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Wedding Videographer Costs

How much do wedding videographers cost uk
  • Bridebook’s Ballpark Figure is £900 and This can get you:

A documentary style film, which captures the day from the preparations to the First Dance, with two operators and music mixing added. No DVD copies included, instead you would have an online delivery via a password protected website.

Type of coverage

  • The style of your wedding film will play a significant role in determining the overall price. There are three different wedding film styles that you need to be aware of:
  • The first is a film of just the ceremony, which would be charged at a videographer’s hourly rate, which is usually around £100, with the minimum time being 4 hours.
  • The second, is the documentary style film, which starts at £700 and which will involve no extra music and will simply follow the day as it unfolds, from the preparations through to the First Dance.
  • The last is the cinematic style, which will include extensive editing, camera drones to capture aerial views and music of your choice, and will capture the day from the Bride’s preparation to the First Dance. This type of wedding film will start at £1,750.


Just like photographers, videographers will charge you based on their experience. A professional with plenty of experience will charge you £1,000 and above, while a less experienced filmmaker can charge from £500 for all-day coverage. The best way to figure out which videographer suits you best, is to watch three complete wedding films from each filmmaker and choosing the one that best conveys the overall mood of the day.


As mentioned above, the overall price of your wedding film can be dictated by the amount of time you want the cameramen to be present on W-Day for. We find that the average hourly rate is at £100, so a 4 hour film of preparations, guests arriving and the ceremony would cost around £400, with £100 added for each extra hour. However, we also find that you can ask for extras like groom preparations or guest messages for £50 each, if you have signed up for a full-day package.

Additional cameras

Just like with wedding photographers, the number of video cameras you have filming your day can affect your film budget. For example, adding a second operator can cost £250 and above. However, you can ask for a stationary camera to be added, which would film throughout the day and which would cost £100.


The last factor to affect the price of your wedding film is the number of copies that you would like to get. We find that the original DVD comes to £50, with all additional copies priced at £25.



Some of the extras that you might want to add to your video package and their prices:

Same Day Edit: £600.

Video messages from family and friends: £50-£200.

Montage of the Love Story: £45-£200.

Unedited footage: £95-£300.


Happy Planning!

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