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Wedding Cake Prices

bridebook.co.uk wedding cake prices

Not sure how much a wedding cake costs? You’ve come to the right place! Most of the focus is on the cutting, but wedding cakes should look good too, and taste even better! As the UK’s #1 Wedding Planning App, we’ve put together the kind of key info you need when budgeting for your cake.

The price of your wedding cake will depend on how much of a centrepiece of your wedding you want it to be. The main thing you should know is: The bigger and most decorated, the more expensive it will be. Handmade sugar roses take hours to make and if you have 150 guests to feed and want a cake fully decorated with delicate fondant flowers, you’re going to pay a higher price. Let’s look into it in more detail, shall we?

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Bridebook’s Wedding Cake Ballpark Figure: £500


£500 can get you:

A 2-tier or 3-tier wedding cake with some handmade decorations of your choice. The decorations can be gorgeous sugar flowers, lace applique, a cake topper or anything you can imagine – within reason! If you want 3-tiers with limitless décor, the price can go up to £1000. But a nice 2-tier wedding cake should be enough to make your guests happy!

Want to spend less than £500? Wedding cake prices can vary from £100 to £1000, based on how bespoke you want your cake to be. Think about how much time it takes to make a wedding cake. If adding a layer of fondant takes 2 hours, then having a naked or semi-naked cake will cut the costs significantly! Here are some wedding cake saving tips.

Bridebook.co.uk- peggy porschen three tier cake with pink flower decoration

By Peggy Porschen, £475, serves 70.


How many wedding cake tiers do I need?

The number of tiers your cake has will depend on the number of servings you want it to produce. Here’s a pretty nifty chart of different tier cakes and how many servings they make. Remember, that the larger your cake, the higher its price, but also, the more people it will serve (or you can just cut thinner slices, but who are we kidding?). 

19 Servings – Two Tier – 6″ / 4″

41 Servings – Three Tier – 8″ / 6″ / 4″

73 Servings – Three Tier – 10″ / 8″ / 6″

79 Servings – Four Tier – 10″ / 8″ / 6″ / 4″

 127 Servings – Four Tier – 12″ / 10″ / 8″/ 6″

*Servings based on  “dessert” sized portions slices measured: 1″ x 2″ x 4″

Pro Tip: A useful app to help you plan out your cake and how to size it according to the number of guests you have is “Calculated Cakes”!

Already know who’s coming to your wedding? Update your wedding guest list!



Wedding cake prices increase with the number of sugar decorations that you decide to have, so think carefully before decorating each layer with twenty sugar blooms! A ready-made sugar flower, sold separately from the cake can cost £6.75 and bespoke flowers like peonies and roses for crowning the cake can add another £30-40. Many couples choose to decorate their cake with real or plastic flowers, both of which save a considerable amount of money and look absolutely amazing.

Bridebook.co.uk Semi Naked three tier wedding cake with berries and flowers


Bespoke vs Store wedding cakes:

A bespoke wedding cake will cost more than one from a large store, due to the amount of time the baker will need to design and then bake the cake. Store-made cakes are made in large batches, at the quickest speed possible and are left frozen before they are bought, whereas bespoke cakes are made with a lot of love and care, deliciously fresh for your wedding day. While bespoke cake prices vary, the more intricate sugar work goes into it and the more tiers it has, the more expensive it will be.

Here is a rough wedding cake size and price guide for bespoke cakes depending on the size and level of decoration:

Number of Tiers               Price Band 1       Price Band 2       Price Band 3

2                                          £250 – £280          £280 – £350          £350 – £400

3                                          £300 – £350          £350 – £450          £450 – £600

4                                          £400 – £450           £450 – £550          £550 – £750

Price band 1 refers to cakes iced with simple decoration and edged with ribbon.

Price band 2 refers to cakes that require additional decoration (like flowers and toppers).

Price band 3 refers to cakes that are decorated with lots of royal iced pipework and/or sugar flowers.



Now, the more slices you can get out of a cake, the better the price per slice is, meaning the more you save (Ka-ching!) You can get more slices out of a cake if your slices are square, as opposed to pie-shaped. One cool think about fruitcake is,  although slightly more expensive than sponges, it can produce more slices because of its rich flavour! Something to consider when choosing your cake.

Pro tip: If you saved on cake size, make sure you let your catering staff know so they cut smaller slices! When in doubt, ask the pros! 

If you’re trying to save on some aspects of your wedding, you can find more general wedding saving tips here!

slices of sponge wedding cake with white frosting 


When it comes to choosing your wedding cake flavours, you can save some pennies by improvising with differently flavoured tiers.

Vanilla, chocolate and lemon are the most popular wedding cake flavours, and they are also the cheapest. Although chocolate is more expensive than vanilla as an ingredient. A fruit cake made with fresh fruit will be more expensive, but as we mentioned above, it’s intense taste will make for smaller slices! Also, rolled fondant and marzipan will cost more, as they take more time to smooth and can tear easily if not applied properly. 

If all of this flavour talk is making you hungry, find the nearest cake maker to you and start tasting!



Another factor that can affect cake price is dummy layers. Dummy layer are made of styrofoam and covered in the same material as the other layers of the cake, so it remains “undercover”. Your guests won’t suspect that the bottom tier of your cake doesn’t really exist, and your cake will still look fabulous! It’s a great way to save.

Dummies are perfect if you want a 5-tier cake, but only need 70 servings, as a fake layer can add drama and extra height, without the need for a filling. The layer itself doesn’t cost a lot (£5.46 for 12” from cakecraftshop.co.uk), but the decorating price will differ based on your cake-maker and the level of detail.

Pro tip: Add a real slice to your dummy layer and make that the one you cut and eat in front of your guests! Muahaha! 

Enjoying our pro tips? Check out some things you should avoid when planning your wedding (you are definitely doing one of these!)

two-tier wedding cake with bride and groom cookies and flowers

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Happy Planning!


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