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Saving Tips: Wedding Cake

Written by Hamish Shephard

Hamish Shephard is the founder and CEO of Bridebook, UK’s leading wedding planning app and is considered one of the UK’s most prominent wedding experts. View Hamish Shephard’s full author bio.

Bridebook.co.uk White Buttercream wedding cake with orange and fuschia flower decoration

At Bridebook.co.uk HQ, we seriously love cake! It’s up there with brown paper packages tied up with string as one of our favourite things.

Whether it’s one tier, four tier or seven tier, whether it’s a cloaked in fondant or naked and dusted with icing sugar, whether it’s decorated with intricately made sugar flowers or real blooms, we are IN!

However, the more elaborate and decorated your cake, the higher its price. So here are our top saving tips to make sure your cake doesn’t take too big a slice (!) out of your wedding budget:

1. Let them eat cake! Or cupcakes. Or doughnuts. Or brownies. Or maybe even sweets? Instead of having a big central cake, you could always treat yourself (and your guests) to a dessert table full of your favourite sweet treats. Stack your delicacy of choice in a scrumptious and artistic display et voila!

2. Speaking of cake (man, do we love speaking about cake), serve your wedding cake to your guests as the dessert, thus not having to splurge on a separate dish! If this doesn’t suit your timings, and you want your dessert before the cake-cutting commences, why not have a smaller, decorated one-tier cake as your main cake for the ceremonial cutting, and have a plain, un-decorated version pre-cut and served as dessert for the beforehand.

3. Depending on what the style of the cake you want is, you may be able to DIY the decoration.  Instead of the sugary petals, go for real flowers artfully placed around the edge, and instead of painstakingly cut iced ribbons, go for real ones.  (Note: artistic vision is a must have! The DIY look is great, but there’s a difference between a cake decorated with rustic blooms and a cake which has had flowers thrown on top of it!)

4. Realistically, not everyone at your wedding will want a slice of cake and our hearts break to see any cake going to waste. If you still want a tall, multi-tier cake, substitute some of the layers with dummy layers. These can be decorated in the exact same style as the real layers, but you save on the cost of the cake ingredients and the time spent baking it. It will look just as majestic and yummy, but none of it would go to waste AND you will save some precious cash – done!

5. It may seem obvious but that doesn’t make it any less useful – if you have an amazing baker in the family who’d love to contribute to your big day, ask them if they’d be happy to make your cake. Or if you have a collection of relatives and friends who all have a signature dish, why not ask everyone to bake their favourite and bring them in on a nice dish, which you can then collate to make a super tasty dessert table out of them all?

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