Introduction: Your Wedding Breakfast wedding breakfast buffet
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When else do you get to scoff your favourite food ALL day? On your wedding day of course! Not only do you get to eat it, but you get to choose it, taste it AND share it with all your friends and family. On top of that it’s your first meal as a married person – hurray! It’s also an amazing moment to pause and relax after all the excitement of getting married and before the party kicks off. So let’s work out how to make it rock! wedding venue set up for reception
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Let’s talk budget

Prepare to fork out some cash on your catering – it’s one of the more expensive (and yummiest) parts of the big day, with prices ranging from as little as £25 per head, to the averages sitting around £50 per head and the higher end being in the hundreds (and more!). The pricing predominantly depends on your chef (Michelin star chefs will charge accordingly) and how many options your guests can choose from, but spending money on this part is worth every penny. wedding menu on a chopping board
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How to serve

First consider how you would like to serve your food. Let’s break it down into three options: canapés only, a buffet meal or a sit-down, waiter-served meal. We find that canapés or a buffet usually work for a more relaxed wedding, whereas a three-course meal will provide a greater sense of occasion. Your mode of service can depend on your budget, as a buffet meal will normally be cheaper than a sit-down and waiter-serviced dinner. Although if you go with a buffet, we will need to run through the logistics on making it run smoothly – you don’t want your guests crowding over one station do you? Or go for a happy medium – get each table to carve and tuck into the food themselves; this is a great way to ensure all your guests interact and have fun! guests carving their own food
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Choosing what to eat

Now it’s time to choose the mouth-watering goodness! We find that simple, seasonal and local foods are the best answer, as they tend to be freshest, tastiest and easiest to prepare. Your own preferences are a great place to start when deciding on a menu: choose the foods that both of you like and (obviously) avoid the foods that you are allergic to. Ideally, you should be able to cater to a variety of tastes, always considering dietary and religious requirements where necessary. cupcake tower at wedding breakfast
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Booze Talk

Make sure you broach the subject of booze with your caterer or venue as they might require you to buy through them. Ask them whether they’ll charge you a corkage fee if you’re planning on buying your own alcohol, and find out whether you need to buy from them before you make your decision. mini burger canapes
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Never forget the canapés (we are never not thinking about canapés)! When you’re being papped by the wedding photographer your guests will be catching up with each other and having drinks, so make sure you leave them with some snacks too! We advise around 5 canapés per person, per each hour of the reception drinks. You should provide a variety of meat and vegetarian choices, which should always be served on separate trays. love sign in front of desert table
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Ask around

Get as many recommendations from friends and family as possible. Wedding guests never forget good or bad food and will not be shy in telling you what they did and didn’t like. As soon as you have decided on your preferences and collected a number of reviews, start booking in some yummy tastings – our favourite bit!

Happy Planning!

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