Engagement Selfie Rules

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You’re engaged… congratulations! Now it’s time for the fun stuff. Before you start planning your wedding day (using all of Bridebook.co.uk’s free wedding planning tools, of course) you must remember to take that all important engagement selfie. Follow our fail safe tips to ensure you capture the perfect one:

Perfect Excuse For a Mani

Moisturise, push back those cuticles and apply a nice colour to compliment your engagement ring. And if you only do the one hand for the photo, we won’t judge – just remember to do the correct hand!

It’s All About That Lighting

Natural light is the best way to show off your bling, but beware of shadows ruining your shot. Alternatively, use artificial light to your advantage and show off your rock’s shine and sparkle.


We’re trying to avoid Chandler’s “claw” – no creepy hands here please. Natural relaxed hands look so much nicer, so find a prop to rest your hand on. If you are finding the whole thing too stressful (who knew  you could worry so much about hands that have got you through your whole life so far?!), forget about hands altogether and maybe just use your ring box to display your ring instead. Obvious, but effective. 

Mind Your Surroundings 

Choose a background that is visually interesting but fairly simple (like a cool texture or colour). There is nothing worse than a cluttered backdrop for a photo with a specific point of attention, as it’s super distracting and detracts from the main point (you’re getting married!).

See No Price Tag  

If you know how much your partner splashed out on your ring, try not to include it in the caption. It’s not what it’s about, after all, and not what you’re trying to convey with your photo. You want to share joyful news with your friends, family and loved ones, not share smug information on how much your partner saved up to ask you to marry him.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Filters

Remember Instagram have made it easy for anyone to take share-worthy photos, so if you have tried all the tips and tricks and still don’t love your ring selfie, don’t be afraid to add a filter! Cool, fresh filters tend to work better, so unless you want to set a heady, dramatic tone to your upcoming nuptials, avoid dark and heavily-saturated filters. 

And now, share away! This is your moment to show off your brand new bling and let all your family and friends know your incredible news. Then it’s time to start planning the nitty-gritty; move over filters, enter finance. But don’t fret, we’re here every step of the way – let our free budget tool become your best friend.


Happy Planning!