How Much Does Wedding Videography Cost? The 2024 Average Revealed

Most couples opt to hire a photographer to capture their wedding. In fact, our data shows that 9 out of 10 couples hire a photographer for their big day. However, far fewer couples hire a videographer, with just a third choosing to immortalise their wedding on video.

But, documenting your wedding by using the skills of a videographer is a unique and highly personal way of capturing the magic. Video is different from photography because it can be a lot more natural and encapsulates those special moments as they happen. Your photographs are wonderful, but nothing can replicate the beaming smiles and happy tears that happen in the moment.

In this post, we’re going to take a look at the average cost of a wedding videographer, what can influence the cost and what level of skill and experience you might expect for your budget.

What’s the average cost of a wedding videographer?

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The average amount couples spend on a wedding videographer in the UK is £1,300-£1,500, which is very similar to the average cost of a photographer. These are average costs for hiring an experienced, professional videographer, rather than going for a more DIY approach. 

However, there are several different factors that can affect this cost, including the videographer’s experience, the technology they use, the venue, the post-production, and the videography package. For the majority of UK videographers, the average package value is far closer to over £1,500. After all, a camera operator alone charges £450-£650 per day on average, editing £350 per day, let alone the cost of the use of equipment, plus marketing, sales, preparation and general admin time. That’s why the cost of a wedding videographer can seem so pricey – a lot goes into producing gorgeous wedding films!

What’s included in the cost?

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Unlike a wedding photographer, a videographer is someone who won’t spend a portion of the day ‘directing’ you – instead, they’ll blend into the crowd and naturally capture your wedding. In some ways, you could compare it to a documentary as it tells the story of your wedding day, from the moment you start getting ready to the moment the two of you are whisked away together at the end of the night.

What’s included in the cost depends entirely on the package you choose, but can include:

  • You and your other half getting ready
  • Your guests arriving
  • Footage of the ceremony (some videographers may offer just this as a basic package)
  • Footage of the wedding breakfast (including speeches)
  • Footage of the evening reception (including cutting the cake and the first dance)
  • Video editing and post-production
  • A USB or DVD of the finished film

If you’re on a budget should you hire a videographer instead of a photographer?

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While a videographer is generally more affordable than a photographer, you may want to think twice before choosing video in place of the more traditional photographs. Videography is a lovely way to complement your photographs rather than replace them, so don’t let the cost be the deciding factor. Remember, even though the average cost of a photographer is more than the average cost of a videographer, there are options available. There are even vendors who will be able to offer a package that includes both photography and videography.

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What can affect the cost of a wedding videographer?

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While our ultimate wedding budget breakdown found that £1,439 is the average amount couples in the UK spend on a wedding videographer, there are plenty of factors that can affect the cost:

  • The date: Expect to pay more than the average costs if your wedding is taking place during peak times, such as during the summer months or on a Saturday.
  • Venue: Where your venue is located – as well as how far your videographer has to travel – can impact the cost. For example, videographers in London will be more expensive than those outside the capital.
  • The style: The price will vary depending on whether you want the videographer to cover the ceremony alone or the entire day.
  • Experience: The more experience a videographer has, the higher their price will be. On the flip side, you’ll likely receive a far more professional and polished video.
  • Time: How long do you need the videographer to be there? Is there footage needed before or after your wedding? How long will post-production take to get the final product you’re after?
  • Additional crew: If you’re keen on the more dynamic style that multiple cameras allow, then a second camera person will bump up the cost.
  • Additional equipment: Are lights, additional cameras, or even drones needed to get the look you want?
  • Multiple copies: Your package may include a limited number of copies of your final film on USB or DVD.

There may also be optional extras that can bump up the cost, such as:

  • Expedited post-production and delivery
  • Video messages from friends and family
  • Montages set to music
  • Unedited footage

What should you be aware of before you book your wedding videographer?

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Every videographer will have their own unique style and way of documenting your wedding. Before hiring them, make sure their style aligns with your vision – if you’re looking for something cinematic but they don’t have the skills (or equipment) to do so then you want to avoid disappointment. Just because they shoot weddings (and fit your budget), it doesn’t mean they can meet your needs.

If you’re hiring a videographer that can include drone footage, ensure they have the relevant documentation so they’re able to do so legally, including a flyer ID and operator ID. The last thing you want is for your videographer to get caught out halfway through shooting your wedding.

Finally, is the videographer insured? This may be something the venue wishes to see before the wedding, so make sure it’s something they can produce if needed.

What experience level can you expect for your budget?

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Your budget will determine the level of experience, and therefore skill, your wedding videographer has. Check out the below table to get an idea of what your budget might get you.





Under £1,000

Level of experience

You’ll get an industry-leading videographer who will produce a stunning wedding video. They may also have a second videographer working with them to ensure a variety of high-quality footage.

You’ll get an experienced videographer who has documented many weddings and will produce a fantastic video.

You’ll get a videographer who is finding their own unique style and has documented several dozen weddings.

You’ll get an up-and-coming videographer keen to grow their portfolio.

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