The Final Wedding Checks

OMG. If you’re reading this article, your wedding day must be close… How exciting! But that also means it’s time to make sure absolutely everything is in place. Now, every wedding is unique so we can’t guarantee that this list is exhaustive – but with these key tasks ticked off, you’ll definitely be in a great position.

1. Give Your Guest List A Once Over

Do one last guest list check. Are all your RSVPs in? Did you catch all the +1s and dietary requirements? Do you need to make any last-minute changes to the seating plan? If so, now’s the time to make those changes and send a completely up-to-date guest list to your venue.

2. Wardrobe Checks

If you’ve purchased your outfits, it’s dress rehearsal time. Get the wedding party together (including you and your partner) and make sure everyone’s outfits are just right. If you’re renting any aspect of your wedding outfit, make sure to finalise the date and time for pickup and collection. Now’s also the time for any last hair appointments, beauty treatments and so on. Don’t forget to put your shoes through their paces to make sure they’re broken in before your big day. And always pack an extra shirt!

3. Pin Down The Details

Contact all your suppliers to confirm all the details, including timings and locations. Now’s the time to give them clear directions to your wedding venue too – you don’t want to be fielding calls on your big day! Make sure you tick off the following:

  • Officiant – arrival time, details of any personalised vows
  • Photographer – arrival time, shot list
  • Videographer – arrival time, shot list
  • Cakemaker – arrival time (likely the day before), storage arrangements
  • Caterer – arrival time, menu, serving times
  • Transport – pickup and dropoff times, locations
  • Entertainment – arrival time, timings
  • Band or DJ – arrival time, timings, first dance song, set list
  • Hair and makeup – arrival time

Once you’ve confirmed with all your suppliers, make one last call to your venue to make sure they know everything that’s going on too.

4. Speech, Speech!

Give your vows and speeches one last read through and make sure you’re 100% happy with them. Give yourself a day or two to get familiar with any edits you make – and set aside some time to do a practice run in the bathroom mirror!

5. In Case Of Emergencies…

A few days in advance of your wedding, put together an emergency kit of wedding-day must-haves. This will be personal to you and your partner but might include items like deodorant, safety pins, plasters, a hairbrush or comb, wet wipes, a travel sewing kit… It might seem like overkill but we can guarantee you’ll be glad to have it on the day!

Now don’t get us wrong – you may well have a lot more to do than that! There are decorations to organise, rehearsal dinners to host, place settings to write… But make sure you’ve covered this in the week or two leading up to your wedding and it’ll be much smoother sailing.

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