The Top 10 Don'ts for Your Best Man

Ah, the man, the myth, the mystery… the best man. That special enigma of a wedding party member who can make or break a wedding. He may not realise it, but a lot hinges on him. After all, behind every groom is a best man, and a best man’s responsibilities cannot be underestimated. So what happens when things don’t run quite as smoothly for the best man as they should? Or, to put it more bluntly, when he messes up the single, most important job he has? This Best Man experienced a rom-com worthy moment when he forgot the rings to his best friend’s wedding. Incredible, cringe-worthy hilarity ensues as he desperately tries to salvage his tiny little blunder. A major shout out to the bride and groom for keeping their cool!

So that all best men can learn from his mistake, Bridebook has compiled the top ten most important Don’ts – and guess what our number one is….


2. Don’t mention past “conquests” or ex-stories in your speech.

3. Don’t forget to mention the bride in your speech.

4. Don’t get the groom drunk the night before the wedding.

5. Don’t forget to have a “mankerchief” at the ready for the groom at the altar.

6. Don’t let any harm come to the groom on the stag-do, particularly visible and over the collar. And yes shaved eyebrows do count as harm when the poor man is about to get married.

7. Don’t be “that person” at the party who is too drunk, but still try and be the life of the party.

8. Don’t forget to sand the bottom of your groom’s new shoes to help him avoid any embarrassing slippery situations.

9. Don’t perform your speech without rehearsing it in front of a trusted buddy first.

10. And remember… DON’T FORGET THE RINGS! bride and groom looking a little worries
You don’t want your groom giving you this look… Credit: lbuckworth

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