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Saving Tips: Wedding Videography

Written by Hamish Shephard

Hamish Shephard is the founder and CEO of Bridebook, UK’s leading wedding planning app and is considered one of the UK’s most prominent wedding experts. View Hamish Shephard’s full author bio.

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Wedding videography is an awesome idea for wedding days that’s becoming increasingly popular with couples – that’s why it’s one of the wedding extras we suggest when we formulate your wedding budget on our free wedding budget tool.

However, when it comes to your wedding film and all the options, it is easy to suddenly want everything – and get blown away by pricing options as a result.

Having an Oscar-worthy wedding film can cost a fair amount once you add all the extras, but luckily for you, we have our awesome saving tips to make sure you stick to your budget!

1. Choose the right video length

While some couples prefer to have an hour-long feature, cataloguing all the happenings of their wedding day, others choose a more budget-friendly version by asking for a shorter film. After all, the really important elements will all be there, just in a 30 min episode!

2. Focus on the ceremony

The ceremony is the most important and emotional part of your wedding day. This is when you make lifelong promises to love each other, as your nearest and dearest watch on. This is when all the Dads get a bit teary giving away their daughters and when you share your first kiss as a married couple.

It’s also  probable that you won’t have much other footage from the ceremony (as opposed to all the Snapchat stories of the reception that’ll go on!) – especially if you ask your guests to adhere to an unplugged ceremony.  

Ask your videographer to just record this part of your wedding day, saving you some pennies and giving you an awesome memory forever!

3. Choose a basic package

Just like photographers, videographers tend to have package offers when it comes to wedding films. Instead of choosing all the extra editing and special effects, go for the most basic package, which will simply follow the wedding day and give you the finished result.

After all, you and your guests will be having an amazing time and that will totally shine through the video even without special effects!

4. Attend wedding fairs

A lot of professional wedding videographers will attend the industry fairs and many of them will offer great deals to the couples that meet and chat to them there. So make sure you go, ask plenty of questions and secure yourself an awesome deal!

5. Become an editing guru

If the raw memories are most important to you,  become an editing guru. Your wedding videographer will have hours of priceless, beautifully-shot film from the day that can speak for itself almost: if you are a tech-savvy couple (or have techy friends), you may be able to do the film editing yourselves and save on post-production costs.

You can do the edits with such programmes as iMovie, which are easy to use and will give you a decent wedding video at the end!

6. Hire only one videographer

Many videographers have an assistant who will help them film the entirety of the wedding. While this will give you great coverage of everything that happens, it can also add extra pennies to the overall cost.

You can have a great wedding film with just one videographer, however, some videographers advise assistants, talk to yours and see what they think is best!

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Happy Planning!