Richard Ward Spills His Top Wedding Hair Tips

Here at Bridebook we were oh so lucky to have a chance to pick the brains of one of the most impressive and renowned wedding hairstylists in the UK. As the man behind Kate Middleton’s wedding hair, he is most definitely very deserving of the title! You can’t miss Richard Ward‘s top tips for pre-wedding hair care and especially his day-of hair tips – you’ll be thanking us later. Richard Ward
Richard Ward

How can a bride begin to choose the best hairstyle for her dress?

Wedding hair is notoriously hard to decide on – it has to work with your dress, accessories, face shape and make you feel totally comfortable at the same time! Take into account the dress neckline and go for a hairstyle that complements it; for example if you have a detailed, high neckline, an updo or keeping hair behind the shoulders will ensure it’s visible. Try out as many different styles as possible with your hairdresser until you find your perfect look.

How should a bride decide on which hair accessories to wear on her wedding day?

Whether you choose accessories or a veil depends on the neckline of your dress and what hairstyle you have chosen. A beautiful, intricate updo can be hidden or weighed down by a veil, and is better shown off with delicate accessories; wearing the hair in a more loose, flowing style can be complemented by a beautiful veil. Bring your veil or accessories to your hair trial and make sure they work perfectly with the look you have chosen for maximum impact on the day. Richard Ward brunette hairstyle
Hair by Richard Ward

Richard’s Pre-Wedding Top Tips:

  • Start prepping your hair with deep conditioning treatments – both in-salon and at home – at least 6 months before the wedding so it’s in tip-top condition for the big day.
  • Take inspiration from everywhere  – magazines, Pinterest, catwalks – and make a collage of your favourite looks so you have a variety to choose from.
  • Try out lots of different styles at your hair trial and take photos so you can look back and choose your favourites.
  • If you want to create the illusion of longer, thicker hair, use clip-in hair pieces – they’re really versatile and easy to use, and you don’t have to wait months for your hair to grow!
  • Remember your hair has to work with your dress neckline – bring a photo of your dress to your hair trial so your hairdresser knows what type of style they are working with.
  • Complement an intricate up-do with beautiful delicate accessories or a tiara rather than a veil, as this could hide or weigh it down.
  • Bring any hair pieces, veils or accessories to your hair trial to make sure they work perfectly with the look you have chosen for maximum impact on the day.
  • Don’t have any major colour appointments too close to the wedding – have your last full appointment about 4 weeks in advance, and touch up with a semi-permanent gloss or vegetable colour in-salon just before the big day to really refresh your look. Richard Ward redhead style
Hair by Richard Ward

Richard’s On The Day Tips:

  • If you’ve chosen an updo or structured curls, wash your hair the day before to give it more grip – freshly washed locks can be harder to style and keep in place, and can drop more easily.
  • After a long day of dancing and photos, hair can go a bit flat – spritz a little dry shampoo into the roots halfway through the day or during the reception for extra volume and texture.
  • L’Oreal Professionnel Tecni. Art Super Dust is also a great product for volume – it’s a tiny bottle so is the perfect size to pop in a bag and whip out when your hair needs a quick boost.
  • If your hairdresser isn’t there all day, keep a small bottle of hairspray and a comb on hand with your chief bridesmaid in case of any last minute touch-ups to ensure your hair stays looking perfect for photos all day and night. Richard Ward blonde hairstyling
Hair by Richard Ward

Richard’s top product recommendations:

  • The Chelsea Collection Argan Hairspray, £5.99
  • The Chelsea Collection Argan Elixir, £5.99
  • L’Oreal Professionnel Super Dust, £13
  • The Chelsea Collection Argan 10-in-1 Styling Spritz, £5.99

Happy Planning!