Nu Bride's Guide to Finding the Perfect Make-Up Artist for Your Skin Tone

Finding the perfect make-up artist can seem like a daunting task. This can seem even more daunting when you consider how much the wedding industry still struggles with a fully inclusive image of brides of all skin tones. But luckily for all of our Bridebook users, we have the champion of all things inclusive in the wedding industry here to help! Introducing Nova of the Nu Bride blog, the one stop shop for the modern couple packed with fun and informative posts for women and men of all ethnicities. So read on to get expert insight to guide you through finding the perfect wedding make-up artist for you. brides of all skin tones
John Nassari | Nu Bride Bridal Beauty Shoot | Makeup by Joyce Connor

“Hello gorgeous,

One of the most frequent requests I am asked from readers is to recommend a make-up artist who can work with all skin tones. At first I used to find this request quite ironic. I mean why wouldn’t you expect a professional make-up artist to be able to transfer their skills, techniques and work on ALL skin tones, especially with the body of make up products available. Skin is skin right?

Choosing an inclusive make-up artist for your wedding should be simple, but for sometimes  it can be a frustrating and an unexpected challenge, often struggling to find examples of what make up looks will look like on your own skin tone. Most of us search for wedding make up ideas and inspiration online. A quality and inviting website with diverse examples of an make-up artists’ work is so important. Research has proven over and over again that,  as consumers, we are more likely engage with a product or service if we see a ‘version’ of ourselves in the marketing. We often need to see an example of ourselves to feel confident in booking or purchasing a product or service. Without it, this is where some are left feeling stuck.

Below I’ve put together some tips to help you find an inclusive make-up artist who know their craft and can effortlessly rock their make-up brush on ALL skin tones. beautiful bride holding bouquet
Photo by Binky Nixon via Nu Bride | Makeup by Natalie Danielle


Before booking any supplier, always do your research and compare three like-for-like services. The world-wide-web is your oyster, take your time to do your research. Read reviews, follow their social media and always view their portfolio to get a feel of their work. If you like what you see, enquire. A make-up artist’s website and social media are indeed their shop window, you shouldn’t have to ask a professional make-up artist if they can provide make up for your skin tone, you should simply see various examples of their skill set in their portfolio. If a make-up artist is not demonstrating that they have a diverse portfolio, then move on. asian bride and black groom smiling
Photo by Helen Russell Photography via Nu Bride | Makeup by Kasia Fortuna

Photoshop Alert

Instagram is flooded with make up inspiration. When looking at a make-up artist’s work on social media or website, take note of images that are ‘plastic looking’ or overly edited. They are most likely photo-shopped and this will give absolutely no bearing on how they will make you look on your wedding day. Your beloved and your guests won’t be looking at a photo-shopped version of you rocking down the aisle, but you, looking gorgeous and natural in all your glory. If possible, look for images that are taken in natural light, also look for close ups too so you can see the quality of the make up application. bride getting her makeup done
Photo by My Beautiful Bride via Nu Bride | Makeup by The Queen Hadassah

Consider Style

Explore the make up look you want to achieve. Use magazines or websites such a Pinterest to gather examples of make up looks that appeal to you, taking into consideration my point above! Always look for a make up artist whose individual style represents the overall look you want for your wedding day. bride and groom walking hand in hand
By AO Photography via Nu Bride | Makeup by NARS Cosmetics

Hit the High Street

Another way to search for a reputable make-up artist is to hit the high street and head to a make up counter like MAC for example and ask for a demo and book a make up lesson to test them out, if you like what you see enquire about booking their services. bride and groom in front of door
By Victoria Mitchell Photography via Nu Bride | Makeup by Nelson Catarino

Word of Mouth

You cannot go wrong with word of mouth referrals. Taking another brides word that has experienced the service in full, is a great endorsement. Ask friends and family or colleagues. If you have attended a recent wedding and loved the brides look, ask who their make-up artist was and, more importantly, if they would recommend them. Aside from their talent, their personality and work ethos also have a huge bearing on whether or not you want them to be surrounding you on what is likely to be one of the most important days of your life.

Once you’ve seen their work, try to meet with them and / or book a trial. Their professionalism, manner and personality also matter. Keep all of these factors in mind and you’ll find the perfect make-up artist for you in no time!

Go forth beautiful one!” gorgeous laughing bride
By Vitae Photography via Nu Bride | Makeup by Nikki Makeup

Nova is founder and editor of Nu Bride: a modern wedding blog for the stylish bride, offering planning advice, a pinch of personality and a splash of diversity. Founded in 2012, Nu Bride is now a multi-award-winning wedding blog, dedicated to encouraging the UK mainstream wedding industry to be more visually inclusive with the way it markets bridal beauty. Nova is also an established wedding expert, freelance writer for national wedding publications and Life Coach. Nova of Nu Bride
The wonderful Nova herself! Photo via Nu Bride


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