How Much Does Wedding Transport Cost? The 2024 Average Revealed

Your wedding day is one of the biggest and most important days of your life, and a time when your loved ones all come together to celebrate the love between you and your partner. But, how will you and your spouse-to-be get around on the big day that’s in keeping with the style and theme that such an occasion deserves?

It might not seem like it, but your wedding transport will play a big part in your celebrations. Depending on your schedule and venues, you may need to rely on transportation several times, such as to take you to the ceremony, to the venue for the wedding breakfast, to a location for photographs, to your hotel at the end of the night and possibly even more.

So, you’ll want to ensure you have a stylish ride waiting for you to get you quickly and safely from A to B. But, how much does wedding transport cost?

In this post, we’re going to take a look at how much wedding transport costs, including the average cost, what you might expect for your budget and what factors can affect how much you’ll spend.

What’s the average cost of wedding transport?

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The average amount couples in the UK spend on wedding transport is £700. However, this figure can vary dramatically depending on a number of factors, such as the type of vehicle, the distance you’re travelling and the amount of time the vehicle is needed.

In our ultimate wedding budget breakdown, we revealed that Brits spend an average of £20,775 on weddings, and transport can be a big part of these costs. It’s natural to assume that a horse-drawn carriage will be more expensive than a London black cab – but neither is the ‘correct’ option and instead depends on your theme, your style and – ultimately – your budget. How much you spend on transport is your decision and what’s right for you.

What type of vehicle can you get for this amount?

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So, what can £700 get you? The average amount couples spend can get you to your wedding in a variety of ways, including land, sea and yes, even air!

VW classics

VW Beetles and Campers are classics and make for a unique choice for wedding transport that is personal and full of character. Costs at The Cotswolds Campervan Company start from £375.

Vintage car

A vintage car, such as a Rolls-Royce or Bramwith Ford Model A, will get you to when you’re going with style and class. Costs at Arrow Vintage Wedding Cars start from £225.


What could be more unique than arriving at your wedding ceremony by being flown in via helicopter? Costs at EBG Helicopters start from £420.

Stretch limousine

Synonymous with luxury, no one can resist a ride in a stretch limousine. It’s impossible to ride in the back of a limo and not feel special. Costs at JD Prestige Cars start from £350.

Sports car

For something with a little more oomph, a sports car like Lamborghini or a Porsche makes a statement and lets everyone know you’ve arrived. Costs at Season Cars start from £450.

Horse and carriage

The epitome of elegance, a horse and carriage are guaranteed to make you feel like royalty when arriving at your wedding. Costs at the Ostler Carriage Company start from £450.

London bus

Full of character and big enough to transport you and plenty of your guests, a double-decker bus is a charming way to get around. Costs at Routemaster Bus London start from £475.


Not an option for everyone, but if your venue is anywhere near water then why not make the most of it? Costs at Broadland Charters start from £200. Or, if the thought of getting married at sea (well, river) floats your boat, then there are even canal boats that double up as a wedding venue!

Does this cost include the cost of a driver or chauffeur?

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If you’re hiring your vehicle through a vendor that specialises in wedding transport, then it’s highly likely that the cost will also include the cost of a chauffeur. However, this is something you’ll want to double check, as the last thing you want to do is drive yourself to your wedding, even if it is behind the wheel of an Aston Martin. You may find that the driver is happy to let you take some creative photos though – just don’t scratch the paintwork with your sequins.

You’ll also want to discuss with your chosen chauffeur the route they’ll take to get you from A to B on the big day. Where possible you may want to avoid congested streets and instead prefer to take scenic routes – but this can affect the cost.

What wedding transport can you get for a small budget?

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If you don’t have the average budget to spend, it’s more than possible to get cheap wedding transport that is still reliable and luxurious. Of course, rates can vary depending on what you’re looking for and where in the UK your wedding is taking place, but there are plenty of options available with costs starting from as low as £100. These include cars from DS Executive Cars in High Wycombe, Classic Bridal Cars in Wirral and Kent and Coastal Wedding Cars in Whitstable.

For more information on hiring a wedding car on a budget, check out our post on how to save money on wedding transport.

What factors can affect the cost of wedding transport?

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If you’re on a budget, there are several factors to be aware of that can influence how much you’ll pay for wedding transport.


The price will vary depending on how long you need transportation. Traditionally, you would have the car take you to the ceremony and then for the photos with your new spouse, after which you would get driven to the reception venue and then the car would leave, which usually takes around three hours. However, some vendors will rent you the car for the entirety of your wedding day, allowing you to leave the reception in style.

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The distance and route your wedding car takes will also be taken into account. For example, some companies will give you the first 40 miles from their base free but will charge mileage accordingly after that. It can also make a difference if your venue is in the middle of a city centre or out in the middle of the countryside.

The number of vehicles

If you and your beloved require more than one car it will increase the overall cost. However, many car vendors will offer packages on these, factoring in a discount, so definitely discuss this with your vendor if you want multiple cars.

For example, Elegance Wedding Car Hire offers these combination packages:

1934 Vintage Rolls Royce Landaulette Limousine plus any other vintage car


Any two vintage cars (excluding 1934 Vintage Rolls Royce Landaulette Limousine)


1934 Vintage Rolls Royce Landaulette Limousine plus 1980 Rolls Royce Shadow II


Any vintage car plus 1980 Rolls Royce Shadow II (excluding 1934 Vintage Rolls Royce Landaulette Limousine)


Guest Transport

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Although by no means a necessity, many couples also choose to book transport for their guests, especially if the ceremony and breakfast are taking place at different venues. It helps keep everyone on time and means no one has to worry about driving and finding their way around.

Prices vary, but you can expect to pay £325 for approximately 25 guests and can include around three stops. Naturally, the price will decrease or increase depending on the number of guests, stops and distance. Don’t forget to mention whether or not you will be providing transport for your guests on your wedding information sheet.


Photo © Fiat 500 Hire | See their Bridebook profile

While most wedding transport vendors will provide ribbons and bows to decorate your car, you can also buy them yourself, with costs starting from around £5. Similarly, if you want personalised number plates, you can ask for permission from your car provider and buy them for around £20.

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