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How To Write Your Wedding Speech (Brides' Edition)

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As a bride, your wedding speech can be one of the most important parts of your wedding. You’ve just married the love of your life – and now it’s time to thank everyone who helped get you there. So no pressure!

Of course, you might also decide that an individual speech isn’t for you – and in that case, why not give a joint speech with your partner? It takes the pressure off and is a great way to kick off your marriage as a real unit.

Whatever you decide, you’ll find plenty of tips and tricks in our guide to writing your bride’s speech. It’s packed with pointers – so we’ll have you delivering a killer speech in no time!

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How To Get Started With Your Bride’s Speech

1. Get Inspired

Look at examples of other brides’ and grooms’ speeches. Get an idea of what you like – as well as what you don’t. If you know someone who delivered a killer speech at their own wedding, why not reach out and ask for their advice?

2. Know Yourself

What style of speech will suit you? If you can’t imagine anything worse than cracking jokes, don’t pressure yourself into trying to be a comedian on your big day.

3. Put Pen To Paper

Start off with a brainstorm. You’ll definitely mention your partner and your loved ones – so what anecdotes do you have? What do you definitely want to mention?

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How To Write With Your Bride’s Speech

There’s no right or wrong way to give a bride’s speech – so do what you want! But if you need some help, here’s a simple structure to use as a starting point:

1. Thank Your Guests

Kick things off by thanking your guests for coming – as well as for any gifts you’re looking forward to opening!

2. Mention Absent Friends

This might be an appropriate time to mention any absent friends, including those who’ve passed away. If you know you’ll feel too emotional, speak to your partner about whether they’d rather make this a part of their speech instead.

3. Thank Your Bridal Party

Thank your bridal party for all their help – especially if a quick-thinking bridesmaid averted a near mishap earlier in the day! A little thank you to your flower girl or pageboy is a must too, if relevant to you.

4. Give Your Families Some Love

Thank your own family for their support, then take a few minutes to thank your new in-laws for welcoming you into their family so warmly – it’ll win you brownie points for the future!

5. Talk About Your Partner

Here’s the moment you’ve been waiting for. How did you fall in love with one another? When did you know they were the “one”? What have you been through together?

6. Give Some Advice

Finally, throw in a little advice to future brides and grooms. Dish on any wedding planning disasters – but make sure to tell them how wonderful it can be too! And if you feel like it, we wouldn’t complain if you told them about your favourite wedding planning app too…

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Preparing the Bride’s Speech

1. Cut It Down

Yes, there are dozens of people to thank and hundreds of stories to tell – but there’s simply not time for all of them. Short and sweet is always best.

2. Get A Second Opinion

Test your speech out on a member of your bridal party and get their feedback – especially if they’re good at public speaking!

3. Don’t Over-Rehearse

Practice does make perfect… But you don’t want to be too perfect – you want to be light-hearted, confident and, most importantly, yourself!

Delivering the Bride’s Speech

1. Work Out The Running Order

Work out with your partner who will go first. If you’re part of a couple made up of a bride and groom, you might wonder when the “right” time is – but since the bride’s speech isn’t a tradition (… yet), there isn’t one and it’s up to you whether you go before or after your new husband. 

2. Do A Soundcheck

Make sure to test the mics beforehand. If you don’t have time on the day, ask someone in your bridal team to step up.

3. Get It On Camera

If you don’t have a videographer, make sure someone films your speech (as well as everyone else’s). You don’t want to forget this moment!

4. Relax

The key to delivering a killer speech? Relax, have fun with it and enjoy the moment. As long as you speak from the heart, any speech you give will be absolutely perfect.

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