Introduction: Your Wedding Transport couple posing for a photo in front of white wedding car
By Guy Hearn

Most of the time, none of us really think about how we get from A to B, we just jump in a car, get on our bike or look up the train times. On your wedding day, this is unlikely to be an option – think of a white dress on the tube and don’t even get us started on the delays! The bridal dress needs to arrive at the ceremony as white as snow, and you want to make sure everyone arrives on time – with transport booked you will be able to take an hour longer on your eyelashes. So here’s all you need to know about wedding transport to make sure you arrive or leave in style! bride and groom with green london bus
By Allister Freeman

Let’s look at when you might need transport:

1. Bride and the Bridal Party

As the bride tucks herself in bed the night before her wedding, she needs to know how she’s going to get to the ceremony all dolled up. That means the bride, the bridal party and the bride’s parents too. Typically, this could require two trips, one for the mother and the bridal party and the second for the father of the bride and the bride herself. Sneaky tip: darker cars will look better in photos, as they will contrast the wedding dress. bride giving thumbs up to bridal party as she gets out of wedding car
By Allister Freeman

2. Groom and ushers

Just as a Limo/Rolls Royce/ Carriage/Fire Truck will be taking the bride from getting ready to the ceremony, the same logic applies to the groom, his parents and ushers. In the quest of saving some pennies, their transport does not need to be as luxurious as the bride’s and they can arrange the driving between themselves. Tip: factor in extra travelling time in case of traffic jams. groom and ushers waiting to greet guests
By Guy Hearn

3. The Newlyweds

Now that you’ve tied the knot, you will travel to the reception venue as a married couple (YAAAAAAAY!). You can use the bride’s arrival car, or have a more fun alternative. Just make sure you have transport waiting for you if your reception isn’t at the same place as the ceremony. Alternatively, if the ceremony and reception venues are in walking distance of each other, then take the scenic walk and your couple pictures at the same time! bride stepping out of wedding car
By Jamie Bott Wedding Photography

4. The Guests

Do the guests have far to go from the church to the reception venue? If so, think about arranging transport here – a bus, taxis or ushers/ people to drive. If you aren’t going to do this, make sure people know the deal on your information sheet. The same goes for the guests at the end of the night. If everyone is staying in the same place, you could hire a bus to come and collect everyone when the festivities end. Do remember that this is super considerate, but no means necessary! bride and bridesmaids walking away from horse carriage
By Allister Freeman

5. Goodbye

The last transportation you might need is a car to take you from the reception venue to wherever you will be spending your first night together. However, if you are staying in the same hotel, this may not be necessary, or, if you’d like to be savvy, just order a nice taxi! Tip: book your transport 3 months before, so that you have plenty of options and don’t have to settle for the only thing available.

Now for the fun bit! When you’ve worked out if and when you might need some form of transport, let’s choose something so you arrive/ leave in style!

Classic Cars

  • Rolls Royce
  • Bentley
  • Jaguar
  • Aston Martin
  • rolls royce wedding car
    By Chris Giles Photography

    Vintage cars

    • VW campervan
    • Original Mini
    • Original Fiat 500
    • Citroen DS
    • Volvo P1800 bride and groom with two horses
By Chris Giles Photography

Alternative Transport

  • Horse drawn carriage
  • Tuk Tuk
  • Vintage Routemaster Bus
  • Tractors
  • Hot air balloon
  • Boats
  • Helicopters
  • Sports cars
  • Taxis mint colour vintage vw van
By Ali Paul

Two Wheels (not suitable for most dresses!)

  • A bicycle
  • A tandem
  • Vespa or other mopeds
  • A motorbike and side-car

Happy Planning!

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