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Wedding Prices: Rings

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By Ali Paul

The most popular wedding rings used to be plain yellow gold bands, however now more and more couples are using different metals and choosing cool and quirky designs. Prices for rings will vary depending on your chosen metal, the width and thickness of the band and other design elements, as explained below:

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By Thorn Jewellery


A plain 9ct white gold wedding ring will cost between £150 for a 0.5 cm band to £400 for a 0.7 cm band. The variation in price is due to the amount of gold used to create the ring, as well as the strength of the gold, with 9ct or 18ct rings being the most popular and durable option. Of course, if you go for jewellery giants like Tiffany&Co or Harry Winston, you should expect to pay more than you would on the high street.


Platinum is the most durable metal and won’t show any sign of wear (even if you go rock-climbing in it every weekend!), which is why it is also the most expensive option. You can buy a 0.2 cm platinum ring for a minimum of £350 or a 0.5 cm ring for £1100 from a high street retailer.

Bridebook.co.uk - you and me silver wedding ring
By Tinah Dee at Etsy


Titanium is a newbie on the wedding ring market and is a darker colour than other precious metals. It is very light and scratch resistant and can cost as little as £50.

Diamond Set Rings:

It has become an increasingly popular option for brides and grooms to go for diamond set rings, as they can add a bit of sparkle on a simple band, or a lot of sparkle for a gorgeous eternity ring. These are priced similarly to engagement rings, depending on the metal that you choose and the cut, carat and clarity of the diamonds you wish to include. To give you an indication of prices, an 18ct white gold ring with a half band of 0.15ct diamonds will cost in the region of £625.


As wedding rings have a huge meaning for a lot of couples, many choose to individualise theirs with a meaningful engraving, or the fingerprint of their beloved on the inside. Engraving can often be done for free, or at a small fee of £20. Fingerprints are slightly more difficult to do, as not many jewellers do them at this point, so the price would vary from jeweller to jeweller.

Bridebook.co.uk - bride and groom holding hands and wearing their rings
By Ali Paul

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