Wedding Cake Tips By Mary Berry

Written by Mary Berry

Mary Berry is an English chef, baker, food writer and TV presenter famously known for being a judge on The Great British Bake Off. She is regarded as an expert in baking. Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood
By The Great British Bake Off

Bridebook was fortunate enough to interview Mary Berry herself, that’s right, The Queen of Cakes! Read our interview with her below:

How do you choose the right cake for your wedding day?

Choose a wedding cake that shows your personality and one that you think that everyone will enjoy. To be classic, a rich fruit iced cake in tiers.

If you like to be on the lighter side choose one of the tiers to be a different flavour such as a lemon genoise or chocolate cake. Remember if you are giving away pieces of cake as presents in boxes, the cake should be a rich fruit one because it keeps best and travels well.

Do you have any tips for a DIY wedding cake?

When choosing a totally different style of cake such as cupcakes on a tiered cake stand, or croquembouche, or meringue pyramid, make sure that the icings or fillings are not affected by heat. Also they need to be very freshly made. Avoid spun sugar, it doesn’t last more than three hours. 

How do you make an impression with your wedding cake?

To add that WOW factor to your cake it needn’t be complicated. The decoration could be your joint interests and should be bold and look good close up as well as from a distance.

Do you have any quick tips?

Remember to give instructions regarding the top tier of the cake if you are keeping it for the Christening. Only a rich fruited cake is suitable and can be frozen.

What’s the latest trend?

I gather the latest trend is to have a cake made completely out of cheeses, served with port. cheese tower
By Allister Freeman

Happy Planning!

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