How To Write Your Wedding Speech (Grooms' Edition)

As a groom, your wedding speech can be one of the most important parts of your wedding day. It’s your big chance to tell everyone how wonderful the love of your life is – but don’t freak out! We’ve put together this handy guide that will take you through writing, preparing and delivering a killer groom wedding speech.

Of course, an individual speech might not be for you– and in that case, why not give a joint speech with your partner? It takes the pressure off and is a great way to kick off your marriage as a real unit. Otherwise, read on for our top tips on writing the groom’s wedding speech.

How To Get Started With Your Groom’s Speech

1. Ask For Help

If you’re not sure where to start with your wedding speech – well, you’re in the right place! But there’s nothing better than talking to people who’ve already done it. What are your married friends glad they did and what do they wish they’d done differently? If you still have a few weddings to attend before your own, pay close attention to the speeches too.

2. Brainstorm

There are a few things you’ll definitely cover in your speech so start off with a brainstorm. What do you definitely want to mention? Who do you absolutely need to thank and what stories are you certain you want to tell?

How To Write Your Groom’s Speech

There’s no right or wrong way to give a groom’s speech – so do what you want! But if you need some help, here’s a simple structure to use as a starting point:

1. Say thank you

If you’re part of a couple made up of a bride and groom, it’s likely you’ll be the second speech of the evening as it’s tradition for the groom’s speech to follow the father of the bride’s. In this case, you may want to start by thanking him for his kind words – and, of course, raising his wonderful daughter! 

Psst! If there is a father of the bride who needs some ideas for his speech, check out our top tips for him here.

Otherwise, you’ll either want to start off by thanking the person who spoke before you – whether that’s your partner themselves or one of their parents – or by thanking your guests. At this point, you might also want to mention any absent friends, including those who’ve passed away.

Next, thank your best man (or woman) and ushers. (Top tip: now’s a good time to jump in and mock yourself before your best man has a chance to!) And make sure to give a few moments to your partner’s half of the wedding party too, whether that’s another set of groomsmen or the bridal party.

2. Give Your Family Some Love

Now it’s time to give your families some love. Thank your family for their support and thank your partner’s family for bringing up such a wonderful person! Shout out any relatives who’ve been a particular help in the wedding planning process. Now’s also a good time to mention any funny anecdotes about meeting your new in-laws…

3. Talk About Your Partner

This is the moment you’ve been waiting for: speaking about the love of your life. Now’s your time to tell everyone what makes them the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. Why did you fall in love? What are you excited for about your life together?

4. Thank Everyone Again

Close your speech with one last thanks to your guests and wedding party… Then sit back and prepare yourself for the best (wo)man’s speech!

Preparing the Groom’s Speech

1. Cut It Down

The best speeches are short and sweet – so even if you want to thank every person and tell every story, be ruthless. Keep it to the must-haves.

2. Get A Second Opinion

Practise your speech with a close friend and get their thoughts. But don’t practise too much – leave yourself room to relax into it.

Delivering the Groom’s Speech

1. Work Out The Running Order

If your partner is also giving a speech, have a quick chat with them about who will go first. Never make assumptions!

2. Do A Soundcheck

Make sure to test the mics beforehand. If you don’t have time on the day, ask one of your groomsmen to step up.

3. Get It On Camera

If you don’t have a videographer, make sure someone films your speech (as well as everyone else’s). You don’t want to forget this moment!

4. Relax

The key to delivering a killer speech? Relax, have fun with it and enjoy the moment. As long as you speak from the heart, any speech you give will be absolutely perfect.

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