Moët & Chandon's Guide To Champagne Celebrations Monroe cheering with a glass of champagne


Weddings are one of the most emotive and memorable moments – the ultimate champagne celebration. With exquisite taste, a rich heritage and a spirit of glamorous spontaneity champagne promises one stylish celebration… let your champagne choice reflect your personality with Moët & Chandon’s bridal guide to champagne. 

The Classic Bride moet champagne on marble with leaves

With a classic style your celebration is traditional without being stale. Drawing inspiration from icons including Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn and the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton you want your guests to raise a toast at your wedding reception that conveys quality.
Your aim is to celebrate in style with a wedding reception filled with glamourous guests sipping champagne out of coupes and dancing the night away to romantic tunes. For a sophisticated touch of glamour à la Marilyn Monroe serve the iconic Moët Impérial perfectly chilled at 8-9°C.
Founded in 1743 and a favourite of Madame Pompadour, Moët & Chandon quickly became an icon of elegance and quality – grapes are still handpicked to this date, yeast carefully selected for fermentation and the wine gracefully aged in the House’s legendary cellars. Granted the Royal Warrant by Queen Victoria 1893 and again by HM Queen Elizabeth II in 1955 Moët & Chandon will subtly convey your taste for quality and celebration.


The Princess Bride moet princess bride champagne in pink

A true romantic at heart you want a fairy tale wedding! You’re madly in love and you want the world to know it. Drawing inspiration from heroines such as Snow White and Belle, you dream of floating down an aisle of pink and white petals. Ready to enchant your guests with twinkling lights and a majestic ceremony arch you envision a bold celebration.
Rosé is the champagne for you – osé actually means daring in French and the style is associated with extravagant expressions of sentiment. Moët Rosé Impérial is a spontaneous and radiant expression of the Moët & Chandon style.
Distinguished by its bright fruitiness, enticing palate and elegant maturity the Moët Rosé Impérial is aged for a minimum of 24 months in the cellars resulting in an intense and supple finish. Dating back to the days of Napoleon who ordered 100 bottles of the House’s ‘Roze’ the tradition pink celebration continues to this day and your guests will be left with a rose tinted memory of your big day.

The Vintage Bride vintage moet champagne bottle

Pearls, lace and vintage chic bridesmaid dresses are on your Pinterest Wedding board! What’s old is new again with this romantic wedding style. Gliding down the aisle in a lace dress exuding vintage glamour and sophistication in spades you want your guests to experience a taste of the past – a contemporary classic!
The ultimate expression of the Moët & Chandon style is the Grand Vintage. Masterfully crafted by winemaker Benoit Gouez the wine has aged for a minimum of 3 years and is only produced in years when conditions are ideal. Moët & Chandon is about to release the Grand Vintage Rosé 2008 carrying complex ripe berry fruit aromas with a long, silky finish that carry the flavours at each taste. The long cellar aging and miniscule bubbles are a hallmark of the supreme quality of the champagne.
Every detail of your wedding has been planned to perfection – the flowers, the table décor not to mention the invitation list. Having hand-picked your closest family and friends your guests are in for a real treat.


The Boho Bride pink moet et chandon glass

You don’t follow trends – you set them! You have no nostalgia for the past and want your wedding to be in the NOW. For a sleek and stylish celebration you draw inspiration from travels, art and your style icons of choice including reveller Kate Moss.
First to spot a trend your perfect champagne is the Moët Ice Imperial also available in rosé. Evoking the spirit of the French Riviera you envision a stylish celebration with spontaneous fun and a refreshing culinary discovery for your guests. Inspired by the Piscine cocktail (famously from the French Riviera) Moët Ice Imperial and Moët Ice Imperial Rosé have a heavier composition. 3 ice cubes perfectly dilute the champagne to bring out a vibrant flavour which stays fresh for longer.
For a spontaneous twist add strawberry or mint to the mix for a champagne cocktail that matches your adventurous personality. A fun loving and carefree bride you want celebrations to last well into the night before you sail away with your beau sipping leaving your guests to describe your wedding as the coolest party ever.




Bonus! Top Tips From Moet & Chandon

  • Play with bottle sizes! The Moët range is available in several formats including Mini (20cl), Magnum (3L) and Jeroboam (6L).
  • Select the right glassware. Coupes are enjoying a comeback but bubbles will be lost quicker compared to a flute. A new trend is the tulip glass that slows down the loss of CO2 but also looks stylishly modern.


Happy Planning!

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