and traditional, finding a photographer whose style resonates with yours is key.

Ensure the photographer has experience with the type of wedding you're planning. Whether it's a grand celebration with a large guest list or an intimate gathering, a photographer who understands the dynamics of your event can better capture its essence. Look for portfolios that showcase diverse weddings, demonstrating the photographer's versatility and ability to adapt to various settings.


  • How far in advance should we book a wedding photographer?

It's advisable to book your wedding photographer as early as possible, ideally 9 to 12 months before your wedding date. Popular photographers often have busy schedules, and securing their services well in advance ensures you have the best chance of hiring your preferred choice.

  • What should be included in a wedding photography package?

Photography packages can vary, but they commonly include a specified number of hours of coverage, a second shooter, high-resolution digital images, and an online gallery for easy sharing. Some packages may also offer engagement sessions, prints, or albums. Clarify what is included and discuss any additional services you may need.

  • Can we provide a shot list or specific poses we want?

Absolutely! Many photographers appreciate receiving a shot list or specific poses you have in mind. This helps them understand your priorities. However, it's also crucial to allow your photographer creative freedom to capture spontaneous moments and unique details that make your wedding day special.

  • How long does it take to receive our wedding photos after the event?

The turnaround time for receiving your wedding photos varies among photographers. On average, it takes 4 to 8 weeks, but some photographers may provide a sneak peek or a few edited photos shortly after the wedding. Discuss the timeline with your photographer during the initial consultation to manage expectations.

  • What happens if the photographer is unable to make it on the wedding day?

​​​​​​​Professional photographers often have contingency plans in case of unforeseen circumstances. This may involve having a backup photographer or a replacement from their network. It's a good ideal to discuss the photographer's backup arrangements in your contract, so you have peace of mind knowing there's a plan in place in case of any unexpected emergencies.