How Much Does Wedding Music Cost? The 2024 Average Revealed

What is a wedding without music? If you think about it, music plays a major part in every wedding. It greets your guests as they take their seats, it accompanies you as you walk down the aisle, and it’s the reason why your uncle decided to do the Macarena alone on the dancefloor because everyone else refused to join him.

Music sets the tone for your wedding, creates atmosphere and gets everyone moving. But, with so many options available, should you choose a solo musician, a band, or a DJ? And what about the music at the ceremony itself?

In this post, we’ll take a look at how much wedding music costs, including the average price couples pay, the cost of various options available to you at the ceremony and reception, and the factors that affect the cost of wedding music.

What’s the average cost of wedding music?

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As revealed in our ultimate wedding budget breakdown, the average amount couples spend on wedding music in the UK is £1,800. To be specific, based on our 2024 UK Wedding Report, that breaks down to £1,127 for reception music, and £641 for ceremony music. This figure doesn’t include the costs that may come with hiring additional non-music entertainment, like magicians or dancers, which can cost an extra £800 on average.  

This cost can, of course, be much higher or lower, and depends on various factors such as the number of musicians and singers, how long they’re needed and the type of music they play. It may seem obvious, but a band that comprises five members will usually be more than a solo musician or a DJ.

If it’s important to you that there’s music at your wedding but your budget is on the smaller side, check out our blog post on saving money on wedding entertainment.

How much do wedding bands, singers and DJs cost?

The average spend may be £900, but the price you pay for music at your wedding may be vastly different depending on what you’re after.

Solo musician

A solo musician will be accompanied by pre-recorded backing music or may play an instrument such as a piano or guitar. Some great solo musicians for a wedding include Kate Ferguson and Jon Hart. Costs start from £350.

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A duo is a pair of musicians, with one or both often playing an instrument. Great duos include Mango Acoustic Duo and The Boardwalk Duo. Costs start from £500.

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A fabulous option for the evening reception, a live band will get your guests moving on the dance floor. Awesome bands to consider for your wedding include Down for the Count and The RockPins Pop, Rock, Indie Anthems 60’s to Now! Costs start from £1000.

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String quartet

Welcome your guests and walk down the aisle to beautiful music by a string quartet. Many quartets even offer classical versions of well-known pop songs! Consider quartets like 4tissimo String Quartet and Crystal Palace String Quartet. Costs start from £500.

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A safe option for almost every wedding, a DJ will play the tunes to suit your taste and even take questionable requests from your guests. Some of the DJs you can discover on Bridebook include Iggy Davis, Disco Nyts and The Wedding Players. Costs start from £360.

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A choir brings harmony and class to your wedding and is a wonderful way to begin your celebrations. Fabulous choirs include Crystal Gospel Choir and Lyrica Singers. Costs start from £300.

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If you’re looking to celebrate your Celtic heritage, the bagpipes are a fantastic way to include some traditional Scottish charm into your wedding. Talented bagpipers include Andrew Brian Highland Bagpiper and Spud the Piper. Costs start from £150.

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Delicate and elegant, a harpist is a great way to welcome your guests and a beautiful choice of music to walk down the aisle to. Great harpists include Nottinghamshire Harpist and Meredith McCracken.  Costs start from £225.

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For a touch of wedding tradition, an organist (or pianist) provides just that. Organ players we love include Musical Sam Services and Grant Jones. Costs start from £120.

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Do you need a live musician for your wedding?

If you’re on a tight budget, then a live musician isn’t a must-have for your wedding – your guests will still have an incredible time celebrating your big day by throwing some shapes thanks to a DJ. But, if you do have a larger budget to dedicate to musical entertainment, then it will add a unique and personalised touch.

A talented live musician or band not only provides background music to your wedding but also works as a feature and talking point. There’s so much variation out there, whether you’re a fan of rock music, pop, classical, jazz or more. Check out our selection of wedding musicians and find the perfect musical entertainment for your big day.

How much does wedding ceremony music cost?

It’s unlikely you’ll want a band or singer at your wedding ceremony (but if you do, go for it!) but live music can add a lovely, personal touch. A string quartet, a harpist or even a bagpiper ensures a welcoming atmosphere and ambiance that pre-recorded music can’t match.

Because your wedding ceremony is one of the shortest parts of your big day, the cost of a live musician at the ceremony can be far more affordable than a musician you may hire for the entire day or evening reception. If you’re looking for a musician to perform during the ceremony alone, the costs will be around £120 – £350. The more specialist the musician is, such as a harpist, the more expensive they’ll be.

What factors affect the cost of wedding music?

Several factors can affect how much you’ll pay for wedding music, including:

  • Location: If you’re in London you’ll likely pay more than if you’re hiring a musician outside the capital. You may also have to pay an additional fee if you’re outside their usual catchment area.
  • Date: Expect to pay more for a musician during peak times, such as during the summer months and at weekends.
  • Type of music: The type of music played can affect how much you’ll pay. For example, a band will usually be pricier than a DJ.
  • The number of musicians: It may seem obvious, but you’ll pay more for a band than a solo singer.
  • Experience: An experienced performer will cost more than an up-and-comer, but is more likely to entertain your guests for longer.
  • Time: The longer you want the musician at your wedding the more they’re going to charge.
  • Extras: A lighting package, smoke, bubble or confetti machine, plus mics for the speeches, may be available for an additional cost.

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