Expert Tips On Battling Wedding Anxiety

Let’s face it, we all know planning a wedding can be stressful. While we know having your Bridebook app certainly helps organise your planning, nothing beats a little self pampering to make sure all those big decisions aren’t getting you down or keeping you up at night.

And who better to guide us through the best ways to battle any niggling anxiety and help you sleep better at night than the experts from Aromatherapy AssociatesTerrence the Teacher, Aromatherapy Associates Mindfulness Expert, is here to impart his words of wisdom… here’s to a happy, healthy and stress-free engagement! aromatherapy associates oils


How To Reduce Anxiety:


I would tell my client to change their whole focus for the upcoming day – let them remind themselves continuously that the day is about celebrating their love for another person. Plus sharing it with their family and friends. The only important thing to focus on.  Could anything really change that? This should put the day in perspective and often makes them look forward to it more.


Rehearse the day in your mind for a few minutes a day. Use your imagination to envision everything going perfectly. Create a really colourful movie. Add to the movie, seeing yourself being calm and happy. (Research has shown that this mind game, used by top athletes, actors and world leaders really works.) It is as if the brain does not distinguish between real or imagined. So, on the day, your rehearsal will pay off, as the mind will go “I have done this before, and it all will go well”.


A powerful Mindfulness exercise for stress is the 7/11 breathing.  This breathing exercise is used by therapists all over the world to help with anxiety, stress and even panic attacks. It is known to relax down the whole body, including the parasympathetic nervous system, so really creating calm. Do as follows: Breathe in for 7 counts and breathe out for 11 counts.  Do a few of these a day as often as you want. On the special day you can use it whenever needed.

How To Get A Better Night’s Sleep:


The first thing that needs to be done to get to sleep, is to relax. Stressing about not sleeping will just keep you awake. Let it go and know that the body is perfectly created to get the amount of sleep you need. By relaxing about it you might find sleep comes easier.


Make sure that your sleep environment is geared for a good night’s sleep. Tech free, dark, the right temperature and the bed comfortable.


Last but not the least, create a night time routine that tells your mind that you are preparing for sleep. From an aromatherapy bath, beauty routine to undressing and getting ready for sleep. The connection your brain makes to the above actions will help the body and mind to start switching off in recognition of the routine.

Aromatherapy Associates Recommend:

  1. Bathing – Bathing is proven to ease muscular tension and calm a wired mind. Use DeStress Mind Bath & Shower Oil to help clear the mind with Petitgrain, camomile to calm and soothe as well as Frankincense to focus the mind on the moment.
  2. Keep a roller ball by your bed – for those nights that you may wake up in a panic Deep Relax roller ball with the sedating powers of vetiver will ensure you fall right back off to sleep.
  3. Keep an essential oil in your handbag – We recommend Lavender which is a great tool for getting rid of any niggly headaches during the day. Place a couple of drops of the oil onto the tips of your fingers, and push into your forehead. pair of aromatherapy associates oils

Now you’ve got your relaxation routine sorted, how about perfecting the rest of your wedding planning? Be sure you’re on track, without the piles of brochures and endless spreadsheets with these top wedding planning tools!

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