Rock n Roll Bride's Top Three Secrets to Having a Truly Alternative Wedding

Kat Williams, the brains behind the wonderful Rock N Roll Bride blog, has shaken up the wedding world for the better. With her firm mantra that it should be you that defines your day, not the most popular Pinterest boards, Kat is the hero of all things individual and alternative. So when Kat shared with Bridebook her top 3 tips for having an amazing alternative wedding, we could hardly wait to share it with all of you! Remember, your wedding is all about you as an individual and truly unique couple – so be sure that you show it! Read on for Kat’s inspiring tips: alternative couple kiss
Photo by Dale Weeks Photography


Sit down with your other half and discuss the things that define you – is it tattoos? video games? movies? outdoor pursuits? And bring those things into your wedding. The ‘best’ weddings are those that truly reflect the couple, not ones that have things just because they’re popular on Pinterest! and groom with owl


Get a really great photographer (and if budget allows, videographer). After the wedding those images will become your memories. Don’t scrimp on them. The biggest post-wedding regret I hear is from people wishing they had a better photographer. crown bride and groom embrace
Photo by Margherita Calati


Wear an outfit you feel fabulous in. It could cost £2000, it could cost £20, it doesn’t matter as long as you feel amazing! with hat
Dress by Zahavit Tshuba

 Happy Planning!

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