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Listen up Best Men – this one’s for you. Your most important duty is to organise… THE MOST EPIC STAG DO KNOWN TO MANKIND (said in raised voice)! The pressure is ON, but worry not; just follow our guide and the boys will be chanting your name for years to come. rat pack  in tuxes laughing
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1. Guests

Make sure you have a stellar guest list. Start by having a chat with the stag and find out who he wants there – are his colleagues, Dad/future-Dad-in-law, cousins all invited? Make sure you have their emails too, so that you can keep everyone in the loop. We strongly advise you don’t invite EVERYONE the groom knows, as a group that big can get out of control (and not in a good way)!

2. Date

A Stag party the night before the wedding is now universally considered to be a terrible idea (thank goodness) – you don’t want a stonking hangover on your big day. The latest you should have the Stag Do is two weeks before the wedding, because let’s be honest, you will all need your recovery time. We suggest you choose your date by first: asking the groom when he is available, and second, by letting the others know the options. Doodle is a great online programme for working out dates with big groups – it does all the hard work for you – and it’s free! Once you’ve heard from everyone you can select the best date (and don’t worry you won’t be able to please everyone, just make sure the groom and the VIPs are available).

3. Budgets

Before you start planning any of the activities, discuss the potential budget with all the guests. Not everyone will be able to spend hundreds of pounds on a weekend in Vegas and you don’t want to leave people out because of their budgets (you can always bring Vegas to them!). Come up with a few options and prices and ask what everyone else thinks about them (best to do this individually rather than pick people out in a group). Also let people know whether there will be one payment or if there will be extra things that people need to cough up for. We do strongly advise you delegate the budget-keeping to someone who is responsible and good with money, as there will be late-payers who will need to be chased. the actors from hangover looking at a phone

4. Location

Start thinking about where you want to go and for how long. Abroad for a weekend? Or just a night out in the UK? Whichever option you choose, we strongly advise you book everything in advance! Last minute deals may sound great, but you don’t want to travel separately from the rest of the guests and have to stay at separate locations. Even if you are not travelling far, getting in touch with venues in advance is a smart move when it comes to Stag Dos. A lot of clubs will not allow big groups of guys in and they might have restrictions on the awesome fancy dress idea that you came up with. So instead of being disappointed, organise everything ahead of time and let everyone know the plan!

5. What to do?

It goes without saying that this night is about the groom and you should (obviously) cater to his tastes. If he loves mountain climbing, action packed activities and sports, or if he is all about the partying and the debauchery, you should arrange that. Just remember not to go too far, you are the Best Man because you know the groom best, so don’t do anything he won’t enjoy or anything that will get him in trouble with his significant other. We suggest a mixture between a fun, group-bonding activity, a meal, followed by drinking/clubbing/gentleman’s clubs, or whatever form of fun you prefer. Just make sure everyone knows the plan and any dress code/rules that you need to abide by. Add a few surprises and drinking games into the mix and everyone will have an epic time.

6. On the day

  • Make sure you keep a kitty, so that no one has to overpay and you don’t end up having budget chats in front of the groom – awkward!
  • Silly as it sounds, don’t forget to factor food into the schedule – your liver will thank you.
  • Don’t shy away from being authoritative, you planned this, so you know where everyone should be and when. Get bossy.
  • Lastly, look after the groom. He is your responsibility and you should make sure he gets back to his fiancé in one piece – best to avoid any permanent damage – physical or emotional!  leonardo di caprio toasting with champagne glass

Happy Planning!

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