11 Questions To Ask Your Cake Maker

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Modern weddings tend to break with tradition. One thing has not changed, having a WEDDING CAKE. Choosing the cake maker is one of our favourite parts – stretchy trousers at the ready – so while you focus on eating everything in sight, we’ve put together some questions to ask before hiring your cake maker.

1) Do you specialise in a particular style of cake?

Some cake-makers will specialise in layered, tiered or structured cakes and you will want to know if first of all, you like their style and secondly if they can create a bespoke cake for you and your requirements.

2) How do you price your cakes? What is the cost of the cake per person/ per slice?

The first thing you want to find out is whether the cake-maker charges for the consultation and tasting session and whether that is included in the overall price. The second thing you want to know is how large the cake slices would be and how much extra you would be charged if you wanted larger slices.

3) What flavours of cake do you offer?

The most popular flavours include vanilla, chocolate, fruit and cheese.

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4) Can you do different flavours for different tiers? (sugar/gluten/lactose free/vanilla/chocolate/fruit).

Don’t worry about having to taste all of these together. Because they are coming from different layers, no one will get a slice of each of the flavours at once! However, if you are going for mixed flavour layers like strawberry buttercream and vanilla cream cheese, we definitely suggest you try it to make sure you love it!

5) Can you make a cake to meet specific dietary requirements?

This is especially important if you have guests who are lactose or gluten intolerant, or have diabetes. You should also ask your cake-maker how to serve these layers so that they don’t come into contact with other flavours.

6) Will you deliver to the venue and set up the cake on the day – how much time do you need?

Many weddings cakes, especially the larger ones will have to be assembled at your venue, as transporting an assembled cake could damage the final product.

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7) Do I need to pay for your travel expenses?

The majority of wedding cake-makers will charge you for delivery. They can have a certain price set for their immediate catchment area and additional charges if they need to travel further, so it is always worth asking and adding the price to your budget.

8) Do you provide the cake stand and pillars?

If your cake-maker does offer the above, you should ask to look at the different options and think about how they will look with your wedding cake. If your cake-maker charges for the stand and pillars, you can always ask to see any non-chargeable options.

9) Should I bring my own toppers, flowers, ribbons? Or can we work out some ideas together? Would you be willing to work with my florist when decorating the cake?

If you want to use your own cake topper, make sure you show your cake designer what you would like to use, so that they can incorporate it into the design.

10) Do you provide the cake knife?

You might want to ask to see the cake knife ahead of time and ask your cake-maker if they provide you with something more suited to your overall wedding style or table settings.

11) Can I see previous customers’ references and cake photos?

Happy customers will be more than willing to tell you how great their wedding cake was, so ask to see a list of their references so that you get a better idea of what to expect!

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Happy Planning!

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