Introduction: First Look Photography bride taps groom on the shoulder and he turns around
By Benj Haisch

First Look photography is a movement that is becoming more and more popular in the wedding industry, especially for winter weddings where daylight hours are so short. If you want amazing photographs of you and your beloved, simply enjoying each other’s company and how gorgeous both of you look, then this could be an option to consider. To save you the debating time we’re going to tell you everything about First Look photography, so that all you have to do is decide if it works for you or not – aren’t we kind! bride and groom back to back before first look
By Kyle Hemp

Your wedding day is a busy day – you’re getting married to the love of your life AND having a huge party. Isn’t that enough? Well on top of that there’s a lot going on and a lot of people will want to talk to you and congratulate you. As awesome as that is, it can leave your photography slot pressed for time.  First Look photography aims to eliminate some of that pressure (pass the champagne please!) by moving your photography time to before the ceremony, leaving you to enjoy your drinks reception after the ceremony. Yes, please! groom seeing bride for the first time being very happy
By Benj Haisch

So how does it work?

The First Look shoot happens before the ceremony. Nice to get it done when you don’t have guests to chat to and champagne to drink but this does mean that the first time you see each other on your wedding day won’t be on the walk down the aisle – that can be a deal-breaker for some couples. However, trust us, the moment the couple first set eyes on each other is incredible and so romantic that you will want something as special as that captured on film! Besides, you will still be as ecstatic to see each other when the walk down the aisle does begin, because you’ll actually be getting married and that’s the whole point, right? bride and groom on different side of the door
By Ian Grant Photography

What about everyone else?

This part is largely up to you. The bridal party, the groomsmen and the families can all be involved in a First Look, leaving the rest of your wedding day with a little more time. Alternatively, you may decide that the First Look is only for you and all the other photographs should be taken at a different time. Either way, if you do decide to involve everyone else, just make sure the bride is hidden away when the rest of the guests start to arrive! bride and groom before first look as wedding team looks on
By Femina Photo

What are the main advantages?

Apart from all the extra time with your guests; we think the main advantage of First Look photography is that the bride’s make-up will look absolutely flawless in all of the photographs. This is especially great if your make-up artist isn’t staying for a touch-up after the ceremony. You will also get more time to take the photographs you want while saving more time to eat and drink to your heart’s content at the reception. bride about to turn groom around for first look
By Benj Haisch groom sees bride for the first time
By Benj Haisch

Final Thought

If this is something you are keen to explore, get in touch with some wedding photographers that you like to discuss your ideas! The combination of your vision and the creativity of the person you choose, will make the most perfect wedding album. How exciting!

Happy Planning!

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