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Saving Tips: Wedding Alcohol

Written by Hamish Shephard

Hamish Shephard is the founder and CEO of Bridebook, UK’s leading wedding planning app and is considered one of the UK’s most prominent wedding experts. View Hamish Shephard’s full author bio.

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Envisage all your guests together post-ceremony – relaxing, enjoying themselves and laughing. What’s their poison? Is it artisan ales,  flutes of vintage champagne, a Dark and Stormy or a Martini?

Or maybe they are slowly slurping down brandies and whiskies? Whatever the answer, all of these can cost quite a lot, regardless of how many people are on your wedding guestlist.

As the UK’s #1 Wedding Planning App, we like to make sure you are fully informed and prepped for every aspect of your wedding from the dress to the booze! Start by reading our money saving tips to make sure your guests are happy (and tipsy).

1. Instead of offering a full open bar, maybe offer red and white wines, as well as some beer. This will guarantee almost everyone a drink and some selection too (it’s always worth buying that bottle of Scotch your Dad loves too…) Have a look at the different bar options here. Different ones for different budgets – all equally fun for all!

2. With the largest wedding venue directory in the UK, we’ve got a plethora of venues for you – and thus a plethora of alcohol buying options. If you are buying bottles from your caterer or bringing them to the wedding venue yourself, try and buy them on a “sale or return basis” – that way you might get some money back from the alcohol that doesn’t get consumed!

3. It is also becoming increasingly popular to make your own alcohol, using different flavours and even giving out little bottles as favours. This will make for a fun evening of preparation and lots of excitement from guests. (Just make sure you follow the recipes carefully… and obviously do a taste test or ten!)

4. We know how important (and costly!) champagne is to the speech-making part of the wedding. Why not go for a sparkling wine like Cava or Prosecco? Your guests won’t even notice and some people even prefer it.

5. Why not whip up two bespoke cocktails named after each of you? It’s a good way to save lots of money but still ply your guests with spirits and keep them in good spirits. Alternatively, you can always ask your guests to buy their own cocktails from the bar – increasingly couples are opting for this. In fact, we found in our Wedding Report with TWIA that only 21% of couples offered an open bar, so if you choose not to, you certainly wouldn’t be an anomaly.

Happy Planning!

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