11 Photographs That Will Transform Your Wedding Album

As a Husband and Wife wedding photography duo, The Springles understand your wedding day from both sides of the camera. Their truly heartfelt approach captures each wedding day authentically, creating absolutely beautiful, natural photographs. Both talented wedding photographers in their own right, their work blends their individual professional skill with their unique synergy as a married couple. With this distinctive approach in mind, Bridebook was excited to chat to Ash and Kat about the 11 photographs no wedding album should be without.

bridebook.co.uk the springles portrait
The Springles, Courtesy of Ed Peers

As wedding photographers specialising in candid natural photography, we are often asked by Brides what our top ten wedding photos are. Thanks to the amazing diversity of the human spirit, no wedding day will be the same as another, but as a couple takes their first courageous steps into their future together, these are the photographs which we believe no wedding album should be without.

1. Sisterhood

On the morning of the wedding bridesmaids, mother of the bride and girlfriends coalesce in this gorgeous display of Sisterhood. We love to capture the intricacies of these female relationships as the Bride gets ready for the biggest day of her life.

bridebook.co.uk bride getting ready with bridesmaids
Courtesy of The Springles

2. Gentlemen

Working as a couple means we can always capture the morning of the wedding from both the Bride and the Grooms perspectives, with heart-warming results.

bridebook.co.uk men getting ready for a wedding
Courtesy of The Springles

3. Presence

As the Groom waits for his Bride, he is immersed in the here and now, not focusing on the past or future, but rooted in the present. It’s a wonderful example of how every day of marriage should be.

bridebook.co.uk man waiting at the top of the aisle for bride
Courtesy of The Springles

4. Perspective

We only have our own perspective until we are shown another. We love to present more than one side to the story wherever we find the opportunity.

bridebook.co.uk bridesmaid fixing bride's train
Courtesy of The Springles

5. Joy

There are many moments of true, unfiltered joy on a wedding day. In marriage, we experience all that life has to offer, both the highs and the lows, and this captured moment of pure joy is a reminder that the best is always yet to come.

bridebook.co.uk happy couple being showered in confetti
Courtesy of The Springles

6. Humility

Our favourite thing about wedding speeches is how friends and relatives who have been with the Couple along the journey humbly offer their thoughts and feelings. We love the honesty of these moments. These photographs are a true reminder of the support and love of good friends.

bridebook.co.uk bride crying during speeches
Courtesy of The Springles

7. Identity

Every couple is made up of two unique individuals who have joined their lives together. These shots honestly reflect the Bride and Groom’s relationship, and showcase their individuality.

bridebook.co.uk happy bride and groom dancing
Courtesy of The Springles

8. History

There is such importance in the relationships that that have brought the Bride and Groom to their wedding day. The sense of family history in this image is a reminder that we are all here, at this exact moment, for a reason.

bridebook.co.uk mother and bride
Courtesy of The Springles

9. Influence

Marriages have the power to inspire the next generation about the power of love in the world. That’s why we adore these photographs of children enjoying the day.

bridebook.co.uk little boy at a wedding
Courtesy of The Springles

10. Nature

Because there is simply nothing more beautiful than two human beings celebrating their love against the backdrop of nature’s rich tapestry.

bridebook.co.uk couple in a wheat field
Courtesy of The Springles

11. Journey

At the end of the wedding day, we love to capture a final shot of the couple as they have a chance to reflect on the start of their journey as Husband and Wife.

bridebook.co.uk happy couple outdoors
Courtesy of The Springles

Happy Planning!

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