How To Design Your Perfect Wedding Menu

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Last updated: 24th May 2022

Whether you’ve already booked your wedding caterer or are still considering options, you’re probably starting to think about what’s going to be on the menu. But half the time, it’s hard enough to decide what to eat for dinner on Tuesday night – let alone what to serve at your wedding! So here’s our five step guide to designing the perfect wedding menu.

1. What’s Your Theme?

If you have a theme (and we recommend you do!), use this to guide your decisions when it comes to your wedding menu. A hog roast, for example, is perfect for an informal, outdoor celebration – but not so good for a black tie wedding, where you’re more likely to want to serve elegant canapés and petit fours.

2. Do (Most) People Like It?

Well, there’s a reason chicken is such a wedding staple! More adventurous options like veal, venison, lamb and lobster can be more divisive and may result in some of your guests forcing down food they’d rather avoid. So you have two options: stick with something safe (and of course, what this is depends on the cuisine you and your guests are used to) or offer a few different options to make sure there’s something for everyone.

3. Do You Like It?

It’s your wedding – so what do you want to eat to celebrate marrying the love of your life? Remember, you’ll almost certainly need to accommodate the dietary requirements of at least a few guests – so if you can, serve what you want but offer alternatives for those who may not share your taste.

4. Will It Keep You Full?

You don’t want to end up in a food coma before the speeches – but we’d always avoid light bites in favour of something with at least a bit of substance. Remember, weddings can stretch on well into the night – and the last thing you want is your guests nipping out to McDonalds for a late night snack! Plus, we’re sure any guests who are drinking will appreciate the opportunity to line their stomachs…

5. Is It Low Risk For Allergies?

If you can, stay away from well-known allergens like peanuts, shellfish and soy – especially if you know one of your guests is at risk. Even if you can provide them with an alternative, avoiding allergens altogether will put your mind at rest.

Ask yourself these five questions and you’ll be well on your way to designing your dream menu. And if you’re still on the hunt for your perfect wedding caterer, why not check out our fabulous directory here?

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