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By Jamie Bott Wedding Photography

Move over Best Man, the Maid of Honour is here! No longer does the Best Man have to dominate the speech-making scene with his gags and stories; more and more Maids of Honour are stepping up their game and stealing the thunder, without any expectations or pressure from the audience. So if your Maid of Honour is keen to make a speech on your wedding day,  hand her these pointers so she nails it: bride and maid of honour sitting down and holding hands
By Allister Freeman

1) Say Your Thank-Yous

Looking for an easy place to start? Thank the families of the bride and groom for inviting everyone and especially thank the bride for selecting you as the Maid of Honour. The beginning of your speech is also the perfect time to introduce yourself, as it is guaranteed that even at a smaller wedding, not everyone will know exactly who you are, or what your connection to the bride is – and that’s just wrong! maid of honour holding sheet and giving speech
By Jamie Bott Wedding Photography

2) Story Time

Now it’s time for you to dive into the main body of the speech. This will require the most preparation and should include a few stories and anecdotes. We find that the best one to start with is how you know the bride; this can be a funny or sentimental story, depending on who you are as a person. Make sure to keep this classy and relevant, you don’t want to list off in-jokes that no one but you and the bride will understand. So pull out your best stories and enjoy your moment! maid of honour raising her glass after speech
By Weddings Vintage

3) Back it up

We strongly advise you don’t just list off positive qualities (obviously there are many!) that the bride has like “the bride is caring, kind, funny, sweet…” Try choosing a select few and backing them up with examples, this will make your speech much more genuine and will let you bring in some funny stories. bride and groom listening to speeches smiling
By Guy Hearn

4) Make It About The Both of Them

Now that you’ve told the audience what the bride was like before she met the groom, you should talk about their relationship. We find that the best stories to focus on are how they met each other and how you, as the Maid of Honour, knew that he was the one for the bride. Similarly, you can talk about what the bride and groom have learnt from each other and how happy they have become in the process – awwwwww.  Again, you can make this funny or sentimental; all depends on your personal preference and sense of humour. A tip from us: if you are going for the funny angle, make sure your speech doesn’t turn into a roasting, keep it appropriate at all times. There could be grandparents present people! maid of honour and bride polaroid image
By Weddings Vintage

5) And give the groom some love

Definitely don’t forget to give a special mention to the groom! It is great if you have become close friends and you know his good qualities and can compliment them or tease him! However, if you aren’t too close then just talk about how happy he has made the bride and how well suited to each other they are. Finish your speech with some funny or useful advice to the newlyweds and toast them. Cheers!

Sneaky tool: Calculate how long your speech will take to read –! bridesmaid holding a bridesmaid sign
By Luis Holden

Happy Speech-ing!

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