Introduction: Mother Of The Bride Attire

Long gone are the days when the MOBs had to wear washed out pastels or, horror of horrors, varying shades of the beige suit when their daughters got married. Now bright colours, amazing designs and stunning patterns are available to mums as they watch their daughters walk down the aisle (thank goodness!). Worry not about the amount of choice available! Our guide will make sure you look like an image of sophistication on your daughter’s special day. mother and bride looking at each other before the ceremony
By Allister Freeman

1. Follow the bride

When you start the hunt for the perfect outfit for your child’s wedding, let the bride lead the way. She has spent a significant amount of time setting the tone for the event, so will be able to tell you how formally or casually you should be dressed. She might even have a set idea of what she would like you to wear. So sit down with a glass of bubbly, grab some inspiration and talk through both of your ideas. mother and bride smiling at each other holding glasses of champagne
By Anna Clarke Photography

2. Which colour?

One question we get asked a lot is, “What colour should the Mother of the Bride’s outfit be?”  It’s confusing without a strict guideline available. Some mums prefer to coordinate with the bridesmaids, but not match! But we do suggest you complement each other, so if they are in orange, you could wear a rich blue and look fantastic in the photos. We also suggest that MOBs should shy away from black, which can look mournful, red, which can be a bit racy, or white, which is the colour of the bride. Having said that, if done tastefully, all of the above can look fantastic. Choose a colour (or pattern) that doesn’t clash with the overall colour scheme and you will look absolutely fabulous. mother of the bride laughing and carrying a box of flowers
By Ali Paul

3. Location and season

The wedding venue and the season can be useful when you are deciding on your outfit. If your daughter is going for a beach wedding, then a relaxed dress will be perfect with some comfortable and pretty sandals, but if it’s a chic evening affair, then tailoring and heels are the way to go. The season will also guide you in terms of accessories: you might want a shawl or a blazer to keep warm with and they can be a perfect addition to any outfit. We would suggest you stay away from sky-high stilettos, not only will you have a fairly long day, but you will immediately start sinking in grass or in the sand – not a good look! mother and bride tearing up reflection in the mirror
By Stephen Casey Photography

4. Mother of the Groom

Traditionally, as the MOB, you should choose your dress first and then notify the MOG of your decision. While you don’t need to follow this tradition, it is a nice gesture. After all, you will be in a LOT of photos together so you want to make sure you complement each other in your elegance. This does not mean that you should match, only that your outfits shouldn’t clash with one another. Note to self: start looking for the perfect attire six months before the wedding, leaving enough time for the MOG to find something she likes and for all the altering to be completed in time. mother and bride hugging under the veil
By Ali Paul

5. Accessories

Demure and elegant are the main words when it comes to choosing your outfit! This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t inject a bit of personality through your accessories. Your daughter’s wedding is the perfect opportunity to wear a stunning hat or an elegant fascinator. If you don’t feel comfortable with either of those, then shawls, scarves and jewellery are a great way of adding some drama to your outfit. Bit of advice: don’t overdo it on jewellery and go with one statement piece. Our favourite look is a cuff bracelet or some statement earrings, with the neck left bear and feminine.

You also shouldn’t forget to take care of your hair and make-up! It is your daughter’s big day, but you shouldn’t leave your own beautification to the last minute. It’s a special day for you – you’re the Mother of the Bride! mother and bride hugging and smiling
By John Lennie

6. Undergarments

Even if you have found the perfect outfit, it won’t feel right until you have the right underwear to go with it. Choosing good hosiery will make you feel comfortable throughout the day and it will flatter your shape, making you look your best in the outfit that you choose! Try taking your dress to the shop so they can help you pick out the best items for you to lift and hold wherever you might need!

Happy Planning!

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