How Much Does Wedding Entertainment Cost? The 2024 Average Revealed

Planning a wedding is a little bit like putting a jigsaw together, and each of the pieces slots together to produce the overall picture that is your big day. Some pieces are bigger than others, like the venue, the flowers and the food, but another important piece that shouldn’t be overlooked is the entertainment.

Wedding entertainment comes in many forms and goes far beyond the music. Great entertainment can be the difference between a beautiful wedding and one that’s truly memorable – however, the cost of a wedding entertainer can vary depending on what you’re looking for.

In this post, we’re going to take a look at how much wedding entertainment costs, the cost of different types of entertainers available, and how important it is to hire an entertainer for your wedding.

What’s the average cost of wedding entertainment?

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Because there’s such a wide variety of wedding entertainment out there, from acrobats to photo experiences, it can be difficult to put an exact figure on the average cost of wedding entertainment. However, as we set out in our ultimate wedding budget breakdown, the average amount couples spend on professional non-music entertainment is around £800.

But, if you have a larger budget to play with and a flair for creativity, there are many fabulous wedding entertainers who can help make your wedding one that they’ll remember forever.

Check out our post on the average cost of wedding music for more information about bands, singers and DJs.

How much do different types of wedding entertainment cost?

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Wedding entertainment costs will differ depending on the type of entertainment you’re after. Got a lot of parents coming with their little ones? A clown or kids’ entertainer will keep them busy during the reception and into the evening. Holding a twilight wedding ceremony? A stunning fireworks display will light up the sky and start your marriage with a bang. The range of entertainers available across all budget levels means that whatever your theme, you can thrill and delight your guests long into the night.

Below are just some of the different types of entertainers you could consider for your wedding.


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A real crowd-pleaser, a fireworks display is a wonderful way to entertain your guests, such as those supplied by Illusion Fireworks and Phenomenal Fireworks. Costs start from £750.

Photo Booth

Photo © Kabooth Photo Booth & Magic Mirror Hire | See their Bridebook profile

Create lasting memories for you and your guests with a creative photo booth, such as those from Kabooth Photo Booth & Magic Mirror Hire. and Smartpicsuk photo booth. Costs start from £300.

Children’s entertainment

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Looking forward to kids coming to your wedding but not them running around on the dance floor? Keep the little ones busy with entertainment of their own, like the pun-tastically named The Wedding Crècherz , or Rock Up and Play. Costs start from £180.


Photo © Owen Strickland Magic | See their Bridebook profile

Add a little extra magic to your wedding with a magician to wow your guests. Fabulous magicians include Owen Strickland Magic and Chris Priest. Costs start from £350.

Mind Reader

Photo © Looch – Mind Reader & Magician | See their Bridebook profile

Why not blow the minds of your guests (not literally of course) with a mind reader like Looch – Mind Reader & Magician and Grant Mitchell – Magician & Mind Reader? Costs start from £750.

Face and glitter artists

Photo © Face ‘n’ Glitz Glitter Bar | See their Bridebook profile

Fun for kids and adults alike, face and glitter artists like Face ‘n’ Glitz Glitter Bar and Luminosity Glitter add extra sparkle to your guests’ faces. Costs start from £150.


Photo © Aces Fun Casino | See their Bridebook profile

A casino night brings a taste of Las Vegas to your wedding but with none of the dangers of walking home empty-handed. Aces Fun Casinos and VIP Fun Casino & photo booth hire are just two fantastic vendors. Costs start from £450.

Circus performers

Photo © Rachel Mayes Circus Artist | See their Bridebook profile

Circus performers and acrobats, like Rachel Mayes Circus Artist and Swamp Circus, are great fun for the entire family. Costs start from £350.


Photo © Save The First Dance Ltd | See their Bridebook profile

While watching the grandparents throw a few shapes on the dancefloor is good fun, why not see how the pros do it, such as Save The First Dance and Desi Nach Dance Entertainment Specialists? Costs start from £500.

Bouncy castle

Photo © Gedling Bouncy Castle Hire & Entertainments | See their Bridebook profile

Why not jump, bounce, and dive on a bouncy castle, like those from Gedling Bouncy Castle Hire & Entertainments and Bouncing Crazy Bouncy Castle hire? Just remember to take off your shoes! Costs start from £50.

Should you hire a wedding entertainer other than a musician or DJ?

Whether an entertainer is right for your wedding or not is purely down to you, your personality, the style and theme of your wedding, and your budget. If you’re hoping for an affordable wedding, then an entertainer (on top of music from a band, singer or DJ) can be one of the first to go. However, if you have a larger budget to play with, then additional entertainment will help your wedding to be unique.

So, if you do have a little extra budget and are keen for your wedding to stand out, an entertainer can do just that. It’ll create buzz and excitement, enhancing your guests’ experiences. It also adds an extra layer of personalisation and provides a little more variety to the average wedding celebration.

Browse our selection of wedding entertainers to find the perfect entertainment for your big day. If you have a smaller budget, check out our post on ways to save money on wedding entertainment.

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