Introduction: Your Wedding Photographer bride and groom kissing under green arch
By Ali Paul

Your wedding photographs are a pretty big deal. A precious record of some of the most important moments from your wedding, so let’s make sure they are good! Your photographer should not only be able to capture the events as they happen, but his or her vision should bring the photographs to life as you look through them – you want tears and giggles for years to come people! Here is our brief introduction to wedding photographers: bride walking up the aisle under red trees
By David Pullum Photography


On average, wedding photographers will cost you around £1000, which in our opinion, is money well spent when you consider how many times you and your family are going to flick through them for years to come! Way too expensive? Check out our photographer saving tips here – there are so many amazing options. If you’re after the most expensive photographer, there are some who charge you as much as £5000 and higher for an eight hour day – just make sure you like their style! bride and groom walking out of the church just married
By Guy Hearn


Okay let’s get technical and work out which style of photography you prefer. There are currently three main styles dominating the wedding industry: journalistic, fashion and traditional. Journalistic has a “fly on the wall” feel, as your photographer unobtrusively documents the day, fashion is a more stylised mode, requiring time, lighting and vision to create artistic and dramatic images, while traditional photography is centred on classic portraits, focal moments and traditional group shots. Have a look at some of our examples of each photographic style here. bride and groom listening to speeches and smiling
By Guy Hearn


Now it’s time to start looking through some portfolios. We recommend you limit your search to wedding photographers only, as they will know the moments that you will want captured, as well as how to work with the dim lighting of a church and the flashing lights of a dance floor – oh yeah. bride and groom walking into reception
By Kristian Leven Photography

What to look for

While you look through the photographs, think of the emotions the images evoke. If you feel a smile creeping up your face, or a feeling of happiness as you list through the albums, that means the photographer has done an incredible job! Be mindful and make sure that you read the reviews and recommendations under each photographer’s profile! A pleased and satisfied couple will not be shy to share their positive feedback. Here is a little tip from us: often, the way the photographer designed their website will give you an insight into their personality and style, just as much as the photographs themselves.  And they are going to be spending a lot of time with you on your big day, so make sure you like them!

Now grab a bottle of bubbly and start leafing through gorgeous wedding photographs – we might just do the same! father giving away bride
By Lawson Photography

Happy Planning!

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