How to Choose Your Wedding Cake

Wedding Hacks
Last updated: 24th May 2022

Ever stood in a cafe, looking at all the cakes on offer, struggling to choose? We feel you – but we bet it doesn’t even come close to what you’re feeling right now. After all, this isn’t just any cake – it’s your wedding cake. Whether it’s the role it plays in your photographs, the ritual of cutting the first slice together or just how delicious it tastes… Your cake is a key part of your day. So here’s seven steps to choosing the right one.

1. Decide Your Must-Haves

Start off with a few key questions. Do you or any of your guests have specific dietary requirements to consider? Is there a flavour of cake you absolutely love… or absolutely hate? And how many guests are you expecting to serve?

2. Pick A Style

With the practicalities out the way, it’s onto the fun stuff. What do you want your cake to look like? Make a Pinterest board or an Instagram Collection and start scrolling. Think about your wedding theme and what might fit in well with that. If you’ve picked out specific wedding colours, could you tie these in? There’s a whole world of wedding cakes out there – so get inspired!

3. Find A Cakemaker

By this point, you should know what you’re looking for. Open up your Bridebook app and hop on over to the Supplier Search, where you can select “Cakemakers” from the dropdown menu. Scroll through the fabulous cakemakers in your location and add any which catch your eye to your Favourites. Next, get in touch! If you contact them via Bridebook, we’ll supply them with the key information about your wedding and all you’ll need to add is that list of requirements you made in step one.

4. Narrow It Down

Fantastic – the responses are flooding in! Once you’ve found a cakemaker you love who’s free on your wedding date, it’s time to talk budget. Can they do what you want for the amount you have to spend? If not, do they offer a cheaper option you’d also be interested in? Shop around until you’ve found two or three who are just right.

5. Eat Some Cake!

If you’re happy with the price, now it’s time for the fun part – tasting! Whether you’re going with traditional fruitcake or more contemporary options like vanilla and chocolate, make sure to try a few different options before you make your final decision.

6. Book It In

Even if you confirmed in person, make sure to get everything in writing as well. You’ll want to pin down all the cake details (number of tiers, flavour, etc.) and the cost, as well as practicalities like when the cake will be delivered.

7. Get Prepared

Contact your wedding venue and let them know all the key details too. Check whether someone from the venue will be available to collect the cake when it arrives and that they have somewhere to store it. You’ll also want to chat with your caterers so they know everything they need to be able to serve your cake correctly. They’ll most likely need to know:

  • Where the cake is being stored
  • Where and when you’d like it served
  • How you’d like it served
  • How many portions you’d like to cut
  • Any flavour information (eg. if there are different tiers)

And that’s your perfect wedding cake sorted! So what are you waiting for? Get inspired then head over to Bridebook’s Supplier Search to find the cakemaker of your dreams.

Wedding Hacks
Last updated: 24th May 2022