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Saving Tips: Wedding Breakfast

Written by Hamish Shephard

Hamish Shephard is the founder and CEO of Bridebook, UK’s leading wedding planning app and is considered one of the UK’s most prominent wedding experts. View Hamish Shephard’s full author bio.

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So you’re officially a married couple (hooray!) and now you get to eat a scrumptious meal with all your favourite friends and family around you – how dreamy. It’s probably all you’ve been able to think about since you said “I do”, too.  However, the planning of this delicious meal can be less rosy: a good meal of any size, can cost a fairly large amount, especially if you’ve added 150 guests to your wedding guestlist!

But mouth-watering food doesn’t have to come with an eye-watering price tag, so follow our saving tips and make sure everyone is full to the brim with delicious food, whatever your wedding budget

1. Explore the seasonal fruits and vegetables available to you in your chosen area. Not only does this mean that you will support local businesses, but you will also have yummy, fresh food for less money (AND less impact on the environment. Winner winner, chicken dinner).

2. Instead of having the traditional sit-down meal, which could take some £££ from your budget, why not go for a buffet  or for a hog roast. This doesn’t mean the food is of a lower quality – far from it – but the atmosphere will be slightly more relaxed, with no silver service or waistcoated waiters. If there’s any food left over afterwards (always cater for slightly more than you are feeding), ask your caterers to keep it for you to take home. 

3. Similarly, instead of serving the traditional canapés, try something like burger sliders with loads of dips. Not only is this option cheaper, but your guests will definitely remember those quirky nibbles they couldn’t get enough of. Forget the blintzes, it’s all about the brioche bun.

4. Think outside the plate! While fish and  red meat may be traditional main courses for a wedding breakfast, they can be a bit pricey (and a little samey, too). If you guys have a secret recipe you love to eat, ask your chef to whip that up. Not only will your guests love the individuality and the personal element, they will also love the yummy taste and you will love the price!

5. Limit the options. The biggest money drainers for a wedding breakfast are multiple course choices. Choose one meat and one vegetarian option for your guests and serve those to everyone – obviously allowing for allergies or intolerances.

6. Don’t forget the children. If you are expecting a fair few little people at your wedding, make sure your caterer has smaller (and cheaper) plates ready for them. These can be smaller portions of the same food the grown-ups are having, or kid-friendly meals that are different altogether. There’s no shame in having a kid-friendly dish that doesn’t fit your over-arching catering cuisine: if you and your beau have chosen a top-notch curry for your guests in homage to your travels around India together, there’s nothing wrong with giving the younger ones a pasta dish, if you don’t think they’d like the main. 

Happy Planning!

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