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Tips: Father Of The Bride Speech

By Richard Skins Photography

If you are looking for advice on how to write a Father of the Bride speech, you’ve come to the right place. You are the Father of the Bride – your girl’s wedding day is such a special day! When you held your child for the first time all those years ago, did you picture this day? 

Well now it’s here and as her father, you will (traditionally) be the first to stand up and speak in front of the guests. But don’t worry! Follow our carefully selected tips and deliver a father of the bride toast to remember! If your daughter is also making a speech, tell her to head over to our tips to the bride: writing your wedding speech!

 father of the bride reading his speech as bride and groom laugh
By Simon Biffen Photography

1) Welcome the guests:

It is your job to welcome everyone to the reception and acknowledge all those who have financially contributed to the wedding (probably best not to mention actual sums!). It is also a good idea to give a special welcome to the guests who travelled a long distance to be there and thank them for participating in the celebration.

2) The thank you’s:

Thank everyone who helped put this wedding together, the ushers, the bridesmaids, even the staff! You can also thank the special people in your daughter’s life, who helped raise her and make her who she is today! Take a trip down memory lane and remember your loved ones. Find out more about your wedding team here!

3) Praise the bride:

We find that every father-daughter relationship is different, some are more humorous, with plenty of banter, others are more sentimental and this is exactly what should be reflected in the overall tone of your speech. This section will require the most planning, so separate it into sub-sections: talk about the stories from your daughter’s childhood, about her achievements in her personal, academic and professional lives. Lastly, tell her how proud you are of the woman she has become and how gorgeous she looks on her wedding day.

Bridebook.com - father giving speech as groom bride and mother laugh
By John Lennie

4) Welcome the new additions to your family:

You should also welcome the groom and his parents into your family.  Many Fathers also take this opportunity to tell the groom what he has got himself into: this is the funny part of your speech, where you can joke about the bride. Talk about your daughter’s adorable little quirks and lighten the mood after the more emotional part of your speech.

We also think it’s a nice touch when the Father of the Bride talks about the groom – whether that be the first time you were introduced, or when the groom asked for your daughter’s hand in marriage, or just some funny moments or nice traits. Want to help your future son in law out? Send him our tips to the groom: writing your wedding speech!

5) A word of wisdom:

Finish with some advice to the newlyweds. This is a great time to mention your personal marriage experience and what you’ve learnt about love and family. If you don’t want to go down that route, then carefully chosen quotes about love and marriage can be just as effective. Whatever you decide to say, make sure to do so clearly and calmly, as the audience want to hear from you! We find that gesticulating when talking can ease the nerves too.

6) The toast:

End your speech by asking everyone in the room to stand up and toast the newlyweds!

And here is our Final Tip:

Don’t act the Alpha Male and threaten to hunt down the groom if he misbehaves! This never sounds as funny to the groom…

Sneaky tool: Calculate how long your speech will take to read – http://readtime.eu!

Bridebook.com - father giving speech as bride smiles
By Allister Freeman

Happy Speech-ing!

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